Top reasons why you should get married in Portugal

There’s something about the sun, the sand, and the ocean that makes you want to pause and linger. It’s as if time stops indefinitely, and you just want to enjoy the scene without any interruption, especially at the time of day when the sun starts to set and the sky bursts into a palette of vibrant colors. If you’re in love with breathtaking beach views too, chances are you’d also love to get married in Portugal.

A little something about Portugal

Portugal is bordered in the west by a golden coastline fronting the Atlantic Ocean where locals and tourists gather for a world-class experience.

If you’re one of those couples who are dreaming of a magical sunset beach wedding, read on to find out why Portugal can be the best European destination for your big day. Aside from its scenic coastline, we will also walk you through some fascinating facts about Portugal that will make you want to consider it for a European vacation and elopement.

Marry in Europe's oldest nation-state

It was in 1139 when Portugal had its own king which started its formal government. However, the land has been inhabited since the prehistoric times, making it the oldest European country. In fact, Lisbon is believed to be four centuries older than Rome.

As such, Portugal houses several ancient structures that history buffs will find fascinating. The country is dotted with medieval palaces and castles, some of which are perched above the mountains, offering scenic views of the Atlantic. Imagine having an elopement ceremony in front of this scenery!

If you want something more extraordinary for your big day, pick a spot in the midst of quaint old villages and ancient cities and have their fortresses and ruins for your wedding backdrop.

Fall in love with old structures converted to modern wedding venues

You may love the thrill of something extraordinary but we understand that you long for a comfortable stay for your wedding in Portugal.

If that’s the case, restored and modernized historic structures could be the best venue for your big day.

We recommend century-old villas and castles converted into wedding venues with modern facilities. They retain most of their medieval facade but were modernized inside to have air conditioners as well as brand new flooring and ceiling. Damaged interiors were turned into comfortable bedrooms and refurbished function rooms.

Our wedding planner in Portugal even discovered a national monument in Lisbon, with its own swimming pool, bar, spa, and jacuzzi! This historic venue opens its doors for weddings of all kinds. It’s one of our listed elopement venues in Portugal that we can book for your big day.

Magical sunset for wedding ceremonies

Let your big day become the best moment of your life when you choose to get married during sunset in a scenic beach venue in Portugal!

At 8:30 PM, the sky begins to melt into a vibrant sunset palette on the Portuguese west coast! It’s a perfect time to recite your vows with a heavenly backdrop. Whether you choose to tie the knot in a picturesque palace, in a beachfront castle in Cascais, a beach club hotel in Algarve, or a rustic seaside venue in Praia da Azurara, you’ll have the best experience for your sunset wedding.

Get married in a world-class golf destination

Portugal is number one in Europe when it comes to golf courses. If you’re in love with the sport, you can combine a world-class golf experience and your wedding day by traveling to Portugal. A modern golf resort near Cascais and a world-class golf clubhouse in Algarve are your top two options for astounding golf course venues. Truth be told, you don’t have to be a sports enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of these unique wedding venues.

Portugal is not strict with wedding requirements

Lastly, one of the reasons to love a wedding in Portugal is that they’re not strict with foreign weddings. Non-residents can have a legally-binding wedding ceremony in Portugal almost anywhere.

Unlike some European countries that impose inconvenient requirements for non-resident couples, you can hold a legal wedding in almost all Portugal venues, even those without a special wedding license.

If you're marrying in a beachside venue, you only need to secure a license from the maritime police. This license can be obtained without much hassle. Here's our latest blog about requirements for a legal wedding in Portugal where you can get more info on this point.

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Final words

If you’re now convinced that Portugal can be the perfect destination for your dream beach wedding, we'll guide you through all the things that you will need from day one.

With our detail-oriented wedding planner in Portugal, you can rest assured that everything will be well-taken care from the time you get in touch with us to the day of your arrival in this scenic European country.

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