Why travellers should go for an elopement package for two

Mystical forests. Historic castles. Rustic mountains. Game of Thrones shooting locations. If your attention was caught by these descriptions, you’re showing signs of a certified globetrotter!

Travellers go by so many names – a wanderer, wayfarer, voyager, or a travelholic. Call them by any name you can come up with but this species of human beings finds purpose in traveling.

Knowing different cultures and seeing places they’ve never seen before are the most exciting activities for them. They’re willing to splurge a hefty amount of cash for these adventures and they don’t feel an ounce of regret upon returning. They know that learning a different way of life on the other side of the globe, expanding your horizons, and “escaping” from your usual, mundane life is priceless.

What does it mean to elope to a destination spot?

If you know that you have the same passion for traveling and you’re currently planning your wedding, then we have something worthy to share with you today: you can get married and travel at the same time, in an intimate setting at a price that won’t break the bank!

An elopement package for two is that option that will allow you to get married in the most unique way possible while doing what you love the most – traveling! Here are more reasons why a ‘travelaholic’ like you should follow our advice.

Travel, elope, and enjoy your honeymoon!

Talk about traveling with a purpose.

Travel enthusiasts like you surely have plenty of great reasons to travel. Some want to challenge themselves and push their boundaries. Some like to learn a cooking method, a language, or a way of life in another country. While there are those who just want to have fun in a place they’ve never seen before.

But when you elope to a destination spot in Ireland, Italy, Germany, or France, you’re actually not just traveling to achieve these purposes. You’re traveling and at the same time, getting married to the love of your life! Whether you’d go for a legal ceremony or a symbolic elopement, you’re ticking off one of the most important items in your bucket list! And not just that, you can have your honeymoon in that same country where you exchanged vows. Isn’t that efficient?

Why elope to Europe?

You may have experienced a different way of life in Asian countries. You may have seen how laid back and happy people are in Australia. But have you been to any European country in your long journey of traveling? Now that you are getting married, go for a small wedding in Germany, Italy, or France! Just imagine seeing Germany’s historic, neo-romanesque castles, hidden forests, and rustic mountains. These are all new destination spots waiting for you to discover.

But here’s what most couples don’t know: a unique wedding ceremony in these European countries we’ve mentioned does not mean you’ll spend double the cost of a traditional wedding in your country. To give you an idea, check out our elopement packages for two.

Traveling and eloping at the same time is one of the biggest reasons why most of our couples chose to elope to Europe. They are not even travelers but they loved everything about their destination elopement. What more for you who gets an adrenaline rush every time you step out of the country?

You can trust wedding planners to recommend the best venue

When traveling, you often need to read a lot of reviews and recommendations to ensure you’ll get the best from your tour. But when you decide to elope to a European destination, you don’t need to do your research.

Just hire a team of destination wedding planners who have been arranging weddings in the country you’ve chosen and you can trust them to recommend the best venue for you. Tell them how your ideal elopement ceremony looks like and they can recommend to you a perfect villa, castle, beach, or any of the beautiful wedding venues in Europe that looks exactly like what you have in mind.

Unlike planning a wedding on your own or creating your own itinerary for traveling, having a wedding planner by your side will make everything easier. You won’t need to read reviews or recommendations online because your wedding planners have personally inspected these venues and gathered all the details you have to know, even those you won’t find online. They can discuss with you specifics about a popular wedding venue and some off the beaten path locations.

Wedding planners will give you an honest guide, not a fixed itinerary

When you go for a destination elopement ceremony and you hire a wedding planner, you’re also getting an honest guide about the best locations to visit, the best restaurants to dine in, and the best hotels to check yourself in.

Why? Because unlike travel agencies and tourism businesses, wedding planners are not getting commissions by recommending restaurants, hotels, and venues. They’re doing it for the love of the couple!

Therefore, they will give you unbiased tips on where to go and what to do. Plus, having made their thorough research on the place as a requirement for their job, you can expect them to have extensive knowledge on popular spots and off the beaten path locations all over the country.

Elopement packages are complete, you can focus on enjoying every moment!

Planning a wedding means talking to different suppliers until you get the right fit. You need a decent florist, a talented photographer, and a trusted driver who can get you to the location safely. All these wedding vendors are included in an elopement package so you don’t need to worry about anything. You can focus on appreciating the beauty of the destination spot where you choose to elope.

You can savour every moment of your stay before, during, and after the intimate wedding or elopement ceremony. After all, traveling while eloping should exactly be like this! If this is what you dream for your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact Peach Perfect Weddings!

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