Couple with a floral arch background hold hands during an outdoor wedding ceremony in France.

Wedding in France

Dreaming of an intimate destination wedding in France? Maybe you want to exchange vows in front of a fairytale chateau or in a gorgeous French garden. Here in the global center of art and philosophy, you’ll never run out of romantic spots to say your overseas “I do’s” with our tailor-made wedding packages!

Customize your wedding package

We understand that you will most likely want to make changes and customize your wedding package for France – and that’s OK!

You have the freedom to decide what goes into your big day by adding, removing or swapping services around.

Add extra services

Whether you have any idea of what goes into an intimate French wedding or not, we’ll be here to guide you. Choose from the numerous services we offer for getting married in France. Then get in touch with your wedding planner to start organising your big day!

Replace or remove

Did you find any service in our online quote that doesn’t suit your idea of a marriage celebration in France? Remove it! Plus, if you find a service that you want to add, feel free to substitute it for the one you took out. Just communicate your preferences to your wedding planner and have your vision fulfilled!

Tell us your preferences

Since this is your wedding, you get to tell us about your ideal make-up style, flowers, cake, music and any other aspect of the celebration. Trust our talented and experienced vendors to work harmoniously with you for the fulfillment of your dream intimate French wedding!

Types of wedding ceremonies in France

Your need to understand the difference between symbolic, religious and legally-binding marriage ceremonies. We want you to pick the type of ceremony that is most suitable for your situation and one that is most meaningful for the two of you. Below is a quick summary, but for the full description send us an enquiry.


A legally-binding marriage ceremony in France is only possible if you can spend 40 days in the country immediately before the wedding day. If you have a parent permanently residing in France, or you own property here, the residency requirement may be wavered at the discretion of the Mayor of the town where you wish to be married.


A religious ceremony may be your best option if you want a traditional Catholic wedding in a beautiful church. French churches will allow priests to conduct ceremonies in English, although very few local priests can speak it. Keep in mind that you must already be civilly married before the religious ceremony can take place.


Symbolic ceremonies are the most popular choice for couples planning their destination wedding in France. In fact, it can be performed at any venue of your choice and allows you full control over how to celebrate your micro wedding. It can be as formal or informal as you wish and can include the exchange of rings and your own vows.

…still not sure?

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime event and we understand it may not be too easy for you to decide. Choosing the right type of ceremony is included in all our wedding packages for France. Your dedicated planner will be here to explain it all to you at each step of the way.

Watercolour invitation suite for a small wedding in a French chateau

Where to marry in France

There are so many reasons for why a lot of couples choose France when thinking of having an overseas wedding. But above all, the unparalleled beauty of French venues are to be blamed (in a good way)! Over the years we have built up relationships with hundreds of different venues all across the country, focusing on places most suitable for an intimate wedding in France for up to about 60 guests.

For how can you go wrong when you decide to say ‘I do’ in a fairy-tale chateau, the cloisters of a medieval abbey, in the converted barn of a luxury country house or the impressive gardens of a villa of the French Riviera? Whether you choose the rural French countryside or a bustling city, your big day will have a gorgeous setting!

Dive right in and check out a few specific locations we’re handpicked for your micro wedding here:

About our Wedding Packages

Thanks to our vast experience in planning and arranging bespoke weddings, we have cultivated great relationship with many vendors. We book your wedding services with only the best professionals in our carefully tailored packages, so you won’t have to search for them on your own.

Predictable costs

We will quote you the price of your Peach Perfect package before booking. Your planner will also provide you with cost estimates for venue, catering, etc. to help you stay within your overall budget.

Vetted suppliers

Over the years we have worked with many local suppliers and can confidently say we have found the best of that there is. Trust in our experience to choose only the most fitting vendors for your intimate wedding abroad.

Tailor your package

We’ve combined the best elements of package and bespoke weddings. Keeping the planning process effortless, whilst giving you complete freedom over deciding on the important details of your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about our services, payment terms and more - check our FAQ page

Weather… when to get married in France

You want to get married in France for its delicious French cuisine, its wines and… the weather! Well, keep in mind that France is a pretty large country with a variety of climates: in the North the regions of Britanny, Normandy and Hauts-de-France certainly don’t have the same warm summers as Provence, Cote d’Azur, Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées and Languedoc-Roussillon do.

At the same time, in the French Riviera strong winds can get uncomfortable even in the hottest of summer days. You better also avoid the South West of France in July and August, if you don’t want to melt with temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius and scorching sun. In the Loire Valley instead, May could be risky for an outdoor French chateau wedding – it’s statistically the month with the most rainfalls during the year.

To protect yourself from both ends of the spectrum – a rainy day and a crazy hot day – we suggest you to consider renting a marquee, parasols or a canopy, or even booking a wedding venue which offers an indoor room to use as your plan B for the ceremony and reception. Be ready for all situations and you won’t ever be disappointed!

Reviews from our couples

We had no idea that planning a wedding was going to be so much work, but Peach Perfect Weddings made everything simple. We didn’t feel stressed during the year we spent planning and we were able to enjoy our day without worrying about anything, because we knew they had it all under control. Peach Perfect Weddings has a wealth of experience as to what works for a wedding and what doesn’t – whenever our ideas for the celebrations were not workable, they were able to come up with an alternative solution that still stayed true to our vision. From start to finish, Yana and her team were professional, helpful, understanding and always on top of everything. Dealing with suppliers was challenging at times to say the least, but we had no reason to be worried as we knew they had it all under control.

— Nathalie & Mahesh

If you want to throw a good wedding, you hire a planner. If you want to throw a GREAT wedding, you hire Peach Perfect Weddings. I cannot begin to tell you how easy they made everything for us. They even considered details we hadn’t (table arrangements, seating, the send-off). Peach Perfect always worked with OUR interests in mind first and took our budget concerns into account. AND the wedding planner even volunteered to do little things for us, like put together the welcome bags or pick up the favors we’d created. On the weekend of, each event flowed seamlessly into the next. We didn’t have to waste a single moment worrying about how the wedding and reception were going. I highly recommend.

— Jo & Ariel

How to plan a destination wedding in France

Want to do a small wedding in France but don’t know where to start? Peach Perfect Weddings is here to help!

Planning a destination wedding in France is a lot more work – and maybe stress – especially if you live abroad. But as your Peach Perfect local wedding planner, I’ll take care of all of that from the beginning. Once you show interest of getting married in France, I will get all the information needed to choose the perfect venue for you.

This can be done by phone or email, whatever suits you best. After finding out about all the facilities you need, the number of guests that will sleep at the venue and the type of reception you’d like to have, I will elaborate a package tailored to your needs.

You will have the chance to go over it and change anything you don’t like to meet your preferences and budget. As soon as you’ll approve the package, I’ll send you a booking agreement with the package inclusions and the payment information. You’ll be able to pay in installment depending on how far in advance you book.

Once the deposit has been received, we start planning! Peach Perfect Weddings takes care of booking suppliers and all the communication with them and puts you in contact with those suppliers you need to work with, like the celebrant. You’ll be making the decisions with regards to decoration, type of music, etc. but I will take out the hassle of looking for suppliers.

During the planning process of your destination wedding in France, I will be setting the times. I’ll send you all the documentation you need to be on the loop of everything. You will be the center of it, but we will make all the work.

The day of the wedding, everything will be set and one of us will be there to deal with the coordination and the little issues that might come up. You won’t even notice us! The coordinator will make sure that you enjoy your day and have fun with your people.

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