Elopement packages - 8 reasons why you need one

That’s why, in a generation of freedom-seekers and rule-breakers (and generally smart people who value their time!), more and more couples are choosing to elope and seeking out practical elopement packages to help them.

What makes conventional weddings so stressful?

Did you know that the average wedding takes around 250-300 hours to plan, from end to end? That’s over six months of your life, If you were doing it as a full time job. Choosing the venue, selecting a theme and finding the perfect wedding outfits are only few of the tiny pieces in this whole ordeal of planning your dream wedding. Then you also have to look for a reliable hair and makeup artist, find and meet your photographer, arrange hotel accommodations for your friends and family… the list goes on. Plus, you also need to check on each of your guests to find out if they have any food allergies or other dietary requirements.

Oh, and did we mention the legal paperwork you have to personally take care of?

Sadly, many couples become so consumed to the point of being jaded when their big day finally arrives. You’ll need more than just a wedding planner, but an entire team that will take care of all the items in your wedding checklist, as well as those which you’ve probably forgotten to include! (An elopement package is starting to sound like a much better option now, isn’t?!)

Why an elopement package is a wiser option

Now, what if we told you that you can actually ditch all these unnecessary, head-wrecking elements of a traditional wedding and just opt for an elegant, memorable and genuine ceremony where only the real essentials to get married are present (i.e. you and your other half!) – would you like that? What if we tell you that this heartfelt wedding of yours can happen in a destination spot with breathtaking views at a fraction of the price of a “real” wedding? A price that will give you real value for your money and the intimacy that you so long for in a wedding ceremony? A price that can only be achieved with a wedding package designed for elopements? And what if all you had to do is to [pick a destination](/wedding-packages-for-europe), select an your favorite elopement package and let the seasoned warriors of wedding planning manage everything for you? Will you take it? A lot of couples actually did and boy did they enjoy every minute of their big (small) day! But don’t just take our word for it – read their [testimonials](/reviews). So close all your wedding planning apps right now and consider why you should be booking an elopement package:

1. Elopements ARE legal!

What a relief, right? We’re really surprised to know that some couples think elopements are not real weddings. They think that elopement ceremonies are just symbolic “blessings” and they cannot be recognized by the state as a legally binding marriage. Woah! Wait! This is a misconception.

While you can opt to have an elopement ceremony that does not have any legal effect at all, you can also have an elopement that is completely, totally and absolutely legally-binding.

At Peach Perfect Weddings, we provide assistance with legal marriage requirements and help with submitting all the necessary paperwork required to ensure that your elopement will be considered fully legal back in your home country. We can even provide witnesses as part of your elopement package – four is the exact number of humans required to make a legal marriage; you, your other half and two witnesses over the age of 18.

So if the question of legality is what keeps you from going for this kind of wedding, then rest assured, there’s no cause for worry. By complying with some requirements, your elopement will be legal whether you hold it in your country or abroad.

2. You DON’T have to leave your dearest people behind

Eloping these days is not limited to saying your “I do’s” with just the two of you and the officiant in a place where no one can find you. We have to break the misconception that eloping is synonymous to a “secret wedding” – this is no longer the case.

In fact, today elopements are also known by another term: micro-weddings. This can be a ceremony with just the couple, plus a few select guests, including the couple’s immediate family and a few of your closest friends. We’ve written earlier about the meaning of an elopement to make sure you understand what it really means.

3. You CAN still have all the frills

Are you a girl who has always dreamed of a luscious white wedding gown and a royal pampering treatment on the morning of your wedding? Or a guy who sees his wedding day as an excuse to splurge on renting that beautiful Jaguar you’ve always wanted to test drive? Yes, elopements are indeed mostly about cutting unnecessary costs, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego on the things that really matter.

Think of it this way, would you rather have an average wedding with 100 guests (price tag around $30k) or a luxurious, no-expenses-spared destination elopement and honeymoon for just the two of you? Now think how much more you can do with that $30k when you don’t have 98 extra mouths to feed and entertain… You’re allowed to be completely selfish on this one most important day of your lives.

So in choosing what to put into your elopement package, do say yes to the finer things like a designer wedding gown (if you’ve always wanted one!), a live music performance (even it’s just the two of you who’ll be listening), luscious floral decoration, luxury transportation in a chauffeur-driven vintage car (go on, we know you want to!) and even an exclusive venue rental for just the two of you.

