Scenic lake for adventure micro weddings in Bernese Oberland

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We have never seen an elopement spot in Switzerland more fitting for adventurous couples than this scenic lake in Bernese Oberland. There’s a gondola to take couples to the lakeside spot for the ceremony, a hiking trail with beautiful woods around the vicinity, and a restaurant nearby to enjoy the view after the wedding ceremony.


You can find the lake at the heart of Kandersteg, a Swiss municipality in the Bernese Oberland region where the amount of flora and fauna exceeds its number of inhabitants. Kandersteg is a place in Switzerland where you can enjoy nature at its finest because its natural environment has been carefully preserved for centuries.

The alpine lake is fed by three brooks, resulting in an abundance of pristine waters, making it one of the larger alpine lakes worldwide. It lies 1,578 meters above sea level, and astounding nature scenes surround it.

Going to the lake’s location, you will walk along lush green pastures and thick pine forests that immediately take you on an adventure. Witness the rich mountain flora as you walk along the trails, with some herds of sheep and cows grazing on the Alps. You better wear boots or any hiking footwear under your wedding clothes to avoid any inconvenience while traveling to the ceremony spot.


There are plenty of spots around the lake where you can get an excellent alpine view for the ceremony. Our wedding planner in Switzerland can take you to the best location after doing it for all of our couples who picked this lake for their Swiss elopement.

No matter what season or month you choose to get married along the lake, you’ll have a fantastic alpine scene for your wedding backdrop. In summer and spring, the flora surrounding the lake are in full bloom, with a robust green palette, while the lake water is perfectly blue, reflecting the clear skies.

During the autumn months, your wedding background will be a vibrant palette of orange, rust, and brown as the lakeside forests turn into a magical autumn backdrop. On the other hand, the winter months bring a cool, glacial ambiance to the scenic lake, making it a perfect location for winter wonderland weddings.


Clearly, you cannot have a wedding reception right along this Swiss lake. However, there are plenty of restaurants around the area where you can make reservations for the two of you or for your small group. The best thing about restaurants around here is that they offer amazing views of the alpine lake, the mountains, and the forests surrounding the pristine body of water.


Having a reputation as a magical lake in the region, this elopement spot is surrounded by hotels, hostels, and BnBs that cater to its adventurous visitors who might want to stay longer. From 4-star hotels to guest houses and camping sites, you have many accommodation options where you can stay after the ceremony.

You can even spend your whole Swiss trip right within the municipality of Kandersteg where everything you need from the nature-surrounded ceremony location, wedding reception, and accommodation. If you want to spend your honeymoon visiting world-class attractions, you will find a lot of them here.

Do you think this Swiss lake can make your wedding dreams come true? Send us an enquiry and we’ll help you turn that dream into a reality.

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Photos: First image by Cristo Vlahos - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0

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