What Ibiza offers for destination weddings

If you haven’t heard of Ibiza as a wedding destination, you’re not paying attention. This magical island in Spain managed to climb up the ladder of European wedding destinations for its sheer uniqueness and a high-end vibe.

Ibiza has been a melting pot of cultures and traditions for thousands of years, but recently, it has become one of Europe's favorite wedding destinations. Celebrities like Beyonce, Paris Hilton, Johnny Depp, Justin Bieber, and Leonardo DiCaprio who walked along its sandy shores love Ibiza as a holiday destination because of its magnetic nightlife, beach clubs, and hippie culture.

Why Ibiza for your European wedding?

From the club to the beach, the countryside to the clifftop, the boho to the disco, and everything in between, it really is one of the primary destinations for weddings in Spain. Who wouldn’t want to say I do in a place often referred to as paradise on earth?

Light and colors

It’s hard not to fall in love with the bright and warm island of Ibiza with its sunny weather and pristine beaches. This gorgeous island has long been considered the Jewel of the Mediterranean, thanks to the magical play of colors in the island. When the sun’s rays meet the red earthy soil and cobbled streets while the skies and the sea remain crystal clear, one just wants to stay here forever.

When the sun sets, another magic appears as the night lights begin to dominate the whole place. Ibiza never sleeps, and this is what tourists and locals from other Spanish cities keep coming back for.

Celebrity weddings

Ibiza is a popular celebrity wedding destination, capturing the hearts of many popular figures such as a celebrity makeup artist Francesca Neill and her spouse David Abramovitch who tied the knot here in a star-studded event. Spanish actress and journalist Cayetana Guillén Cuervo got married on the island too, along with celebrities Alicia Vikander and Michael Fassbender who reportedly got hitched in Ibiza last 2017.

Stars don’t only come to Ibiza for a beach wedding. Famous French DJ David Guetta has frequently performed here, owing his stardom to the island where his career started to take off. Meanwhile, Shakira and Gerard Piqué acquired properties in a luxurious seaside resort in Ibiza, while Enrique Iglesias invested in the island’s elite restaurants. The list goes on and on, and we’re not surprised at all.

Ibiza has become a famous destination for celebrities because of its magical ambiance day and night and a VIP, 5-star luxury vibe where everything feels high-end. Celebrities come here for the holidays to rent out luxury villas and resorts for a high-class vacation.


Ibiza is known as a melting pot of cultures in Spain. There’s a mix of traditions here that come together to create a happy essence and lively spirits. One of the prevailing themes of the island is Adlib fashion that literary means “dress as you like but always in style.” It is akin to the bohemian style that evokes freedom and happiness, with silk-like garments, cotton shawls, scarves, and loose dresses.

No wonder boho is the most prevalent theme for weddings in Ibiza.


We’ve already discussed some spectacular things about the Spanish island, but one that’s quite hard to explain is the magical energy surrounding the place.

Some blame it on the magnetic power in what they call the “magic rock” or Es Vedra - a huge rock formed from limestone that they say is one of the most magnetic spots on earth next to North Pole and Bermuda Triangle.

There are many myths and stories about Es Vedra, and no matter how true or mythical they are, many celebrities and tourists seem to be attracted to the place.

When to get married in Ibiza?

Curious enough to go to Ibiza for your destination wedding in Spain?

Hold your horses because here’s the part where we tell you the best time and places to tie the knot in this astonishing island.

It is easier now more than ever to get married in Ibiza any time of the year. Before spring last year, there were limited flights to the island, but today, there are direct flights from Ireland and the UK.


For a hot summer wedding by the beach, August is a good time to schedule your big day when temperature is at its peak. However, you must expect an influx of tourists this time of the year.


As the vibrant greenery in Ibiza fades to russet red in autumn, the temperature cools down along with the dwindling of the crowds in the island. If you want a more private and less crowded elopement in Ibiza, you have to set your wedding date in autumn. This time of the year also means the harvest season and regional festivals in the Balearic islands, so it's the best time to explore the Ibizan culture.


The winter season is mild in the island, giving you a much cooler atmosphere for your big day, more privacy because of the least crowd in sight, and the cheapest rates for all your wedding needs. Plus, with our supplier base onsite, you don’t have to worry about finding the right wedding vendors.