4. Elopement package = ZERO stress

Here’s why you can sit back and relax until your big day comes – elopement packages are especially designed to include all essentials of a wedding. Each element that you’ll need to pull off a memorable elopement ceremony are already included.

So all you have to do before the wedding day is to pack all your things, board a flight and show up to your wedding day! Well, we don’t mean that too literally. What we’re saying is that with Peach Perfect Wedding’s packages for an elopement in Europe, we deal with all the stressful parts behind the scenes, so you can prepare yourself (and preserve your sanity!) for The Big Day.

5. Planners know the RIGHT wedding vendors

The wedding industry has grown to be a multi-billion-dollar industry where it’s already hard for new brides and grooms to fish for the right vendors in this vast sea of wedding professionals (and hobbyists!). Elopements actually make this job even tougher…

When you’re eloping, you might not need a full day of photo and video coverage and you probably won’t have any additional guests to make up the minimum number of “faces” and “heads” required to book a wedding hair stylist and makeup artist. Most likely, you also don’t want the musician to serenade you for 3 whole hours or order a three-tiered wedding cake just for the two of you (but no judgement if you do!).

If you take on the task of elopement planning by yourself, you’re likely to waste a lot of time weeding out vendors who are not prepared to take on a “small booking”. Most photographers and cinematographers have a certain minimum number of hours that you need to book them for (otherwise if doesn’t make financial sense for them to give up a whole day for a two-hour booking when they can book 8 hours with a traditional wedding). Whilst makeup artists and hair stylists specializing a bridal beauty often have a minimum booking of “bride plus 3”.

For these reasons, opting for a practical package for your elopement is the most convenient choice. Wedding planners offering elopement packages have already found the “right” vendors – those who specialize in, or are willing to take on, bookings where only the couple are concerned. At Peach Perfect Weddings we have already negotiated special elopement rates with the vendors we work with, so by booking an elopement package with us, you an immediately making a significant saving in your time as well as money.

6. Your wedding budget WILL fit

This is just simple math. If you started your wedding planning journey with a modest $20k budget for a traditional wedding, you can safely slash that in half (at least!) if you opt for an elopement package wedding instead. Budgeting for an elopement will be more of a subtraction exercise, rather than infinite multiplication which normally happens when you choose to have a conventional wedding.

7. You’ll get the intimacy your wedding deserves

Lest you forget, your wedding day should be about the two of you, not about your family, friends, or guests in general! It’s about time we get this right. You know in your heart that the sole reason you are getting married is to exchange vows and promises which are meant only for your ears and theirs.

If you choose to share this moment with your immediate families and a handful of your closest friends with whom you can be who you are, that’s for you to decide. An elopement, or a micro-wedding, with or without the help of an practical package put together by an experienced wedding planner, is the best way to give your special day the privacy and intimacy it needs and deserves. Based on our experience, that is what a truly perfect wedding means.

8. It’s a honeymoon AND a wedding wrapped-in-one

Finally, you don’t have to set a separate budget or a different schedule for your honeymoon! When we crafted our packages to elope in Europe, we thought ahead and chose venues where you can not only get married, but also have an incredible honeymoon afterwards.

Imagine visiting the breathtaking filming locations for the Game of Thrones seriesin Northern Ireland, or hiking the breathtakingly beautiful “Path of the Gods” along the Amalfi coast in Italy? What about skiing in the Dolomite mountains after a wedding in South Tyrol, or taking a tour of the most exquisite vineyards of South West France? Aren’t these some of the best honeymoon experiences you can have?

Are you convinced?

If the thought racing through your mind right now is “Where can I book one of these amazing elopement packages you speak of??” the answer is – right here. Just head over to our page for wedding packages for Europe, pick your favorite country and click ‘elope’ to see our suggested elopement package for that destination. Then send us a quick message and we’ll do the rest!

And if you like the idea of a done-for-you wedding package but don’t think that an elopement or a micro-wedding is for you, we might still be able to help. At Peach Perfect Weddings, we specialize in offering tailored wedding packages for intimate destination weddings in Europe ranging in size from just 2 and up to 100 people. Send us your enquiry and we will get back to you with a personalized quote.

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