Hilltop fairytale castle to elope in Coimbra forest

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On top of all the elegance and royalty of the palace, tranquility is the general mood of this place, thanks to the 125 acres of forest, manicured lawns, and lush gardens surrounding the palace.

When you walk further down the forest, you will find a monastery dating back to 1630 with several different chapels. Along the way, you will see exotic trees and rare flora planted decades back. You will also find paths to the Stations of the Cross and beautifully landscaped architecture.

As you explore the outdoors on the first day of your honeymoon, you will smell different aromas from the flowers and herbs planted around the area, creating a truly relaxing ambiance for you and your loved one.

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This fairytale wedding venue has not always been a palace hotel. It was originally a convent transformed into a royal retreat house that features Portuguese history and literature.

King Charles I of Portugal commissioned its construction, with a vision of having a picturesque palace tucked inside a thick woodland. An Italian architect began drafting the architectural structure of the building with a 16th-century Neo-Manueline gothic style. He was succeeded by other architects, but the original design was retained, with additional annexes to make the palace bigger.

Fast forward to this day, this fairytale venue is studded with intricate royal rooms, balconies, sculptures, historic stucco work, paintings, and azulejos depicting Portuguese history and literature, all available for photographic opportunities on your wedding day.


Ideally located in the middle of the Bussaco National Park, there’s a stunning woodland reserve right at the palace’s doorstep. Couples getting married here will see the forest’s natural beauty while reciting their vows atop the palace’s terraces, along with a mountain range filled with exotic plants and trees.

Just near the palace hotel are interesting places worthy of exploring like historic sites, cultural heritage, and quaint villages offering an amazing gastronomic experience. Visit Portuguese wine museums, a medieval center, historic wine cellars, and the world-renowned university town of Coimbra.

There are plenty of religious sites worth visiting too, including monasteries, cathedrals, and religious sanctuaries. Exploring these interesting spots is an amazing way to enjoy your honeymoon and whole stay in Portugal.


Expect no less than grandeur, a scenic sea of woodlands, and an authentically historic vibe in this Manueline-Gothic palace in Coimbra. Built originally for Portuguese kings as a hunting and royal retreat house, the venue is an authentic fairytale palace hidden inside an enchanted forest.

Outside the palace hotel, you’ll see formal gardens, 125 acres of woodland, and a truly historic hotel built with conventional bricks overlaid with limestone, sandstone, and marble. Inside the palace hotel are furniture pieces made from premium oak and chestnut harvested from the woodland surrounding it, and a collection of fine paintings and antiques inside its regal function rooms and dining halls. There’s every reason to choose this venue for your fairytale wedding in Portugal.


Dreaming of a fairytale theme for your most special day? Without any decoration, this palace hotel effortlessly fulfills every fairytale wedding dream. With an enchanting forest outside, formal gardens in front, and a mountain range in full view, you are guaranteed to have a Disney princess kind of wedding here.

Pick a magical spot in the middle of the formal garden for an intimate wedding or an adventure elopement inside the forest with only the two of you. The sun terrace is also available for intimate ceremonies with a few of your friends and family. Imagine the amazing views that will be captured on your wedding photos when you choose these areas for your exchange of vows.

Whatever weather you will encounter on your wedding day, there’s a suitable place for you in the palace. The palatial interiors come together to create an intimate and royal ambiance for your private celebration. Explore the rooms and halls inside the palace hotel to make the ceremony that you envision come true. Lastly, you can have a religious ceremony inside the palace’s chapel with a solemn ambiance all throughout the day, all seasons of the year.


There are three dining areas for your wedding reception in the palace. One is a former banquet hall turned into a restaurant with an outdoor veranda overlooking the formal garden. The restaurant interiors are decorated with paintings and a Moorish ceiling. It can accommodate small and big wedding parties.

Medium-sized parties are best celebrated in another room inside the palace with neoclassical interiors. With dining and bar areas, it’s perfect for groups of up to 10 people. Just like the other areas in the palace, you can expect regal interiors with medieval murals and statues from this room.

For a more private wedding reception with only a handful of guests, dine at the palace’s golden room with an angelic painting and wooden interiors.

Whatever restaurant or dining room you choose, the venue chefs and staff will serve authentic Portuguese cuisine for you. Request for vintage wines and traditional spirits for a complete Portuguese gastronomic experience.


To savor the beauty and historic vibe offered by the venue, avail of the accommodations right inside the palace. Experience a weekend of stay in stylish rooms with elegant decor.

All 60 rooms are equipped with satellite TV, hair dryer, elegant marble or tile bathrooms with bidet, and breathtaking views of the garden and woodlands. The palace hotel guarantees a historical rather than modern experience through the preservation of the antique furnishings and medieval interiors of each room. Take note that not all rooms are air-conditioned in keeping with the medieval theme of the palace.

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