Lucerne castle hotel for elopements with mountain views

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Type Castle Hotel
Features In-house catering Panoramic Mountain Views Parking Reception Room Restaurant Terrace
Starts at €147 per person including apéro and dinner
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With 140 years of history and a track record of being a perfect place to turn off and experience peace and quiet above the Swiss mountains, you are guaranteed absolute serenity for your wedding ceremony here.

Inspired by the Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, it's a perfect venue to make fairytale weddings come true.

You can choose between the terrace overlooking the city and Lake Lucerne or the castle garden surrounded by vibrant flora for your outdoor ceremony. The terrace is perfect for small weddings with limited space, while the garden nestled in the castle's courtyard can accommodate bigger ceremonies.

If you prefer an indoor wedding, you can say your I dos inside the knight's hall with antique decor and royal interiors. Feel like a king or a queen while reciting your vows inside the castle's classy hall designed for the grandest celebrations. The festive ballroom is a great alternative for indoor weddings with elegant interiors and a space for up to 80 guests.


After all the formalities of your ceremony, the happiest part of the wedding begins. Hold your wedding reception in the castle's restaurant divided into four areas with their own unique interiors and elegant decor. Your small group can occupy a portion or two of the restaurant for your intimate wedding reception.

Every part of the restaurant glimmers with light from morning to night. At day time, it receives plenty of natural light from its large windows while the glittering city lights of Lucerne can be seen from the restaurant at night.

Enjoy the views as your senses delight in the food prepared by its award-winning chef who hails from southern Italy and is an expert of Mediterranean cuisine.

If you want an outdoor dinner after the ceremony, pick the castle garden surrounded by lush nature for your wedding reception. The ballroom, on the other hand, is a wonderful choice for an indoor banquet with elegant interiors.

After dinner, take your wedding party to the castle's American bar where you can party all night while enjoying the breathtaking views of Lucerne. But if you want something more unique, choose the castle's wine cellar called "cave," that is perfect for intimate events where you and your guests can have wine tasting or small aperitif.

Lastly, we invite you to the castle park, a spacious outdoor area that you can use as a dance floor for partying all night!


If the idea of sleeping in a Swiss castle excites you, wait until you hear about the rooms of this boutique hotel.

All 37 rooms are individually designed with a fusion of historical charm and modern comfort. Of the 37, 5 are suites that are made for the grandest, most romantic honeymoons. The biggest of which is a 72 square meter suite with a spacious terrace where you can see the best views of the city of Lucerne.

What a fitting honeymoon gift for the love of your life on your destination wedding in Switzerland. After finding out all the things you need to know about this wedding castle in Switzerland, you might be thinking this is the perfect place for your dream wedding. If that’s the case, contact us to start planning your big day.


Expect no less than unparalleled serenity and panoramic views when you get married in this Swiss castle hotel perched above Lucerne, overlooking the magnificent city. It is the right choice for couples dreaming of a nature wedding in Switzerland in the most secluded place away from the noise and crowd of the city.

The castle hotel offers various areas for the wedding ceremony and reception, from the gardens to the restaurant to the wine cellar made for unique, intimate celebrations. Anywhere you choose to hold your wedding in the castle, you will be surrounded by stunning nature views and a serene atmosphere.


From a tower to an inn, a simple hotel, a refugee camp, to a boutique hotel that it is now, this castle in Lucerne has undergone extensive changes since 1590. Fire destroyed the castle twice, and it ceased operations during World War I. After that, World War II turned it into a refugee camp for returning emigrants and prisoners of war.

When World War II ended, the castle hotel resumed operations, and it became a famous hotel where kings and queens stayed for the holidays. During the 21st century, the castle became a favorite vacation hotel for many celebrities, including Tom Jones, Madeleine Albright, and Henry Moore.

Finally, in 2014 and 2021, the castle hotel underwent extensive renovations to turn it into the beauty that it is today. It has retained its historic charm with the original stucco ceilings, hand-painted walls, and antique interiors carefully preserved while upgrading the venue with modern facilities.

That means two things for your wedding day: an elegant and historic vibe for the ceremony and reception and a luxurious stay for your Swiss honeymoon.


The castle's name literally means hill, which describes its location high above the city of Lucerne. From the castle, you will see the forests, the rolling hills, and the whole Swiss city, making it a fantastic venue, not only for weddings, but for honeymoons too.

Lucerne is the most populous city in Switzerland, located at its center where you can witness the country's economy and culture up close. It lies along Lake Lucerne, known for its scenic mountains and valleys, and also a perfect location to explore Switzerland's great outdoors.

After your wedding day in the castle above Lucerne, you can head straight to the city center to taste the modern Swiss life, then schedule an adventure trip the following day to experience Switzerland's unspoiled nature.

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