Eloped at a chateau's garden on summer in Lot


Just want to give a huge thank you to Peach Perfect Weddings for our abroad wedding in France! The original wedding was supposed to happen in June 2020, but due to the pandemic, it was postponed to June 2022. Even with the delay, PPW worked with us to make sure we would be taken care of. Philip, our wedding planner, was lovely. He went above and beyond to make sure everything went smoothly, from the moment we reached out to PPW, to choosing the location and the other details, to the actual wedding day. The photographers we choose through PPW were also wonderful and we can’t wait to see the full wedding album in the near future! We would highly recommend PPW. It can be hard to trust a company to plan something so special, when it is half way across the world, but we would 100% choose them again. Thank you so much!
— Tera & Anthony


Their big day was postponed for two years, yet Tera and Tony were always hopeful that their dream destination wedding in France would happen. True enough, with constant communications with their elopement planner and a spark of hope that never goes out, the two got married in a lovely chateau on a fine summer day of 2022.

About the wedding venue

Chateaus are unquestionably some of the top venues for destination weddings in France. They combine history with nature both in interior and exterior features. Most chateaus exude a charming medieval vibe while sitting amidst the vibrant French countryside. Tera and Tony’s elopement venue is one of them.

This 13th-century medieval chateau boasts of beautiful features, including a vineyard behind the building, towering trees with playful colors, and a perfectly working fountain in the middle of the landscaped front yard.

Inside the chateau are elegant rooms where couples can get ready for the ceremony. It also offers accommodations so couples can stay in the chateau before and after their wedding. After all, the whole estate sits on an elevated ground with views of the picturesque Lot valley and the Cahors vineyards. It’s a perfect place not only for the wedding ceremony and reception, but also for the couple’s whole stay in France.

The details

The venue itself is already glamorous, with all the beautiful sceneries from all vantage points, that’s why Tera and Tony did not feel the need to add more glamor to it. No decor during the ceremony, and only minimalist attire and details for their wedding. Tony wore a white long-sleeved top and black suspenders, while Tera wore an A-line wedding dress with a laced top that plunges on the back, and a multi-layered chiffon skirt.

Our bride’s bouquet was also minimalist yet elegant. It’s a combination of white roses and eucalyptus. The dominant blooms were perfectly paired with minty, vibrant, and refreshing eucalyptus leaves.

The elopement ceremony

Tera and Tony tied the knot in the chateau’s terrace, surrounded by huge bushes, towering trees, and colorful blooms. It was a summer day of June, 2022 and the weather couldn’t be more perfect. The sun was beaming right above them, and the air was blowing steadily, creating a comfortable atmosphere for the couple.

The ceremony happened under a steel gazebo with only the couple and the celebrant. They brought no guests for the occasion but the whole affair was so magical. Although it was a symbolic ceremony, they signed a certificate for their wedding in France, and received a surprise gift from the celebrant.

The wedding photoshoot

After the ceremony, Tera and Tony took advantage of the beauty surrounding the chateau. They took photos in the lush greenery at the chateau’s courtyard, along the staircases, and in front of the medieval building’s fountain where most of the images were taken. These photos will serve as lasting memories of their special elopement in a fairytale French chateau.

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