Romantic terrace elopement for two at a villa along Lake Como


My husband and I just returned from our time in Italy where we had our symbolic wedding ceremony and celebration at Relais Villa Vittoria in Lake Como. Our experience with Peach Perfect Weddings and our planner Eleonora was absolutely wonderful! From the moment we chose to have a destination wedding we knew that it could be difficult to find a reliable and trustworthy company to help us plan our wedding day, but PPW and Eleonora handled the entire wedding planning process with so much kindness and grace. From picking our wedding venue to choosing a date and wedding decorations the entire process was very smooth. We never visited our venue or saw any of the decor and set up until the day of our wedding and we were not disappointed with anything at all! If I had one bit of advice to offer it would be to make sure that you know ALL the services that are offered with your venue. For example, on PPW's website it appeared as though our venue would offer for us to play our own music and have dancing, but unfortunately after already booking the venue we found out that personal music and dancing is only offered if you rent out the entire villa and not just host your celebration on site. This did not negatively effect our wedding day as we were able to work around this, but those small details are easy to miss and I wished I would've asked more questions about those details ahead of time. Outside of that miscommunication, I would absolutely recommend PPW to anyone choosing to have a destination wedding or elopement. You will not be disappointed!
— Rachel & Brent
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