Getting married in Europe - why more couples are tying the knot here

You might not know it now but your whole life is going to change the moment you get married. It’s that one special day where the life you have gotten used to has transformed into something better. What was once a life all on your own is now revolving on someone else. That’s why most couples go the extra mile in making sure their wedding is going to be a day that will never be forgotten. Often, that’s easier said than done because there will be one or several challenges along the way.

If you’re just starting on your wedding preparations, you’ll know how hard it is to find the right venue for your big day. There are so many things to consider and so little time to get it all done. Why not go with a place that will take your breath away?

Don’t worry about finding the right spot because there are a lot of places in Europe that can be your ideal place to get married.

Rich culture

When it comes to culture, you won’t find Europe lacking. It is, after all, the home of countless artists and the place where so many important innovations find its roots.

Every country in this continent has its own contribution to history. For instance, you’ll never find a more charming country than France or a sophisticated one like the United Kingdom.

In every European country, you’re sure to find a story that will immerse you in the local culture. Pick one of the numerous spots in this continent and you’ll never run out of memories for your wedding day.

If you’re one of those brides who want a unique Italian elopement with a dash of history, choose from among the hundred-year-old villas, Renaissance castles, and medieval wedding venues scattered around Italy. Some of them are perched in the Amalfi Coast while some offer a view of the good old Italian vineyards. They all showcase the rich history and culture of Italy.

Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are not bereft of historic wedding venues either, thanks to the institutions in these countries for preserving the rich history of the Irish people’s religion and politics. We’re not exaggerating when we say that 16th-19th-century castles in Ireland and Northern Ireland are still open for special events these days. In fact, some of them provide accommodations for a perfect European vacation! If you find that hard to believe, check out the wedding venues in Ireland that are still stunning and operational!

When we talk about history and culture, Germany is not to be undermined. From the Germanic tribes and Frankish empire to modern day Germany, the people have preserved their history and culture. The country is full of castles and old medieval towns with the narrow cobblestone streets or the iconic half-timbered houses. Just as the fairytale castles, the Germans have preserved and protected their beloved forests and mountains throughout the time and kept the breathtaking beauty of these places intact up to this day.

World-class cuisines for your wedding

Take one bite of any authentic dish from Europe and you’ll feel like you’re floating in heaven. Now, imagine several of these meals are going to be served to your loved ones on the biggest day of your life. European cuisine is full of the storied culture of this continent.

Take Italy, for example. This country can be considered as one of the best to dine in, thanks to their amazing chefs who use the freshest ingredients straight from their backyards to satisfy the world’s cravings. Step foot in any of the Italian regions and have a bite of pancetta, lasagne verdi al forno, tiramisu or authentic Neapolitan pizza!

Italy is just the tip of the iceberg, ladies and gents. There’s still so much you can discover when you hold your elopement or vow renewal in culinary destinations, such as France, Spain, and Ireland, among others. Once you have a taste of the authentic French gougère (cheese in choux pastry), take a sip of real Bavarian beer, or the Irish black and white pudding, nowhere else you would want to get married but here.

We’ve met world-class European chefs working with owners of wedding venues so couples can have a dining experience of their lives when they get married in Europe.

Elope to a place with wide cultural and historic diversity

There’s nothing more eye-opening than being immersed in a culture that’s not your own. You get to mingle with various nationalities, widening your understanding of how the world truly works. Spend your wedding in Europe and you’ll experience its famed diversity.

One moment, you’re chatting with someone over the music scene in Ireland and then you’ll find yourself discovering French cinema the next. You can even learn exciting new traditions in these countries and meet all sorts of interesting people along the way. One thing is for sure: you’ll never be the same again when you step foot in Europe and meet the people there.

In Europe, different cultures and nations live closely together side by side and within just a couple hours drive you can pass through several countries with each having their own language, cuisine and culture. That’s why we’re always happy to arrange a highly-customized small wedding or elopement in Germany, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Italy, and France!

Relatively easier to legally get married here

If you’re not a big fan of handling paperwork, you’re gonna love getting married in Europe. That’s because getting all of your wedding documents done here is generally easier than in other parts of the world. In some destinations, you no longer have to wait in long lines for a whole day just to have a document signed.

In Italy, for example, both Catholic and civil wedding ceremonies are always legally binding because Italian marriage regulations are required to be followed. As long as you comply with the Italian law and your own national law allows it, your marriage in Italy will be legally binding worldwide.

Getting married in awe-inspiring destinations in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Italy doesn’t need to be as complicated as you think. The legal requirements in these countries can be obtained without parting the sea or moving mountains. For starters, you and your future spouse need to present your passport and some other proofs of identity and nationality to begin the whole process. Since these countries are favourite wedding destinations, their governments have made the necessary adjustments to accommodate tourists getting married in their countries.

It may, however, be a different story if you’re getting legally married in France. The process is a little stricter as one of you has to be a French national or at least a resident for 40 consecutive days right before the wedding. Usually, our couples do the paperwork in their home country to have a legally-binding marriage. Germany also requires a certain minimum residance in Germany and restricts the possible ceremony locations for legally-binding weddings to a few approved locations in each city. Speaking of which, you can evade the legal paperwork altogether and just opt for a symbolic ceremony in these European countries. After all, making your marriage legally binding in your home country is surely easier and more convenient.

With that challenge out of the way, you can focus more on having a lovely ceremony with the people who matter the most to you. Peach Perfect Weddings can always assist you in every way possible so you’ll have the dream wedding that you want.

Easy to get around

Europe is an experience of a lifetime. It’s not enough to stay in one place if you’re planning to get married there. Choosing a wedding venue in one of its many nations is the perfect chance to satisfy your wanderlust.

But of course, you might be worried about how to get around and cost required to do such a thing. Travelling to different European Union countries is seamless and won’t be as difficult as you’d expect. There are few places in the world where you will find such a density of languages and cultures so close to each other and so accessible! The rates for travelling within Europe are very reasonable as well.

This gives you more reasons to enjoy your wedding here and the honeymoon after. You can look at different travel destinations in Europe and create an itinerary that will allow you to visit so many places in one go.

Amazing scenery for adventure elopements

A convenient travel is just one part of the equation when you choose to marry in Europe. You’ll also be spoiled by a wide variety of historical landmarks and natural wonders in this continent. Take a look at the different wedding venues in Italy that are just perfect for small and intimate weddings.

From charming hotels on a lake to medieval villas with a view of the Italian hills, you’ll have world-class venue options in this romantic country. If you’re more of a fairytale type of bride, you’ll love the century-old castles with historic elements and rich gardens.

Have a browse through our selection of Italian wedding venues for ceremonies and receptions and you’ll instantly find endless fields of lush greeneries, breathtaking mountain views, astonishing structures, and historic landmarks that you’ll never see elsewhere.

You can expect nothing less from Northern Ireland that we’ve recently featured in our blog. It’s just so perfect for nature-lovers who would die to get married on the edge of a cliff, in the midst of a natural park or a heavily wooded forest, or inside a historic castle ruin. These dreamy locations are more than enough for a memorable marriage in Europe.

Now, take all of these locations and imagine their potential as a wedding venue. You can bet your wedding day will be infused with so much beauty and awe when you get married in one of Europe’s many destinations. Plus, you can choose from all kinds of weather conditions to suit your preferences. You have the freedom to get married in a sunny location or one where there’s snow all around. Whatever your choice of venue is, you can be sure Europe will be the perfect place for your wedding preferences.

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