Marry in a medieval château near Limoges

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Type Chateau Medieval
Features Gardens Privacy Reception Room
- €8,500-€10,500 (max 50 guests), includes the use of the chateau's three salons, a courtyard, and gardens and terrace + 2-night accommodation with breakfasts for the couple, and 4 guests. / - €5,500-€7,500 (max 150 guests) for a garden wedding, availability of courtyard and terrace for drinks reception, and the front gardens + 2-night accommodation with breakfasts for the couple, and 4 guests
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Are you dreaming of eloping to a French chateau? This elopement venue in Limoges is the perfect elopement venue in South West France for couples looking to have the privacy of an entire castle just for the two of you. Enjoy the fancy furnishings inside and the medieval decorations that you’ll only see behind glass covers in the museums.

Although reconstructed in the 18th and 19th-centuries, the castle maintained much of its original form. The corner towers still stand as the most attractive feature of the castle while the 5000 m2 formal landscape outside the historic monument remains as it was since the 18th-century.

If you’re thinking of getting married in France in a wedding venue that illustrates French history and gorgeous landscapes, this chateau might be the right one for you. Looking at the this venue, it’s not hard to imagine how fairytale weddings unfold here.


It’s one of the historic buildings in South-West France, gaining recognition as a monument historique by the French Ministry of Culture. It stands out from all others in the commune of Coussac-Bonneval because of its enormity and timeless architectural design. The Chateau has been in the Bonneval family for over 1000 years, it is steeped in history, and remains the family home of Marta and Géraud de Bonneval. This being the case, the owners are anxious to ensure that the Chateau, and its history, are preserved in every way possible, which is why they wish to limit the number of weddings that they host each year, equally keeping it as an exclusive venue.


You also have the option of renting the chateau’s garden alone or its inner court if all you want is a perfect backdrop for your wedding. Have an intimate dinner in either of these two spots after the ceremony and have your wedding photos taken in any spot in the garden.


You can rent the whole chateau to yourself for a symbolic wedding ceremony. The chateau rental includes a 2-night accommodation for six people, including the couple, in 3 rooms.

Even though the chateau still serves as the residence of the Bonneval family, there is a possibility of taking photos inside, which would be discussed on an individual basis.

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