Prevailing trends in millennial weddings

If your Mom and Dad had a hashtag for their wedding decades ago, what would it be?

Funny if we think about it, right? Weddings in the 80’s or 90’s with a hashtag! But these days, you barely see a wedding without a hashtag. This is one of the essentials of a millennial wedding that we’re going to discuss in this post. Looking at your newsfeed on Facebook or stories on Instagram, you will have an idea of how weddings these days look like. They’re not all the same but they have similar elements that complete the picture of a millennial wedding.

If your parents are lucky enough, they may have a wedding photo album showing every little detail of their big day. Sadly, most of them were not as vain as we are, so they only have five to ten physical photos of that special day. Or should we say, the wedding industry was not that lucrative during their time that they didn’t need any of the suppliers we now have, including an official photographer? But even without photos, you can’t deny how different weddings were before.

There’s a lot to say about how weddings have changed over the years but today, we’ll talk about the key elements of a millennial wedding. We’ll dissect them one by one and I’m sure you’ll find most, if not all these elements in your friends’ weddings. Or maybe in yours!

Wedding hashtags

Seriously, who among your friends does not have a hashtag for his or her wedding? It’s a revolutionary element of a millennial wedding that was instantly adopted worldwide by all couples. It gives every wedding a unique identity and it seals your social media posts about a wedding too. What’s funny is that we barely even know who first used a wedding hashtag!

Rustic- or nature-themed weddings

It’s safe to assume that the word rustic has never entered the wedding vocabulary until the past few years when couple started to love the wooden, vintage, half-classy, half-cowboy feels of this popular theme. In fact, the genuine roots and identity of the word rustic was lost in translation. Today, everything with wood and greens are called rustic. But what this word really means is relating to countryside or rural. It’s originally characterized by something simple and unrehearsed, but now, rustic wedding themes are elaborate and well-crafted.

Nature-themed wedding: foliage garlands hanging from the ceiling

Another prevailing theme in weddings these days is nature. Slightly intertwined with rustic is a nature-themed wedding that a huge percentage of brides seem to love! In fact, almost all of our destination weddings in France have this for the theme. Millennials just can’t get enough of greeneries in their wedding ceremony and reception.

A Boho-inspired wedding dress

Brides who get married these days or even those who do vow renewals are gravitating towards less flashy, more comfy, yet stylish wedding dresses such as a boho wedding dress. What’s not to love about this kinds of bridal dress when you can look like a rockstar bride and move with ease wearing it? You don’t even have to change your dress from the ceremony to the reception because you certainly can dance in a boho wedding dress!

Naked wedding cake

A tall white wedding cake with the most number of layers wins. Nah. Not in a millennial wedding. These days, millennial couples are gravitating towards simpler, more natural-looking, yet dramatic naked cakes with only one or two layers. What’s great about naked cakes is that they go well with all wedding themes. Whether you’re having a glamorous bespoke wedding with a Great Gatsby theme or a simple small wedding in Ireland or any destination, you know you can design a naked cake to perfectly fit in.

Unique wedding venue

While our parents and elder sisters had very limited options for a wedding venue, millennials have a wide range of options for all themes and motifs of wedding these days. We can choose an indoor function room with classy interiors, an outdoor garden venue with scenic views, or a beachfront with sunset as backdrop when you say your “I do.” Speaking of unique, look at how gorgeous this wedding on a cliff is.

Intimate marriage celebration

Lastly, more and more couples are starting to be picky about their wedding guests. We can still remember how our older sisters and brothers who got married before us were forced to invite all relatives and parents’ friends, even grandparents’ friends who they barely know to their wedding just because mom or grandma said so.

Intimate wedding reception in France

Gladly, these days, we can see tons of info-graphics teaching us how to decide whether to invite this person or not. Some would say that if you have not seen a relative for years, then you’re not obliged to invite him or her to your wedding. In fact, more and more couples are choosing to marry overseas without a single guest! This gives them more financial freedom and a more intimate ceremony where they can focus on the most essential element of the wedding – the bride and groom.

Decades ago, elopements and intimate weddings were nonexistent, except for those secret, high-profile, and controversial ones. But today, more and more couples are embracing small weddings.

We can pretty much see the bigger picture of a millennial wedding now. With a booming wedding industry, we barely read observations like this. But these elements are worth taking note of because the wedding industry is a fast-paced one. We can’t even say how long these millennial wedding elements will last. Who knows which trends will be hot in the next couple of years, right?

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