Top reasons why you should get married in Austria

Salzburg, with its breathtaking mountains and valleys, and Julie Andrews singing Do-Re-Mi with the Von Trapp kids!

We can’t help but think of these things when we hear “Austria.” Having personally seen the beauty of this European country, we’re impressed at how the sceneries remain as stunning as they were almost six decades ago when The Sound of Music was filmed.

The mountains, valleys, and pasture lands are still green and vibrant as if urbanization is banned in their borders. If you’re not convinced that their breathtaking natural environment has never changed throughout the centuries, you better see our handpicked venues for adventure elopements in Austria.

This European paradise may not be as popular as Switzerland, Italy, or France as a wedding destination, but if you’ve seen the Alpine sceneries across the country, you’ll start to wonder why.

And if you need a little more elaboration on this point, read on as we narrate the top reasons why European wedding planners like us believe that you should get married in Austria.

Elope in the midst of pristine and unspoiled nature

Here in Austria, you will find history come alive because most historic old-towns were carefully preserved. Both the government and their citizens work hard to maintain the pristine Austrian landscapes by implementing strict laws protecting its natural wealth.

Have a look at their Top 10 Summit Platforms and see the beauty and splendor of Carinthia, Tirol, and Styria.

Within these regions, you will find gorgeous elopements spots like private lakeside villas, wide and vibrant vineyards, and mountain cottages for elopements.

Music festivals

The picturesque views and calming ambiance of the Austrian nature inspired many famous classical musicians such as Strauss, Mozart, Schubert, and Haydn. They are sons of Vienna and Salzburg whose works continue to influence the world of music.

Up to this date, annual music celebrations are held across Austria, like the Viennale international film festival and the Mörbisch Operetta Festival where people from all walks of life gather to listen to operettas and musicals.

The younger generations have two popular music festivals, one is held in June and the other every July. The Danube Island Festival attracts 3 million visitors from around the world where musicians play all genres of music for over 3 days! The Vienna Popfest, on the other hand, is a much smaller celebration with around 60,000 people gathered to hear amazing pop, hip hop, and similar genres of music for 4 days.

Haven for artists

As a breeding ground for artists, not only musicians, Austria houses millions of artworks from timeless architectural structures to world-class sculptures and paintings. Castles and historic buildings are scattered across Austrian regions, carefully preserved throughout the centuries.

The treasured sculptures, paintings, and literary works are kept inside Austrian museums, and there are as many as 2,400 of them within the nine regions of Austria. In Vienna alone, there are 100 museums while Salzburg has 57! One of the most famous Austrian museums sits in the heart of Salzburg where The Sound of Music back in 1965 was filmed. This exact museum hosts all kinds of weddings for couples from around the world!

If you’re lovers of music and the arts, you better consider Austria as one of your options for a wedding destination. Experience their love for music and the arts first-hand when you travel here for your wedding day and honeymoon!

Beautiful sceneries all year round for adventure elopements

You don’t have to pick a perfect date for your wedding because the Austrian landscapes and views are beautiful here all year round! No matter what month you want to get married, there will be picturesque views on the background waiting for you.

The summer season is the perfect time of the year for hiking and outdoor activities. You can hike and get married on a mountain-top palace or recite your vows beside a wooden chalet along an Austrian lake.

When December comes, Austrian landscapes turn into a winter wonderland with snow-capped Alpine peaks and snow-covered roofs in quiet towns and villages. Watch the snow from inside your chosen venue, then ski outside for the first day of your honeymoon.

Relax in front of the crackling fireplace on the nights of your honeymoon while savoring the breathtaking views of your chosen chalet. Getting married in Austria in winter or summer guarantees an unforgettable experience close to nature. If you’re imagining a dreamy European wedding for you and your loved one, an elopement package in Austria is but a logical choice.

Outdoor adventure elopements

When you choose a European country with picturesque landscapes all year round, you should consider having your elopement ceremony outdoors.

Your options for an adventure elopement in Austria range from mountaintop villas, secluded vineyards, lake resorts, Austrian forests, riverside 5-star hotels, and hilltop medieval castles! All of them guarantee serene landscapes for your wedding ceremony backdrop!

After reciting your vows, have an intimate dinner by the lake or a romantic picnic amid pasturelands with panoramic mountain views. If you’re bringing your closest family and friends to your destination elopement in Austria, you can privatize a castle, a chalet, or a mountain lodge for your wedding party.

Charming and historic wedding castles

If you’re one of those couples who’ve dreamt of a fairytale wedding in a charming castle where you’ll walk down the staircase while your groom looks at you with teary eyes, you can stick to that childhood dream and make it come true in Austria. There’s a wide selection of wedding castles here ranging from 12th-century structures to castle hotels with posh facilities.

Included in our list of Austrian venues for weddings are lakeside castles in Salzburg, medieval castles surrounded by woodlands in Tyrol, a castle museum with its own chapel for microweddings, baroque wedding castles in Vienna, and historic garden castles for fairytale weddings in Styria.

These are just descriptions of Austrian fairytale castles, but when you see the actual photos of these carefully preserved venues, it won’t be hard to imagine how your dream wedding will come true in this European paradise.

Lakeside wedding venues

Lastly, we can’t talk about Austria as a wedding destination without mentioning its world-class lakeside venues. With 300 lakes inside its borders, Austria is dotted with dreamy lakeside venues with astounding views for wedding ceremonies and intimate receptions.

They’re all perfect for microweddings with no guests and small weddings with just a handful of people. Some of Austria’s lakeside resorts for weddings offer panoramic mountain views while some lakeside villas can be hired exclusively for a more private celebration. Some of these venues are close to bathing lakes where you can have a unique honeymoon experience while some are luxury hotels with modern amenities for your comfort.


Get to know more about how you can tie the knot in this surreal European destination. We have a quotation tool ready for all curious couples who want to find out how much it would cost to get married in Austria. All you have to do is to envision that big day, fill in the details of your desired package inclusions, and start planning for that adventure elopement in Europe that you’ve always dreamed about.

If you’re planning to have a legally binding wedding in Austria, here are the requirements you should be aware of.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and contact our wedding planner in Austria to start planning your dream wedding!

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