Bride wears elegant jumpsuit for a cliff elopement in Clare


Cannot say enough about Peach Perfect! They were a joy to work with and made the entire process so easy and stress free!
— Katlyn & Ryan


Katlyn and Ryan's vow renewal in Ireland had been postponed twice because of the pandemic, but when the restrictions were all lifted, they finally got the vow renewal of their dreams. With only their parents in attendance, they had the most scenic vow renewal ceremony on top of a cliff with the Wild Atlantic in the background. Keep reading to know the rest of Katlyn and Ryan's epic Irish vow renewal story.

Planning their destination wedding in Ireland

Katlyn and Ryan contacted us in 2019 without knowing their vow renewal would be pushed back three years later. Since they were only bringing their parents to their Irish vow renewal, it was a breeze to plan everything until the pandemic hit and restricted travel.

They lived in the US, so you can imagine how impossible it was for them to push through with the original date of their vow renewal in Ireland, the summer of 2020. Despite all that, they remained faithful to their dream vow renewal, which would eventually become a reality.

All those years, our wedding planner in Ireland, Lorraine, held their hand, and through constant communication, our planner and the couple finally saw that day coming to a reality.

Coming from the US, Lorraine had to ensure everything was all set when Katlyn, Ryan, and their guests arrived in Ireland. From venue search to finding suitable suppliers, she helped the couple make the best decision.

They picked a clifftop location for their ceremony and a restaurant nearby for an intimate dinner. They wanted photographers and videographers to capture every moment of their vow renewal, from the preparations to the after-ceremony photo shoot.

Their Irish vow renewal package also included a celebrant, bridal bouquet and groom's boutonniere, a musician for the ceremony, and coordination on the day. On-the-day coordination is essential if you want a completely stress-free vow renewal in Ireland because someone experienced will be in charge of that day, making sure the wedding timeline is followed and the whole day happens as planned. As you know, couples usually get lost and overwhelmed on their big day.

Speaking of timeline, Katlyn and Ryan's wedding timeline was all set years before their vow renewal, and they were all just waiting for the restrictions to be lifted to get a green light for that special day. It was mid-2021 when we had the final date for their destination wedding in Ireland, and it turned out to be the best day of their lives.

About the vow renewal venue

Katlyn and Ryan wanted an outdoor ceremony in a scenic spot in Ireland, and their choice of venue fits that preference perfectly. They picked a clifftop location at the southernmost end of the Cliffs of Moher where the views are stunning and there's not much crowd.

If you choose to get married here, prepare to be in awe of the majestic cliffs and the ocean views.

There's another attraction called the Moher Tower that's just a stone's throw away from the ceremony spot.

The bride’s wedding jumpsuit

While traditional bridal dresses have their beauty, a wedding jumpsuit is a fantastic piece of clothing to wear on your wedding day. It says so much about a bride's unique personality and it simply stands out for being extraordinary.

Katlyn is one of those unique brides who wore a sleek and chic tube top jumpsuit that's worthy of a second look. Hers was not a traditional wedding gown but an all-white jumpsuit with a feathery top. It was modern, rebellious, and a total head-turner!

Not only was it gorgeous, but Katlyn also moved easily the whole day because of her comfortable jumpsuit. She paired it with long gloves and comfy shoes for a laidback, funky, modern vibe!

The romantic wedding day that was

Before the ceremony, Katlyn, Ryan, and their parents got ready in an Irish cottage near the venue. They were in the same cottage but in different rooms in preparation for their first look. When it finally arrived, Ryan couldn't believe how gorgeous his bride was! Her unique bridal attire surprised her groom in a positive way.

Just before they left for the ceremony, Katlyn, Ryan, and their parents had a toast as an advance celebration of their vow renewal. Their parents went ahead of them to the ceremony spot, and the couple arrived together and walked down the aisle holding each other's hands.

Their epic ceremony was filled with ocean and cliff views and sunshine. It was a clear summer day without any sign of rain. Their ceremony included the usual ring and exchange of vows tradition, but they also did a Celtic handfasting ceremony.

The after-ceremony photoshoot

After their vow renewal kiss, Katlyn and Ryan spent a lot of time on the photoshoot. They walked along the cliffs and had their photos taken from different points and angles.

Most of their photos showed the Atlantic Ocean and the cliffs, while some focused on the ocean alone. They also walked near the Moher Tower to capture this historic site in their wedding photos. They also traversed a road towards the beach, showcasing the very long path leading to the ocean. They did not reach the end of it, but the photos were stunning!

You could see from Katlyn and Ryan's faces how they enjoyed their vow renewal in Ireland and how stress-free it had been for them. It's also amazing that among all the people in their lives, they chose to bring their parents to witness this amazing event, sharing a great Ireland escapade with them.

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