Why do couples choose an elopement in France?

For millennials, eloping is the new lavish wedding, says a Glamour article that emphasized this generation’s knack for ruining institutions and conquering unchartered territories!

We completely agree. As wedding planners in Europe for many years now, we’ve seen how young couples are breaking traditions, even those established around weddings. Millennials are wilder and more adventurous, customizing their big day according to what they want, not based on what their parents say.

The trend around elopements

Instead of a traditional 100-guest wedding somewhere in their home country, young couples are starting to do destination weddings-and-honeymoon-in-one. Some even go for a symbolic elopement with neither the usual formalities nor a single guest to attend the ceremony.

Because of this outside the box thinking, the meaning of lavish weddings transitioned from a big and grand shindig to intimate celebrations in epic elopement spots.

Needless to say, France is one of those destinations that stand out not only for millennials but for couples of all generations when it comes to a wedding in Europe. Here in this blog post, we’ll loop you in to some of the top reasons why couples from around the globe are crazy over French elopements and intimate weddings in France.

Below are the reasons that we’ve observed as we planned elopements in Europe for over 300 couples.

The world’s fashion capital

How would you like to recite your vows with the Eiffel tower in the background? Apparently, a lot of couples are dreaming of having this kind of wedding not only because they want to have a world-acclaimed tower for a view. They’re also dying to visit the fashion capital of the world and to walk along the streets of Paris. Some would trade everything to shop in Parisian boutiques, like the famous Le Bon Marché, while some are hoping to bump into a supermodel or two.

You might have seen some celebrity weddings in Paris in your social media feed, but getting married here doesn’t have to be only for the rich and the famous. We can help you arrange a destination elopement in Paris if you will let us know your preferences for a French wedding.

You can choose from private, hidden, and less crowded venues for a peaceful vibe, luxury Parisian hotels with lavish accommodation, or classy elopement spots with terraces overlooking Paris' urban landscape.

Historic French chateaus for small weddings

Speaking of classy and lavish, France is also dotted with chateaus and historic castles that used to be residences of royal families. If you’re one of those brides who want to feel like a royalty on your wedding day, you’d love to get married inside a French chateau or in the midst of a majestic castle courtyard.

Some French castles and chateaus have grand hallways in front of long and winding staircases; wide courtyards overlooking the French countryside; restaurants fronting the French Riviera; and open spaces with a view of a scenic lake.

Lavender and flower fields for a countryside elopement

Looking for a breathtaking elopement spot for a summer outdoor wedding? So were most of our couples who got married in Provence and Toulouse. When they first sent us an enquiry, they wanted a beautiful wedding in a scenic flower field somewhere in France. Luckily, we have a list of French elopement venues that matched exactly what they were looking for. In Provence alone, there are country houses and wedding barns with outdoor spaces surrounded by blooming fields. Among them is our favorite 17th-century farmhouse fronting a huge lavender field. It’s just one of the hundreds of chateaus and country houses hidden inside the French countryside.

Scenic vineyards and wineries in South-West France

The view of lush green vineyards is perfect for a calm and scenic elopement in France. South-West France, which covers the whole Aquitaine region, including the upstream areas around the rivers Dordogne and Garonne, has a total of 16,000 hectares of vineyards.

Wine-loving couples who just want a laid back elopement somewhere in Europe find south-west France an interesting place for their big day. Here, they can have a ceremony in the middle of wide vineyards and stay in a chateau for the rest of their honeymoon. The choices are endless, from medieval chateaus sitting right next to scenic vineyards to country houses offering hilltop vineyard views.

Cote d’Azur elopement spots

Of course, there are brides and grooms who want to recite their vows with the beautiful sunset blazing gloriously behind them. Where best can you experience a breathtaking sunset wedding in France but on its southeast ​​Mediterranean coastline?

The French Riviera or Cote d’Azur as the French call it, is dotted with luxury wedding venues ranging from exclusive villas, top of the range restaurants, luxury 4 and 5 star hotels, medieval wedding chateaus, to polished super yachts. No wonder this French coastline is a top wedding destination for couples who dream of a perfect sunset elopement in Europe.

Délicieuse French food!

For starters, France has the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants, with 628 stars awarded in the 2020 guide. All over France, 513 restaurants received one star each.

If you ever choose to elope here in France, grab the opportunity to feast on sumptuous French dishes prepared by world-renowned culinary artists.

Some of the couples whom we helped plan a European wedding chose France because they wanted to taste authentic French dishes. In fact, our bride and groom from way back 2017 chose to get married in a chateau in Brittany because of their love for quintessential French cuisines.

Two more couples who sought our help with wedding planning were delighted with the French menu served during their intimate dinner in Paris and Normandy. Both couples had a unique type of cake for their celebration - the croquembouche. It’s a French wedding cake that’s approximately 24 inches high, made of small cream puffs piled on top of each other to form a triangular shape, and then sprinkled with sugar. That’s just one of the exciting wedding dishes that couples must taste they get married in France!

What do you think of a wedding in France?

These are the top reasons why lots of couples have chosen an intimate wedding in France over a grand celebration at home. After all, the price of a big wedding in their own country is even more expensive than an elopement package for two in France. What do you think about a wedding in this romantic European country?

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