Luxury lakeside wedding for 20 guests in Lausanne


We started working with Vanessza and Peach Perfect Weddings eight months before our wedding in Lausanne, Switzerland. Communication throughout the process was effective and, while there were some slow moments during peak wedding season, we received substantial attention in the final few weeks as the last decisions were made. This included responding to supply chain issues up to the day before the wedding. While the slower months concerned us, we learned that she had the experience and would resolve all the details at the appropriate time. Our ceremony was slightly larger than what they normally support, being a party of 20, but she was able to pull together all the necessary arrangements and supporting cast! Vanessza’s professional network was excellent, not to mention that we only had to work with Vanessza and she took care of communicating with the rest of the team! For us, this alleviated the stress of managing multiple relationships and personalities, allowing us to focus on family and each other. Overall, we recommend Vanessza and Peach Perfect Weddings for elopements and smaller weddings, with a specific recommendation for American couples traveling to Europe. In the end, our ceremony was a happy, memorable event for everyone in attendance – and that’s the point, isn’t it?! Thank you, Vanessza!
— Alixandria & Sean


A Swiss castle along a beautiful lake is a perfect setting for a fairytale wedding. That’s exactly what Alix and Sean had when they traveled all the way to Switzerland for their destination wedding in Europe.

With them are 18 guests who showed enormous love for the couple by setting aside time for a trip to Switzerland to witness the ceremony of the two. The wedding party stayed at the castle from preps to the reception, savoring the beauty and elegance of the Swiss venue. Keep reading as we tell the story of Alix and Sean’s romantic destination wedding in Switzerland.

Planning their destination wedding in Switzerland

Our beautiful couple decided to plan their big day with Peach Perfect Weddings seven months before the date. The entire process went smoothly because Alix and Sean were very clear about their wishes and preferences.

One thing they wanted to highlight in their wedding photos was the natural scenery of Switzerland. They also wanted to capture the entire day, from the preps to the intimate wedding reception inside one of the castle’s elegant banquet halls.

Malove Photography, their official photographer, was very helpful in this regard, suggesting the best time for the outdoor photoshoot so the beautiful scenery can be perfectly captured in their wedding photos. This helped a lot in finalizing the timeline early on in the wedding planning process.

Our wedding planner in Switzerland, Vanessza, constantly exchanged emails with Alix and Sean to ascertain their desired details, from the floral arch, the table setup, and all the rest.

She was the couple’s single point of contact who communicated their desires and preferences to the wedding suppliers. As Alix and Sean mentioned in their review, they did not need to discuss lengthily with the vendors because Vanessza took care of that for them.

Breathtaking wedding details

Just like their wedding venue, Alix and Sean’s wedding details also exude pure beauty and elegance. Alix wore a princess-like off-shoulder wedding dress with a sweetheart neckline, and a half-tied hair with elegant curls, while her Mary Jane wedding shoes are unique with powder blue hues.

The bridal bouquet is rounded in shape, filled with fresh light pink and white peonies, mixed with pastel green and white flower fillers. Their minimalist and open wedding arch was one-sided and matched the whole ambiance of the ceremony room with its mint green shades drizzled with white flowers.

Alix and Sean’s wedding details matched perfectly with the minimalist yet royal ambiance of the castle.

About the wedding venue

This lakeside castle in Lausanne always piques the interest of couples wanting to have a fairytale wedding in Switzerland. Thanks to its elegant Renaissance interiors and stunning views of Lake Geneva and the Alps, the venue's best features.

Whether it's an indoor or an outdoor ceremony, couples will enjoy the views of the lake and the mountains because the event rooms have huge windows opening up to the glorious views. The rooms vary in sizes - some can house up to 350 guests, while some are made for small groups of only 10 persons. Each exudes an artistic royal vibe with elegant wall design and decor.

The romantic wedding day that was

Alix and Sean’s special day started by preparing separately in different rooms so they wouldn’t see each other before their First Look. But after getting ready, Alix’s “first” First Look was with her father, who cried upon seeing her daughter in her wedding dress.

It was truly a heartfelt moment when her father hugged the bride while crying in the castle's garden, realizing that he was about to give her daughter away in marriage. After that, Alix proceeded to another outdoor area around the castle to have her "second" First Look with Sean. It was such a romantic scene where Sean couldn't help but hug and kiss Alix, seeing how gorgeous her bride was in her wedding dress.

The ceremony started moments after, and the room was just magical and elegant with a minimalist and eco-themed look. Their wedding arch has green, white, and pink hues in it, complementing the predominantly white room. Everyone could see the glorious views of the garden through the large picture windows on the right side of the room.

They exchanged vows in front of a small wedding party of only 18 guests while the tender cello music played in the background. After exchanging vows, the couple lit a candle to symbolize their union and joined hands to strengthen their lifelong commitment. It was a short and sweet ceremony, but every moment was truly genuine.

Photoshoot and wedding reception

Our wedding planner carefully scheduled the whole day to ensure that the photoshoot would fall during the golden hour and blue hour - the perfect time to capture the lake's and castle's beauty outdoors. Before the couple's official photoshoot, their photographer lined them and their guests outside with the castle facade in the background. They snapped formal and wacky group shots, and the wedding party enjoyed every minute.

While their guests stepped inside to have cocktails, Alix and Sean walked further outdoors for the official bridal photoshoot. They went to the castle garden, the outskirts of the venue near the lake, then back inside to capture the sophisticated castle interiors in their wedding photos.

Finally, they joined their wedding party inside a banquet room with an elegant long table set up for the group. They savored the sumptuous feast prepared by the castle's chef and the short program where the couple danced and said their thank you messages.

The day was just filled with magic - a very fitting description for a castle wedding.

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