Minimalist late spring lakeside elopement for two in Bavaria


After my (now) husband proposed we decided that we wanted to get married relatively quickly; within 5 months) and we were initially worried we had not given ourselves or Peach Perfect a viable amount of time in which to pull off our dream wedding. We were wrong - and our expectations were completely blown out of the water. Vanessza was so wonderfully communicative and understanding. She always made sure to keep us informed along the way and was extraordinarily attentive to detail. The entire planning process was seamless and thorough. Vanessza worked with our travel agent to ensure that our timeline ran perfectly, we knew where to be (as it was our first time in Germany), and she managed to connect us to the most wonderful vendors who managed to exceed my expectations by miles. On the day of the ceremony I didn’t have to worry about a single thing; every detail was planned. When I began to panic worrying about a small detail - I was immediately assured that it was taken care of and I remain amazed at how our needs were anticipated and cared for. Everyone involved in our ceremony was so lovely and kind. I felt like I had a friend with me as I was getting ready and like our day mattered to everyone involved. It was magical and I can honestly say it is owed entirely to PeachPerfect and Vanessza. My husband’s brother and his wife had eloped abroad and encouraged us to do the same, but they were blown away when they learned about the fantastic care and service we received from PeachPerfect. This company truly delivers on its promises for tailored services and has unparalleled customer service. We both rave about and sing their praises to everyone who asks about our wedding. I would recommend them to everyone considering a European wedding or elopement. They truly made our wedding a day of wonder that we both are so grateful for.
— Christina & Jeffrey


An elopement along an alpine lake in Bavaria is an unforgettable adventure that any couple will treasure forever. Any season is a good time to get married in this scenic spot that Christina and Jeffrey picked for their big day because nature is breathtaking all year round. Here's a peek at their destination elopement right at this scenic Bavarian lake.

Planning their destination wedding in Germany

Stress-free, simple, and fun! That's how we can describe our experience planning Christina and Jeffrey's destination elopement in Germany. Aside from being a fun and adventurous couple who just want a stress-free day in a breathtaking location, having no guests is a significant factor that made wedding planning a breeze.

Although we started planning barely five months before their wedding date, the whole process was hassle-free and exciting. They were having a symbolic ceremony, so there was no legal paperwork involved.

The two had simple requests about some elements of their wedding, including Christina's bouquet and makeup, the songs to be played in their private ceremony, and the arrangements for their wedding preps. They wanted to stay in different locations for the preparations so they wouldn't see each other until the actual ceremony at the venue. It was one of the couple's best decisions because it added so much excitement on their wedding day!

About the wedding venue

Epic is an understatement for this ceremony spot for adventure weddings in Bavaria. Tucked in the unspoiled nature of the German region, the lake is surrounded by the giant trees of a breathtaking woodland and a rocky shore that shouts fresh and pristine.

The lake itself is surreal, with turquoise waters that reveal the beauty underneath and give a clear reflection of anyone looking at it. It's an enchanting lake that fulfills the dream of every couple wanting an adventure and a fairytale wedding in one.

Due to its remote location away from the buzzing cities and busy establishments, only symbolic weddings are allowed in the venue. That's not a problem if you will have your legally binding marriage ceremony at home and just elope to this Bavarian lake for a symbolic wedding.

That's what Christina and Jeffrey did to save themselves from a lot of hassle, and it was worth it. With the glittering lake in sight, a pristine alpine forest surrounding them, and the Alps in full view, there's nothing more to ask for.

The romantic wedding day that was

Christina and Jeffrey prepared for the ceremony in two hotels near the lake. They particularly requested to be separated for the preps to build up the excitement for the ceremony.

True enough, it was an exhilarating moment when they saw each other for the first time in their wedding outfit. Everything was perfect, from Christina and Jeffrey's looks to the pristine environment of their elopement venue. The ceremony started early in the afternoon when the lake was bright and vibrant.

The highest mountain in Germany, Zugspitze, was right in front of them, witnessing their exchange of vows, and the sound of the forest added magic to the occasion. As the ceremony unfolds, their solo musician plays their favorite songs in the background, serenading the couple on the most special day of their lives.

The after-ceremony photoshoot

There is nothing left to do after the ceremony other than savor this enchanting lake's beauty. After all, Christina and Jeffrey do not know when they will return to this place again. As they walked along the lakeshore, their photographer followed them and took photos of the newlyweds amidst the breathtaking location. They capped the photoshoot with a fun couple dance under clear umbrellas on a bright afternoon.

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