Save yourself from stress and expenses by having an intimate Italian wedding

“A destination wedding in Italy? Isn’t that expensive?”

When we combine the ideas of traveling and getting married, there’s that stigma that it’s going to cost a fortune. Traveling, albeit being one of the best hobbies one can ever have, is one of the most costly too.

And getting married? Need I say more?

Holding a wedding ceremony or even a vow renewal, plus a festive reception in this day and age, means going through a stressful planning process, accomplishing many items on your wedding checklist, paying high fees for your numerous vendors, and last but not the least, feeding many guests on your big day.

Having all these things in mind, most couples easily ditch the idea to get married abroad, even when in their heart of hearts, saying their “I do’s” with a surreal mountain backdrop, a breathtaking landscape, or a dramatic view of the sunset on the beach in a perfect spot out of the country is what they really want for themselves.

If you and your fiancé feels exactly the same way, don’t let go of that dream just yet because we have a better alternative that has probably never crossed your mind yet – a destination elopement with only the two of you, in Italy.

Yes! You have the option to just leave all the stress behind to create the most intimate, most meaningful wedding you can ever have, the one you truly deserve – a destination wedding in Italy, one of the most romantic countries in the world!

What are the benefits of eloping?

Hold it. I know what you’re thinking.

By now, a lot of things are running in your head. Like, how you are going to plan this wedding if it will be miles and oceans away from you. How can you communicate and have meetings with your vendors? How can you pick the best venue for this dream destination wedding?

Do you have to do one, two, or three separate travels to Italy or stay there for weeks to months for all these planning and consultation hullabaloo? The quick answer is, “No!”

Remember, your goal is to spend less while making your dream destination wedding come true.

This goal is achievable if you follow these tips we’re giving you bit by bit. So let’s begin!

Hire a local wedding planner and let the team do everything for you

Okay we’re done here.

When you have a team of competent, experienced, and dedicated wedding planners with a trusted network of local suppliers whom them have worked with for many, many years, that leaves you with almost nothing else to do but to make the final decision.

Once you explain to your planner how you want your elopement to be and in which country you want it to happen, she will present to you your best options for local vendors.

Planners usually have a list of the best local suppliers whom they are comfortable to recommend to make your destination wedding come true.

Which wedding vendors, you might ask?

Those who provide to couples all the essentials for a destination wedding. That includes the photographer and videographer, makeup and hair artist, florist, wedding transportation, and more! Our elopement package even includes bouquet and boutonniere and live music for the ceremony.

With all these things provided for you by the wedding planner, how can you get stressed? In terms of budgeting, you only have to pay for one elopement package because as we said, everything you need is included. This will save you from all the unnecessary expenses that “uninformed” couples usually incur.

Sure, eloping to one of the most sought-after destination spots in the whole wide world is no joke, but it is not impossible! Those weddings and elopements in Italy that we handled were all worth it. The couples did not regret their decision because they got what they really wanted and spent less for their wedding.

Cut your wedding guest list and be firm about it

The point we’ve been trying to stress out to our brides is this – “This is your wedding. Own it!” The decision of who to invite is only for you to make, not your parents’ or in-laws’.

It shouldn’t even be dictated by your guilt feeling and shame that you cannot invite those who want to be there on your wedding. Again, it’s your big day! You decide who should be there and who shouldn’t.

In our previous post, we emphasised that these days the term elopement includes intimate weddings also, with a few select friends and relatives of up to 50 or a little more. Trim down your guest list to only a few closest people in your lives whom you really want to be with you on your wedding day.

If you mean so much to them as they are to you, they might even suggest that they will shoulder their own travel expenses just to be there on your big day.

But you can always do what most of our couples did.

They opted to have an elopement in its truest and literal sense – getting married with only you and your love in front of an officiant. This way, you won’t need to worry about the expenses of bringing anyone else to Italy. Don’t worry about the legality of your wedding. If you hire us, we can provide witnesses to make your ceremony binding.

Do a live streaming of your destination elopement instead!

If you still can’t embrace the idea of not giving all your friends the privilege of witnessing your wedding day, then give them a chance to watch it live wherever they are.

After all, not everyone can take a few days off to go to Italy to be your guest. It’s a reality that every couple must face because adults these days have a lot of things to accomplish. But that shouldn’t be a cause for them to miss that special day of your life, thanks to the wonders of modern technology. A great idea to bridge the distance is to live stream your whole wedding.

Find a videographer who does live streaming of weddings for their couples or contact us to connect you with one.

Tie it to your honeymoon!

Now we reach the exciting part.

Destination Wedding in Castle in France

We’ll talk about the convenience that most of our couples love about elopements – wedding-and-honeymoon-wrapped-in-one!

The truth is, planning your own wedding always entails the honeymoon. After tying the knot, the next few weeks will be extra special, that you have to spend them celebrating your love in an equally special destination.

For those who choose a traditional wedding, they would have separate expenses for their honeymoon. For some, honeymoon fees are even more expensive.

But when you choose to elope to Italy, your wedding ceremony itself will already be part of your honeymoon! Italy is such a special place where you can spend a few days to a few weeks to celebrate with your spouse. As wedding planners, we even book dinner reservations and hotel accommodations for our couples so their honeymoon will be a lot easier.

Don’t feel guilty!

As our parting words, please don’t feel an ounce of guilt when you decide to elope rather than go for a traditional wedding.

Check your heart. Ask your spouse. Be true to yourself. This list of pros and cons may help you decide. But after making an honest assessment and arriving at a decision to elope to Italy, do yourself a favor and close all your senses from negative remarks. Stick with your decision because going with what you really want will be worth it.

For more tips from expert destination wedding planners, check out our stress-free destination elopement packages in Europe!

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