Cascading red lilies as bridal bouquet for an elopement in Europe

Bridal bouquet inspirations for elopements

A perfect bouquet differs from one bride to another. Some want their bunch of florals grand and vibrant while some envision a minimalist wedding bouquet that exudes an elegant vibe.

As for our brides who got married in unique European venues, one thing is common among all of them. They wanted their bridal bouquets to be 100% unique and reflective of their personalities. Here are some elopement bouquet inspirations from our brides who did a destination wedding in Europe.

Pink lily and red roses bouquet for a Northern Ireland wedding

This vibrant bouquet makes a grand entrance with its huge pink lilies dominating the whole bunch. With a few red roses to fill in the gaps and some green accents underneath, it becomes the center of attraction as the bride walks down the aisle.

Bubbly and colorful bouquet for an elopement in Bavaria

We can't help but marvel at the sight of this bubbly bouquet for our young couple who eloped along a Bavarian lake in Germany on a spring day of April. Wild flowers with herbs were the bride's request for her wedding flowers. These lively colors on our bride’s bouquet gave life and vibrance to the enchanting ambiance of their lakeside adventure elopement on a Bavarian lake.

Maroon and lavender bridal bouquet for Austrian elopement

Strong shades of maroon, lavender, and white flowers drowning in a sea of greens for our bride’s destination wedding in Austria. Unlike other brides’ vibrant bouquets, hers is muted and predominantly green, very fitting for an elopement in the nature-filled Austrian landscapes.

Marry in Northern Ireland with green and white minimalist bridal bouquet

In stark contrast with the previous bouquet of vibrant colors, this next one from our bride who also got married in Northern Ireland is on the minimalist side of the spectrum. Nevertheless, it has a unique elegance and beauty of its own that cannot be undermined. It’s a perfect pair to the bride’s simple white elopement dress for her wedding on a cliff in Northern Ireland.

Pink and lavender bouquet matched with minimalist dress

Pink, lavender, and white dominated the wedding bouquet of our bride who got married in Northern Ireland in the spring of 2022. Although the flowers were light in color, they stood out next to our bride's minimalist wedding dress and the moody ambiance of their elopement venue.

Plain white lilies for a Portugal intimate wedding

Calla lilies are timeless and elegant, making it a perfect match to our bride’s classy dress for her destination wedding in Portugal.

Unique DIY wedding bouquet

For this bride, fresh flowers just won't do for her wedding bouquet. Like her unique choice of an adventure elopement in Northern Ireland, her DIY fabric bridal blooms are extraordinary. Take a closer look at this DIY bouquet and see the special elements embedded on the arrangement.

Elope in Germany with huge red peace lilies for a bouquet

Peace lilies are not something that you get to see in ordinary bridal bouquets, and most certainly, our bride Margarita was far from ordinary. She chose huge red peace lilies for her wedding flowers and decided to travel all the way to Germany for a destination elopement. Aside from red lilies, her bridal bouquet consists of a couple of red roses, accented by fern greens and minty leaves.

Classy red, pink, and white roses for an elopement in Austria

Classy bridal bouquets never go out of style. Our bride from New York chose this vibe for her wedding flowers when she eloped to an equally classy hotel in Salzburg, Austria. The elements are predominantly light - pink and white roses and eucalyptus greenery - with a few red roses in full bloom popping out from the bouquet.

Bright sunflower bouquet for a Northern Ireland cliff wedding

When you want to have a bright and attractive bridal bouquet, you will never go wrong by picking sunflowers. As you can see from this round bouquet of our bride from New Hampshire, the huge sunflowers instantly catch attention. With their bright yellow petals and a big brown center, you can’t help but stare. Aside from the sunflowers, the bouquet has other striking elements like blue spiky flowers and red roses.

Italian elopement with a chic pink rose bouquet

These wedding flowers for our bride who eloped in Amalfi look stunningly elegant and classy, just like the bride herself. It exudes a chic and nostalgic vibe, thanks to the light pink shade of the flowers. It has an uncomplicated structure consisting of huge pink roses, filler flowers, and fresh eucalyptus leaves. Just a fitting pair to her goddess-like elopement dress.

Cascading lily bridal bouquet for a German intimate wedding

We’re so in love with this cascading bouquet for our bride who got married on top of a Bavarian lake! You read it right. Our bride, Alyssa, and her husband Ryan tied the knot on a raft floating above a lake in Germany. This medium-sized cascading bouquet has a succinct composition, with red and white lilies, red chrysanthemum, berries, and white flower fillers. Both her chosen ceremony spot and bridal bouquet are obviously extraordinary.

Peach and tangerine bouquet for a wedding in France

While planning their destination elopement in France, our couple here made it clear that they want an authentic French wedding experience from start to finish. The French lifestyle can best be described by beauty, freshness, laidback, and authentic. These descriptions coincide with that of this peach and tangerine bridal bouquet - beautiful, fresh, and authentic.

Marry in Ireland with autumn-themed bouquet

Sunflowers, orange and red roses, topped with white and yellow flower fillers are a perfect combination for an autumn-themed bouquet. It was also a perfect match to our bride's lacy white wedding dress during her destination elopement in Ireland at the start of autumn.

Light pink, coral, and white bridal bouquet

For her destination elopement in Amalfi, Italy, our bride picked a chic and light bridal bouquet with big blooms in shades of pink, white, and coral. The wedding bouquet is a combination of roses, peonies, and cascading orchids that were uniquely arranged in a horizontal fashion.

Minimalist green and white round bouquet for a French elopement

Last but not least is a muted white and green bouquet for our bride’s destination wedding in a French chateau. The uncomplicated floral arrangement is a mix of muted greenery and white roses. The tiny white flower fillers and spiky greens broke the monotony in this minimalist bouquet. Nevertheless, the resulting look is elegant and refreshing.


They say ‘different strokes for different folks.’ After browsing through our list of bridal bouquets for destination elopements, you’ve probably seen that there are different vibes for different brides. Which one do you love the most?

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