Artsy forest elopement in Down


Northern Ireland- Tollymore Forest Planner: Lorraine Orr I absolutely loved working with Peach Perfect. They got the ball rolling on their end so I could focus on getting through the marriage visa paperwork. Our planner Lorraine helped with that as well and if she didn't know the answer she helped me find it. However.. lol... all the paperwork was for nothing because we are one of the couples who were about to leave for our wedding when the world shut down. I wanted to get married on a specific date so we did a quick park wedding at home and did our "real wedding" in Northern Ireland 2 years later. Peach Perfect broke up the payments and worked with us when we had to change our dates a few times while we waited for things to start opening up. Lorraine was the best person to work with. Seriously I couldn't have asked for anyone better. Her attention to detail was so spot on! Every question that popped in my head she answered without making me feel dumb. I'm not sure what all her job requires her to do but I was surprised when she even suggested nearby places to eat and when I asked if she knew of any unique bed and breakfast places to rent near Tollymore. Because she paid attention she knew I would love Fairy River Glamping (the Fairy cottage looks like a Hobbit Hole and it was awesome) Another awesome thing she did was pick out vendors that suited us. Sandra the Officiant: Seriously the sweetest and kindest person to work with. She even has little packets for different things that will help during planning. I especially liked the worksheet that was more like a timeline structure with suggestions so I could really get a feel for how the wedding would play out. She even said all the little weird bits I threw in to be funny. (my hubs didn't help us with this so I had her say things to see if he was listening 😆😆). And the most wonderful thing was with the stress of everything I forgot the handfasting cord so she removed her own scarf and tied us with it. Just beautiful. Kelly the Photographer: She had a beautiful location picked out but the day before it rained and it was too muddy so she came up with another great location. I was very specific and worried about the photos and the whole process because of a previous photographers and after I let her know she was able to make the experience enjoyable. She helped my husband loosen up and smile with his real smile and not his awkward forced smile . As for me... well I gained covid weight so I was nervous about how I would look in photos. She posed and adjusted me and made me feel like a princess during the whole process. What I really loved was while all this was going on Lorraine was off to the side taking cell photos to send me. Extremely awesome because I would have been a wreck if I didn't get to see anything until they were finished. Some of the poses I would have never thought to do but from what I have seen they seemed to have worked for me. She's the pro after all!! Funny moment, 2 people came by on horseback and both Lorriane and Kelly stopped them and asked if I could take photos with the horses. They agreed to it but I turned down the offer. I loved their enthusiasm and we all had a great laugh. If I can give any advice it is this- you will want out of your cute shoes. You just will. So bring flip flops (or boots if your dress is long). Don't accidently leave them in a car that has already left for the reception. TRUST ME.. lol Claire Hair and Makeup: I gave her no direction on what I wanted for myself but she came up with something pretty fitting to my personality. I went ahead and paid for my mom to have hair and makeup. Honestly it was the best money I spent. I was able to add that on later with no issue at all. Claire made my mother look so elegant. All and all if you want a small get away wedding without all the fuss of planning a big wedding with tons of people you kinda know, then just know that the ladies up in Northern Ireland really know what they are doing!!
— Rebecca & Kevin
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