White ruffled bridal dress with flowers for an elopement in Europe

Amazing bridal dresses for adventure elopements in Europe

When you’re getting married on top of a cliff in Ireland or along an alpine lake in Germany, expect a rocky aisle for your bridal march. Our wise advice is not to wear 4-inch lacy shoes with pretty stones and shiny glitters!

Yes, you may need to wear a pair of boots, sneakers, and bare sandals underneath your dress, but that doesn’t mean your dream of becoming a stunning bride is over!

We’ve planned hundreds of destination weddings in the most unique nature spots in Europe, and we’re telling you: There are perfect elopement bridal dresses out there that will turn heads and earn hearts on your social media accounts!

If you’re having an adventure elopement in a far-off paradise, here are some inspirations from our brides who got married in scenic nature spots in Europe and rocked their wedding dresses ALL DAY!

Melissa’s carefree wedding dress with a pretty bridal cape

We can’t say for sure if Melissa looks like a fairy or a goddess in this extraordinary wedding gown that she wore during her destination elopement in Bavaria last 2019. What’s clear is that her unique bridal dress complements the one-in-a-million venue that they chose for their wedding ceremony.

Our favorite feature of Melissa’s wedding attire is the tulle bridal cape that touched the rocky aisle along the lake as she marched to her groom Shane! Needless to say, it was the perfect bridal dress for an adventure elopement in Germany along a mystical lake in Bavaria!

Venue: Mystical Lake Elopement Spot in Bavaria

Hailey’s laidback youthful bridal dress

If there’s anything more beautiful about this wedding dress than how it looks, that will be the story behind it.

Hailey had a different wedding dress that she planned to wear for her most-awaited elopement in Ireland. But just like most brides, she had a change of mind one week before they got off the plane from the US to Ireland.

Our pretty young bride here suddenly wanted to replace her original bridal dress and couldn’t imagine wearing it on her big day. So she ordered a second one from Bronx and Banco at the last minute! That time, Hailey had no idea if the new dress would fit her well or how she’d look in it. What’s clear was that there was no way she’d wear the first dress.

As you can see, this lacy bridal dress fits Hailey so perfectly, we’re more than convinced she made the right, whilst last-minute decision.

Corban’s mermaid elopement dress with tattoo-like laces

If you’re getting married in a Game-of-Thrones type of location on top of Irish hills inside a castle ruin, your wedding dress should give justice to your extraordinary choice!

Gladly, Corban’s nude mermaid dress with amazing tattoo-like laces did not disappoint. We love the intricate details embedded all over the dress and the sexy off-shoulder cut.

Kali’s whimsical ruffled bridal dress with eye-catching floral ornaments

Check out Kali's beautiful princess-like ruffled bridal dress with floral ornaments for her destination wedding on a cliff in Ireland!

Lilac, pink, and white flowers embellished unto the layers of her wedding dress danced playfully as the fresh Irish wind blew. Everything about her wedding dress matched perfectly with her hair, crown, and amazing bridal bouquet of peonies!

Aileen’s charming sleek v-neck wedding dress

Some brides want a no-fuss wedding dress with subtle unique features that instantly impress the moment you notice them. Aileen’s sleek plunge wedding dress is a perfect example of this.

On the day of her destination wedding in Italy, she wore a pretty bridal dress that looks so simple at first glance, but once you notice the floral embellishments covering the see-thru top of the dress, you’ll love how they were creatively sewn in a vine-like pattern.

We also love the dramatic low cut at the back that completes the unique look of her bridal dress!

Jana’s elopement skirt and knitted sweater combo

If you have plans of walking along Venetian streets to witness the glorious Grand Canal and Italy’s historic town on a cold day of October, you better wear something comfortable and warm.

Jana knows this so well and she kept that in mind while choosing what to wear for her destination wedding in Italy.

Her bridal dress was a uniquely casual one. It’s a combination of a simple sweater top and a layered skirt of lace and see-thru fabric. What can we say? With a beautiful face like hers and a surreal elopement venue like Venice, Jana’s wedding dress was the perfect one to wear for her destination elopement in Italy!

Alissa’s plain v-neck sexy bridal gown

If you’re one of those brides who want their bridal dress fit-and-flare, sleek, and sultry, you’ll love what Alissa wore for her destination elopement in Rome last 2019.

There were no decorations needed - no ruffles, beads, sequins, pearls, or ribbons! It was a plain white wedding gown that plunges in front and back and hugs the whole frame of the bride for a guaranteed curve-enhancing style. No wonder Alissa earned lots of second looks as she was running to the spot of her wedding!

Annette’s bold and unconventional ombre elopement dress

If Alissa’s bridal dress was sleek and plain, Anette’s was playful, bold, and totally extraordinary. Our jaws dropped the moment we saw the strong ombre tone of her ruffled dress that matches the colors of her bridesmaids' dresses!

Keri’s blue tie-dye skirt for her nature elopement in Ireland

We love the whimsical wedding dress of Keri when she got married in a nature reserve in Co. Cork. The young bride wanted something unique and playful that matches the laid-back venue for her destination elopement in Ireland. And poof! There goes her extraordinarily pretty dress that made it easy for her to walk along the river and the bridge of this nature wedding venue. The tie-dye skirt was matched with a minimalist lacy bodice that had a deep V-cut back.

Jennifer’s minimalist sexy back mermaid dress

Jennifer’s wedding dress when they eloped on top of a cliff in Northern Ireland is one of those wait-until-you-see-the-back dresses.

It looks so simple with its unfussy design in front. No ruffles or laces whatsoever. Don’t be deceived. Don’t mistake it for a no-drama overly plain wedding dress. Wait until Jennifer turns around and reveals the sexy cut at the back of her dress!

French Riviera elopement with a fairytale dress

A seaside elopement at the Mediterranean coast of southeastern France! Our bride dressed like a fairytale princess when she got married with the love of her life in the garden of a 5-star hotel along the French Riviera.

Ashley’s princess-type fairytale wedding dress

Last but not least is a wedding dress that a lot of brides have been dreaming to wear on their wedding day since childhood. It’s a floor-length princess ball gown with many layers of tulle and an effortlessly sexy tube bodice on top!

The weight of the dress didn’t matter even if Ashley had to walk along the shore, climb up to the highest spot of the cliff for their elopement ceremony, and go down from the cliff to another nature spot for their photoshoot! She looked amazing from start to finish!

Dainty plunging dress for a French wedding

We love the delicate laces of this elopement dress with a plunging neckline that creates an elegant and seductive look. With the slit of the dress cut in the middle, our bride was able to walk and dance comfortably during her destination wedding in a French chateau.

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What can you say about these bridal dresses? Did you think, even for a second, that getting married in an unconventional nature location in Europe got in the way of making our brides look stunning on their big day? For us, their bold and brave decision to have an adventure elopement in Europe is as excellent as their choices for bridal dresses!

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