Married at a cliffside tower in Clare


Kitty was absolutely amazing on the day of the wedding. Truly, a life-saver. We couldn’t have gotten through the day without her. Very understanding, patient, and accommodating. Please pass this along to her! And thank you for all your help as well Yana. We couldn’t have put this into motion and into to play without you…
— Kelly & David


This wonderful intimate wedding at Hag’s Head in Ireland was the event that opened our 2017 wedding season! Kelly and David, from Indianapolis USA, originally started planning their wedding day as an elopement, but their immediate families wouldn’t dare miss this special day.

The romantic wedding day that was

After six months of planning, together with twelve of their nearest and dearest people, including Kelly’s extended family that lives in Galway, the couple got their dream wedding at Hag’s Head where they said their vows in front of Moher Tower. Stunning views of the Cliffs of Mother in the background was the best element of their romantic and intimate destination wedding here in Ireland.

The couple were married in a beautifully worded Spiritual ceremony and enjoyed some traditional Irish music in the process. It was such a magical moment while the two, together with the closest people in their lives, solemnly celebrated the wedding.

While their wedding at Hag’s Head unfolded, the heavenly sounds of violin and Celtic harp on the background played. It was indeed a perfect music for this destination elopement 390 feet above the Atlantic Ocean. You can imagine how wonderful that moment was as you look at their photos with majestic cliffs on the background.

Unforgettable photoshoot on the cliffs

Blessed with clear skies on the day, Kelly and David were able to roam around the cliffs with their photographer in search of daring photographic opportunities. These opportunities for breathtaking photos are plenty for a couple who chose to have a wedding at Hag’s Head, which is the most southerly point of the Cliffs of Moher.

Maximizing their elopement in Ireland, the two even walked along the narrow pathways around the cliffs for a different perspective on their photos.

The wedding reception

Following a romantic photo shoot, the couple joined their guests at Lahinch Golf & Leisure Hotel where the group was staying, to continue the celebrations with an intimate dinner and wedding cake. This was how the couple capped their elopement in Ireland. The small group enjoyed the food and the ambience inside the hotel.

Our favourite element of this wedding at Hag’s Head was Kelly’s beautiful faux fur cover-up. Luckily it wasn’t needed to keep Kelly warm, as the unpredictable Irish weather was behaving that day, but it definitely added a certain charm to their wedding photos!

At the end of the day, the two got their dream of getting married in a cliff, while allowing themselves and the closest people in their lives to enjoy an out-of-the-country travel in a scenic destination spot.

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