Elope to Italy: A Fairytale Wedding Venue in Milan

Italy has always been one of the top picks for a destination wedding venue.

Not surprising at all because when a couple thinks of a destination spot, they imagine Italy’s mountainous landscape, its fresh Mediterranean climate, the country’s historic buildings, and its rich flora and fauna that complete the elements of a picturesque wedding.

However, you can’t just pick the first venue available or the cheapest events place you see on the internet when you decide to get married in Italy. You can’t even rely on photos, descriptions, or reviews that you read because they won’t show you the whole picture of what these venues offer.

Our 6-Part Journey to Italian Wedding Venues

We, the planners behind Peach Perfect Weddings, understand this predicament so well, having planned over 50 weddings in Europe since 2014. We’re lucky enough to have a chance to stay at six high-end wedding locations in Italy that breathe authentic regional traditions in all corners. Based on our actual and personal assessment of these venues, we’re confident to recommend them in our elopement packages for Europe.

So if you’re one of those brides who have long decided in your heart to say ‘I do’ in the surreal grounds of Italy but doesn’t have time to personally look into these venue options, what we’re going to feature for this series are more than just pictures and descriptions. We’ll instead give you a complete set of details from wedding planners like us who directly and personally experienced these venues firsthand.

We embarked on this adventure to find out if these places are your best options for a destination wedding in Italy. The first leg of our series would be a gorgeous fairytale hotel and wedding venue Milan offers to adventurous couples! Ready? Let’s go!

Château Monfort

This 5-star hotel in Milan located on the doorstep of the city’s fashion district, is known for its elegance and a palace-like vibe. You can choose from among its 77 rooms with designs inspired by princesses and princes, and all our childhood fantasies.

We say this because of certain noticeable features like glass dividers embedded with floral designs, Snow White-inspired mirrors, large and classic chandeliers, and silver curtains. You wouldn’t normally see these things elsewhere, right?

Where to Say your “I Do” Here

Some of the additional memorable elements inside Château Monfort are wide marble staircases and brick ceilings that exude a truly classy ambiance.

Couples here usually get married at the Hall of Enchantment that’s perfect for a fairytale occasion. It is a 118-sq. m hall with lavish travertine floors and intricate floral patterns embedded on the wall, reaching up to the ceiling. But if you are rooting for a religious and a more solemn ceremony, the Catholic Church located 100 meters from the hotel is the perfect wedding venue Milan offers to you.

If you imagine a whimsical outdoor elopement ceremony in a garden, there is a special area around Château Monfort’s glass dome that could be a perfect spot for your elopement or intimate wedding. It can accommodate 20-25 people.

Wedding Reception Spots

The Lounge Bar Mezzanotte is ideal for wedding receptions because of the elevated area in front that can serve as your stage during the program. It is spacious enough for the couple, the musicians, the host, and some of your guests who will say their meaningful speeches.

The dome-shaped opening at the ceiling is covered with glass that lets all the light in at daytime. This area also gives your guests the chance to adore the Italian starry sky at night.

The smaller Rubacuori by Venissa restaurant, which is another option for the reception, has a distinct beauty in itself. It’s divided into three rooms with chic and shabby wallpapers, delicate chandeliers, and antique furniture. One of which is a cabinet displaying only the finest Italian wines. The restaurant is definitely smaller than the Lounge Bar, but is more relaxed and casual.

You see, here at Château Monfort, you don’t need to go further. In fact, you don’t need to leave this magnificent wedding venue Milan boasts of, because you can do literally everything inside the walls of this five-star hotel, from preparation to reception. As they say, weddings are naturally stressful, but you know, you can make yours an exception by picking the venue wisely.

We have even more information about Château Monfort on our website! Visit its dedicated page on our website’s venue section where you can find an accurate description, facts and more pictures about this dreamy wedding hotel in Milan.

Photos are courtesy of the venue
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