Intimate wedding amidst Tuscan cypress trees in Arezzo


It is hard to put into words how amazing Peach Perfect Weddings have been during our wedding planning. When we first booked our wedding, we were not entirely sure what we needed to do or how to ensure we had the wedding of our dreams. Eleonora changed all that. From the get go she was responsive, helpful and supportive through the entire process, right up until the last minute, making our requests on the day possible despite how hard it may have been. Our wedding was perfect, from the decor and flowers, to the cake and ceremony itself. I would not recommend any other company! Eleonora worked with our budget, created a fairytale wedding and made our day memorable! Thank you so much!
— Georgia & Thomas


Straight from our bride's lips, they had a fairytale wedding in Tuscany with the help of our Italian wedding planner, Eleonora. Amidst the untouched nature of Chianti, they tied the knot one summer afternoon with their family and closest friends, who enjoyed a three-day Tuscan escapade with our gorgeous couple.

Planning their destination wedding in Italy

Georgia and Thomas wanted a dreamy wedding in a scenic Italian region, but they needed to figure out where to begin. Planning a wedding in a different country is overwhelming, especially when you're bringing over 40 guests to that special day.

When the couple started communicating with Eleonora, their dream started to become a reality. From the wedding venue to the suppliers and wedding timeline, they planned everything in full detail to ensure everything was all set when the couple and their guests arrived.

Even the ceremony music, decor, and reception program were planned months before their big day.

Georgia and Thomas brought 33 of their closest family and friends to Italy, with eight kids who were also part of the wedding party. The reception food had to be prepared based on the preferences of their guests, and communication about this matter was crucial.

They also wanted a mini vacation in the venue and asked us to book it exclusively for three nights. The venue was reserved especially for them, which made it easier for everyone to prepare on the morning of Georgia and Thomas' wedding.

Overall, planning their wedding was a breeze because of timely communication and great suppliers.

About the wedding venue

This wedding villa at the heart of Chianti never fails to amaze its guests because of its pristine nature made of vineyards as far as the eye can see, a beautiful landscape, and sophisticated features for an authentic Tuscan experience.

Chianti has been a well-loved destination since ancient times, and it has inspired numerous artists, including Michelangelo, Giotto, Puccini, Leonardo da Vinci, and Piero della Francesca.

The venue benefits from its untouched nature and has evolved into an authentic Tuscan residence with modern features for a luxurious stay. Complete with a courtyard and an Italian garden for the most lovely ceremonies and reception rooms and an outdoor terrace for intimate receptions; it's a perfect venue to bring your loved ones to witness your once-in-a-lifetime exchange of vows.

The winery is another fantastic feature of the venue, where you can see how the produce of their vineyards turns into award-winning wines. The swimming pool and tennis court are made for unforgettable family bondings overlooking hectares of vineyards and the surreal Tuscan landscape.

Like Georgia and Thomas, you can have a family vacation in the venue to fully experience its excellent offering.

The ceremony amidst an array of cypress trees

The ceremony was scheduled at 6:00 PM, and everyone had a great time relaxing, playing at the tennis court, and swimming before preparing for Georgia and Thomas' celebration.

When the time finally arrived, everyone was swept away by the beautiful spot where the couple exchanged vows. It was an outdoor space with an array of towering cypress trees, the intervals of which lend a view to the Chianti landscape.

This dedicated spot for events is an enclosed area made especially for ceremonies, so that the couple and their guests are surrounded by vibrant boxwood shrubs.

The ceremony was followed by an aperitif at the garden in front of the villa and the panoramic terrace. The guests enjoyed cocktails while Georgia and Thomas circled the venue for their photoshoot.

The after-ceremony photoshoot

When you're getting married in a villa in the heart of Chianti, you have to take advantage of the views. For their photoshoot, Georgia and Thomas did just that as they walked along the enchanting cypress tree avenue next to the vineyards.

You could see the towering cypress trees lining up a long pathway with the vineyards skirting the avenue. The couple hugged, kissed, and posed in the middle, showcasing the beauty of their chosen wedding venue.

They also dropped by the huge swimming pool, not to take a dip, but to pose next to it, with the medieval villa in the background. Finally, Georgia and Thomas went to the Italian garden, where the tables and chairs were already arranged for their intimate dinner under fairytale string lights and the Italian sky. Thanks to the clear weather that day, the outdoor ceremony and reception pushed through.

The wedding dinner and party

The wedding dinner was the most touching part of Georgia and Thomas's big day, where they heard their loved ones' speeches. It was indeed a perfect setting for a family dinner, with one long table for all the guests so they could see each other face to face and have meaningful talks.

The cake-cutting ceremony followed after, and finally, the wedding party where everyone danced without a care in the world! It was a fantastic night filled with fun, laughter, and drinks!

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