Top places to elope in France

Being away from all the hustle and bustle of your daily life, and finally reaching your favorite French destination where you can recite your vows in front of magnificent French landscapes is what a destination elopement in France is all about.

If you’re planning to make your French wedding dreams come true but don’t know where to start, we suggest looking for a perfect wedding venue first.

However, just as how numerous the French cheese variations are (there’s one in every region!), you also have a plethora of choices, probably thousands, for the best places to get married in France.

In a European country dotted with perfect destination wedding venues and tons of unmissable experiences, you will need help from a local who has searched the whole country for the best destination wedding venues in France.

But before you get in touch with our French elopement planner, check out these beautiful regions that Peach Perfect Weddings has listed as top locations for a French wedding.

Marry in the largest French region, Nouvelle-Aquitaine

If you’re the kind of couple who loves the countryside with sprawling forests, quiet rivers and valleys, and endless vineyards, consider getting married in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region. As one of the largest regions in France, you will find a great combination of the French countryside with many historic chateaus, wine-producing towns, and scenic beaches here.

Have an intimate wedding in a medieval chateau near Limoges. Elope to an outdoor spot overlooking the vineyards in a 14th-century estate near Bordeaux, or bask in the laid back ambiance of Dordogne when you get married in a charming riverside chateau nearby. These are only some of the amazing wedding venue options in this region.

Timeless Paris for a popular elopement

When talking about the best places to get married in France, you just cannot forget about Paris. It is known as the city that never sleeps and the fashion capital of the world, but only a few knows that Paris is dotted with tons of great wedding venues… aside from the spot fronting the Eiffel Tower.

This elegant French city houses luxury hotels with terraces overlooking the Parisian landscape where you can have a scenic wedding. A specific public park near the Cemuschi Museum is another great elopement location where you can have a symbolic ceremony on a mini bridge while being surrounded by vibrant foliage and centuries-old French sculptures. If you choose to get married in Paris, you will not only find amazing venues for the ceremony but lots of restaurants, hotels, and shops for an exciting honeymoon in France!

Coastline elopements in Brittany

Some couples don’t like the glitz and the glam of Paris, but would like a little adventure for their wedding in Europe. If you’re one of them, you might want to check out the rugged peninsula of Brittany.

With an astounding coastline, this elopement region is dotted with humble fishing villages, interesting remote islands, and scenic beaches where you can have a simple elopement ceremony. Stay in one of its quaint little towns and experience the best seafood feast in the whole of France. And if you’re getting married in summer, party with the locals as they celebrate festivals and events that display the Celtic culture of the region.

Nature-surrounded venues for weddings in Southwest France

Down to the Atlantic coastline of France is where you can see lovely chateaus in the midst of vineyards and forests, and some, fronting rivers. Southwest France is a rural area where life is slow and the locals enjoy tranquility next to nature.

As for your venue options, you can celebrate your intimate wedding in France with your family and friends in a red-bricked chateau surrounded by woodlands in Tarn or a medieval elopement chateau with panoramic mountain views that you can rent exclusively in Dordogne. For something more homey, you can get married in an intimate country house where you can have an outdoor ceremony overlooking the orchard and the vineyards.

All of them and the rest of Southwest France venues are set in a relaxing ambiance that guarantees an authentic experience of French country living.

Private elopements in Provence

Provence is known for its beautiful lavender fields that extend as far as the eye can see. It’s a romantic place to get married, especially if you’re obsessed with outdoor weddings amidst the flower fields.

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Provence for your wedding by renting a chateau, a country house, or a castle that offers scenic backdrops of vineyards, olive groves, and the French rolling hills for your wedding ceremony.

But aside from the fresh Provencal landscapes, another hidden gem worth discovering in Provence is Avignon. It’s a walled territory designated as a UNESCO heritage city. Choose Avignon for your wedding in France and you can have a ceremony in a charming chateau, a quaint little chapel, or a restaurant boat cruising the Rhône river.

French Riviera intimate weddings

For lovers of the sand and the sea, chic hotels, and charming villas, these beautiful sights await you in the glitzy Cote d’Azur. The French Riviera is teeming with beautiful places to get married in, such as medieval wedding chateaus overlooking the magical French waters, and 5-star hotels with gardens by the beach! The beauty of destination weddings in this French region is hard to explain in words, so take a look at one of our favorite Cote d’Azur venues and see for yourself!

Garden weddings and feasts in the Loire Valley

Food plays a major role in French social life. In the Loire Valley, the locals celebrate many festivals where they enjoy fresh produce and local wines.

Experience this when you elope to France in the Loire Valley region with breathtaking landscapes of flower gardens and fruit orchards. Here, you can have a symbolic wedding in the gardens of charming old towns with views of the scenic valley through which the Loire river runs.

Off-the-beaten-path elopements in Gascony

If your plan is to indulge in the best French wines for your wedding in France, Gascony is an excellent choice for a wedding location. You can tie the knot in a 17th-century wine-growing castle for weddings or in one of its medieval chateaus overlooking the Pyrenees mountains or the Atlantic ocean. One thing’s for sure, Gascony is dotted with off-the-beaten-path elopement venues that serve some of the finest wines all over France.

Quiet marriage ceremonies amidst Cahors’ vineyards

Still on the subject of best French wines, Cahors is another region in France where wine-lovers would love to get married. Not only will you taste amazing wines in Cahors’ elopement venues, but you can also have a wedding ceremony right in the middle of vineyards. Cahors is neither a tourist spot nor a populous region, so you can enjoy ultimate tranquility for your wedding day.

Artsy destination weddings in Toulouse

Last but not least is the "City of Art and History", Toulouse. Choose this French region for your destination wedding in Europe and you can have a neoclassical structure, medieval building, or a luxury farmhouse as an elopement venue. Just like all of our couples who got married in France, stay a little while for your honeymoon and explore the historical sites and lovely chateaus in the ‘pink city’ of France.

Final note

We’ll leave the decision of picking the best wedding venue to you, but if you need more assistance or you think you want to start planning your destination elopement in France, here’s the next step for you.

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