For a more laidback and breezy elopement in Ibiza, try booking in the spring months of March, April, and May. Spring in Ibiza means fewer crowds and a pleasantly warm weather without threats of rains.

Where to get married in Ibiza?

From the golden sandy shores to the rustic red-earthed countryside, cobbled streets, to the cliff overlooking Ibiza’s magical Es Vedra, there are spectacular places for a unique elopement here.

World heritage sites

Starting from the most unique of all, the cobblestone streets of Dalt Vila is one of your options for an Ibiza elopement. We consider this place extraordinary because it’s a world heritage site that transports you back in time when medieval cities are fortified and cathedrals are majestic. Walk along these historic streets in your wedding attire and pose next to the old buildings that were preserved to perfection.

Es Vedra elopements

Perhaps the most suitable place for adventure elopements in all of Ibiza is this “magic rock” called Es Vedra. It’s a little islet just beside the main island where you can climb up to the cliffs and exchange vows against the magnificent backdrop of the wild Mediterranean sea.

It’s the perfect spot for guest-less elopements because the place is best enjoyed in seclusion. Choose this unique spot and see for yourself how true the magnetic energy in Es Vedra is.

Club and yacht wedding

Believe it or not, there are couples whose party spirits are way off the charts that they choose to say I do right inside a club. What better place to have a club wedding than in Ibiza’s world-class beach and night clubs? A yacht wedding is another great choice for those who want a nautical experience for their wedding day. Bring your small group to an unforgettable cruise that involves tying the knot and an exclusive yacht party.

Marry in Ibiza’s famous luxury hotels

Luxury weddings in 5-star hotels with an unbelievable sea backdrop are by far, the most popular type of wedding in Ibiza. Couples getting married here choose either a ceremony at a beach restaurant or at the beachfront of a posh hotel.

Low-cost and laidback elopements

Having said that Ibiza is a high-end, luxury destination, couples who are not wiling to splurge like celebrities do, can still tie the knot in a less expensive way here. There are rural hideaways, like countryside hotels and smaller villas or country homes in the agri-tourism areas where prices are lower, but the views are equally stunning.

Church for legal weddings

Finally, there is no place in Ibiza that is more solemn than the church. Spain is still considered a religious and Catholic-dominated country, and it’s no surprise that even in an island like Ibiza, you will find several churches and cathedrals where to tie the knot.

If you’re a Catholic couple who dreams of nothing else but a solemn church ceremony, you’re in for a treat in the historic churches of Ibiza. Some have a gothic facade while some face the sea, offering amazing views and photographic opportunities.

Wedding themes and traditions in Ibiza

It is always possible to combine cultures and traditions at your Ibiza wedding. We pride ourselves in our good relations with the island’s locals, the Ibicencos, speaking their language but also respecting their ways, working closely with their stalwarts of tradition and often showcasing their skills.

Ball Pagés for the wedding dance

The locals from Ibiza perform their traditional dance in public holidays and special events. This traditional dance that the Ibicencos and Ibicencas love is known for its repeated circular movements and steps that highlight women’s role in the dance. Instead of a modern dance number for your big day, how about perform the Ball Pagés of Ibiza?

Hippie wedding attire and decor

Since the 60’s, Ibiza has become a melting pot of cultures, races, and traditions from all across the planet. Drawn by the magic and magnetism of the island, which only the locals knew about back then, travelers and the hippies came to Ibiza, and settled here.

The island’s vibe brought them a new feeling - peace, freedom, spirituality, and love. Since then, they lived in harmony with the locals and their culture and style influenced Ibiza.

Embody the hippie style when you get married in Ibiza by wearing boho attires, holding a bouquet of mismatched flower colors, incorporating the Pacific symbol in your decor, and having a tent or a teepee instead of a floral chuppah for the ceremony.

Club wedding party

Ibiza has now become the mecca of club music boasting not only the biggest and busiest population of club goers in the world but also the finest talent of the electronic and live music scene. For your big day in Ibiza, create a club vibe for the wedding reception.

Photo credits: Hacienda Naxamena

Final note

Having a destination wedding in Ibiza means lots of fun and scenic nature, a festive vibe, and an air of exclusivity. As far as wedding services are concerned, Peach Perfect Weddings’ Balearic wedding planner works alongside the island’s most reputable suppliers - from catering to cakes, hair and make-up, flowers and decor, DJs and musicians. We have it covered to provide everything you need for your big day.

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