Elopement for two with Celtic harp music in Clare


Being from the U.S. and trying to plan an elopement wedding in Ireland really felt like an overwhelming and nerve wrecking task, but we were so glad we chose Yana to help. She made the whole process completely stress free! She was so helpful and promptly answered any questions we had (which was a lot). Yana even made us a schedule to follow on the day of the wedding hour finally hour to be sure everything was on time. Our wedding day was more than we could have hoped for from the photography, to the flowers, to the ceremony… Yana and her team just nailed it! I would recommend Peach Perfect Weddings to anyone! It was truly a beautiful, unforgettable memory we will always have.
— Jessica & David


These two lovebirds from Pennsylvania, USA had their elopement on a beautiful sunny day of May at Hag’s Head. Along with their decision of eloping in Ireland, Jessica and David chose an amazing place to stay during their trip to County Clare – The Red Stonecutters Cottage where they got ready on the morning of their wedding.

The first look

Some clever maneuvering had to be done around the one bedroom cottage as the Bride and Groom got ready so they wouldn’t see each other until the first look. The first look took place outside the cottage which has a farm-style, two-part door, which gave us quirky pictures for that moment!

The wedding ceremony

The ceremony took place in front of Moher Tower at Hag’s Head and nobody could believe just how blue the sky and the ocean were on that day. We were delighted that the weather cooperated, and it didn’t rain the whole time that the ceremony was ongoing and even until the photo shoot ended. The unpredictable Irish weather was something to worry about, but thankfully, the sun showed up that day, and stayed in the sky for as long as Jessica and David needed.

Contrary to the usual guest list in traditional weddings, eloping in Ireland is more beautiful with just a handful of guests. For Jessica and David's wedding, they only had two additional guests, the officiant and the musician, who stood on the cliff with them with clear skies and the cliffs in the background. The couple recited their vows and performed all the wedding formalities while the heavenly music from a Celtic harp was playing. The short ceremony was so meaningful, Jessica and David said that they had “more than they could have hoped for.” Their words, not ours.

Their photos at the Moher Tower and Hag’s Head’s cliffs are postcard-worthy, thanks to the scenic views from these two locations.

A lovely surprise

After the ceremony and a little photo shoot, we spotted a pair of videographers shooting a promotional drone video nearby. This wasn’t part of their decision of eloping in Ireland, but it didn’t take much persuading to get these videographers to film our lovely bride and groom. The result of this spontaneous collaboration was this awesome video below.

Wedding at the Cliffs

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