Elopement for three with little one at Lake Como


We cannot thank our planner Eleonora enough. The day that she planned for us was everything that we had been dreaming of. It was simply the best day of our lives. She chose the most beautiful venue in lake como and the team that she selected for us were second to none. We couldn’t have chosen better ourselves. Thank you thank you thank you The Platts x
— Robyn & Joel


This Italian destination wedding is unique not only because of its gorgeous lakeside venue but also because Robyn and Joel brought their little one to Italy to witness their momentous exchange of vows. The whole family gathered for an Italian destination wedding in a villa with a surreal atmosphere. Check out the rest of Robyn and Joel’s big day as we tell their story below.

Planning their destination wedding in Italy

Bringing a baby from the UK to Italy is a challenging task. It involves extra planning and great caution because we have to ensure the baby’s comfort and safety as the priority. Regarding preparations, a destination wedding with a baby involves lots of complexities compared to an elopement for two.

But all the difficulties fade to oblivion when you’re finally in Italy, carrying your little one to your dream destination. That’s the case for Robyn and Joel. They brought their 6-month-old little boy for their elopement in Laglio, a scenic location along the Lake Como in Italy, and all the complex preparations were worth it when they finally saw the beauty of this place with their little one in their arms.

About the wedding venue

This lovely villa along Lake Como is exceptional and unforgettable. It’s celebrities’ favorite destination because of its beautiful gardens, restaurant, terrace overlooking the scenic Italian lake, and spacious rooms with balconies that open up to the enchanting lake.

Imagine having breakfast with that gorgeous view and saying “I do” surrounded by crawling greenery, fresh flowers, shrubs, and trees, with Lake Como in front of you.

The villa provides its guests with this unique experience because of its ideal location directly along the shore of the lake. It’s one of the most breathtaking structures in Laglio, along with George Clooney’s splendid villa and hundreds of other hotels and grand residences. Laglio is located at the western shore of Lake Como, with a wide array of buildings designed with similar-looking facades that create an enchanting scene.

Aside from the lovely buildings, you can do many activities in town, including private boat tours, which Robyn and Joel did after their wedding ceremony.

The romantic wedding day that was

Our couple had enough time to appreciate the view from the suite’s balcony before getting ready for their wedding.

The ceremony was scheduled for 5:00 PM, so they relaxed and spent quality time the whole morning and afternoon. A few hours before the ceremony, the couple took turns getting ready so that one could take care of their little one while the other was preparing.

Unlike most couples, the bride and groom prepared in one room, which did not diminish the excitement of their destination wedding in Italy. The fact that they have their little one with them in this momentous event is exciting enough for the whole family.

After Robyn was done with her makeup, she helped Joel with his suit, and together, they got their little one ready for the ceremony. You would not believe how adorable he was in his suspenders and black little bow!

To add excitement to their big day, Robyn was only in her robe the whole time so that Joel would not see her in her wedding dress just yet. He had to wait at the ceremony area with their baby while Robyn prepared. She was an absolute stunner in her off-shoulder dress with a sweetheart neckline and a long trail!

Robyn descended from a magical staircase to the ceremony area, and the moment Joel’s eyes landed on her, he could not look away, stunned by the beauty that was before him. Who wouldn’t be surprised to see this lovely bride looking so elegant and perfect in her bridal dress as if she had not given birth just a few months ago?

Together with their little one, Robyn and Joel said their I do’s, exchanged vows and performed the whole ceremony under a romantic gazebo with lush greenery all around and the glorious Lake Como right before them.

Joel held their little boy the whole time but eventually had to let him go to their sweet celebrant so they could have the perfect kiss at the end of the ceremony. But right after the kiss, they took their little one in their arms again for their long-awaited family photo shoot!

The after-ceremony photoshoot

When you travel to Laglio and Lake Como for a destination wedding, you better make sure you have as many photos as possible, especially if it’s more than just a wedding but your little one’s first trip out of the country.

Thanks to their patient and talented photographers, Andrea and Viviana, they had tons of photos, from the short walk at the villa to their private boat tour at Lake Como, where they were in complete attendance. Even their cute baby was with them on the exciting tour.

The views of the Como villages are breathtaking. The lake itself is magical, but nothing compares to the heartwarming scenes of Robyn, Joel, and their baby having the time of their lives in this scenic Italian destination.

Wedding photos

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