Scenic spots for an elopement in Switzerland

Swiss cities and villages offer a selection of breathtaking venues that will make your destination wedding in Europe unforgettable. Switzerland’s surreal historic places and picturesque nature spots stand out from the rest of the world.

If you are considering a destination wedding in Switzerland, continue to read below and discover the top Swiss locations for a picture-perfect destination wedding.

Lakeside venues in Lausanne

Switzerland is known as a landlocked paradise with more than 1500 lakes, some of which mark the boundaries of its territory. By walking along the banks of these Swiss lakes, you will see the landscapes of neighboring European countries such as Italy, Austria, Germany, and France.

If you’re dreaming of a lakeside wedding in Switzerland, Lausanne will be an excellent choice because the city sits right next to the glorious Lake Geneva. Lausanne is also named as the “best small city in the world” for its astounding lakes and nature scenes enjoyed by a small number of inhabitants.

Having a wedding ceremony in a Lausanne venue along Lake Geneva, be it a castle, a luxury hotel, or a villa, is an opportunity to enjoy the city’s surreal nature scenes and the views of the neighboring European countries. Should the weather refuse to cooperate, you can still have a beautiful ceremony inside the venue’s Renaissance interiors and large windows overlooking the glorious views.

Get married in one of Lucerne’s medieval towns

Enjoy the car-free old town of Lucerne with its mountainous views and prominent medieval structures where you can have a unique setting for an intimate wedding in Switzerland.

Here in Lucerne, you can get married in a historic castle hotel on top of the mountains or a private villa above the lake. Both venues have dedicated areas where couples can see the medieval town and surreal nature as they recite their vows.

After your wedding day, visit the astounding historic sites in Lucerne like the medieval Chapel Bridge and the 17th-century Jesuit Church. If you want a more adventurous honeymoon, take the excursions to the Rigi, Pilatus, and Stanserhorn mountains or ride a ferry that travels through Lake Lucerne to the Alpine Ridge.

Interesting Geneva elopement spots

If you want a meaningful trip to Switzerland with a tour to its most important sites, Geneva could be the perfect location for your destination elopement.

Geneva is where modernity meets nature in Switzerland because here, you can find shopping and business centers, and headquarters of international organizations located right across scenic vineyards, lakes, and Alpine peaks.

Within the confines of this urban nature are some of the most romantic Swiss elopement spots ranging from outdoor venues in the middle of vineyards, hotels overlooking the Swiss mountains, and open terraces along Lake Geneva.

Bernese Oberland’s intimate wedding venues

In the canton of Bern lies an Alpine region where the highest peaks of Switzerland are situated. Bernese Oberland is an elopement location where dreams are made of. We believe that it’s a perfect elopement spot for whimsical weddings with views of mountains capped with permanent glaciers, rolling green hills, and peaceful Alpine lakes.

Here, you can recite your vows in complete privacy along a calm lake with panoramic mountain views. You can have a symbolic ceremony in a laidback chalet at the heart of an Alpine village, or a winter wedding in a ski resort overlooking the Alps. These Swiss wedding venues are the most fitting spots for the most adventurous couples.

Grand elopement locations in Zurich

Last but not least is the cosmopolitan city by the water, Zurich, where you’ll experience the vibrant nightlife, food festivals, and creative urban life of the Swiss nationals.

This boutique city is one of the world’s top cities in terms of quality of life because it has managed to preserve its natural environment while becoming the center of economy and education in Europe.

Experience the quality of life that Zurich boasts of when you get married in its grand wedding venues scattered across the city. We’ve listed a 4-star wedding hotel at the highest peak of Zurich as one of the most interesting places to get married in. We’ve also added an elegant castle hotel set in an elevated location where you can hold a ceremony in a banquet hall overlooking the pulsating city and nature in Zurich.

Final note

Our list of the most breathtaking wedding locations in Switzerland is far from complete. But as of 2022, our record has grown to 50 Swiss venues where our couples can have a destination wedding in Switzerland. Your future wedding venue could be one of them.

If you're serious about getting married in this alpine country but you don't know where or how to begin, share with us more details about your plans here, and schedule a call with our wedding planner in Switzerland.

This could be your first step in fulfilling your dream wedding in this European paradise!

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