Couple holding hands and looking at each other with a big tree in the background at a vow renewal in France.

Vow Renewal in France

It’s never too late nor too early to renew your vows. And is there a better way to do it than with a vow renewal in France, with a fairytale chateau in the background? Perhaps a medieval abbey or a historic church will make the day more meaningful?

Personalise your Vow Renewal Package

Let us emphasize that what you will see in our online quote is just a suggested package for couples who decide to renew vows in France. They are not hard and fast packages that you can’t change. Know more about our add, remove, and replace feature here.

Add extra services

When renewing your wedding vows in France, you should be given full control. We always allow our couples to check the full extent of our services, add something that they want, and even request for a service that's not on the list.

Replace or remove

We understand that some of the services included in our online quote may not have room for your dream wedding. We give you freedom to remove these items and replace them with something else. Discuss how you want to customize your package with our dedicated vow renewal planner in France.

Tell us your preferences

Tell us your preference for music, hair & make-up, music, or any aspect of your wedding and our talented and trusted wedding vendors will respect your choices. We have worked with them for a long time and we’ve seen how passionate they are in helping couples achieve their dream elopement, wedding, or vow renewal in France.

Where to renew wedding vows in France

Stop worrying if you’ll make the right decision on the venue of your French vow renewal. The magic in our packages lies in the great selection of wedding venues that we have on file for couples who desire to renew wedding vows in France!

It’s hard to make a mistake when almost all your options for a French vow renewal are oozing with romance and perfection! We’re talking about medieval castles, quirky towns on a hill, and unspoiled woodland in French rural villages.

Read more about the most beautiful vow renewal locations and venues in France by having a look at our web page for

Vow Renewal Locations in France

Frequently Asked Questions

For information about our services, payment terms and more - check our FAQ page

How to plan a vow renewal in France

Celebrating love is what we do! Personally, I enjoy planning vow renewals as much as I do planning elopements. A vow renewal ceremony is even more unique as no two love stories are the same!

When you send an enquiry for a vow renewal, the first thing I recommend is to have a consultation call with me to go over the details. I need to understand the type of ceremony you imagine in order to make it happen. This can also be done by email, although a call is more personal.

With all the information you give us, I’ll create a package including those services that you need. This step can take a while until you decide it is the perfect package for you! Once you make the decision to plan your vow renewal ceremony with Peach Perfect Weddings, I will send you a contract with all the details and the payments to be made.

Your payment plan depends on how long before you decide to book with us. I'll handle the booking of your suppliers and will let you know what to do every step of the way.

The ceremony will be completely personalized, from the words that will be said in the ceremony itself, to the flowers, the music…. When the day will arrive, everything will be tidied up so you can sit back, relax and enjoy your day.

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