Alpine scene in full bloom for a spring elopement in Bavaria


Our experience with Peach Perfect was wonderful. The planning process was very easy, and Vanessza was very responsive to any questions we had. They had great vendor recommendations and put us at ease. The day of they were very prepared and accommodating. It was apparent that they were very familiar with the location and knew what to expect as far as weather/people/other curveballs. Things went really well.
— Luke & Janna


Adventure elopement in the great outdoors is the best description for this destination wedding in Germany. After over a year of planning their big day with us, Janna and Luke's dream wedding at a nature spot in Germany finally came true. In the spring of 2023, they tied the knot with no guests along a scenic lake in Bavaria, with astounding alpine nature all around.

Planning their destination wedding in Germany

While planning their destination wedding, Janna and Luke have a picture in their minds of the exact scene on their big day. Janna wanted a natural look for her makeup and an extraordinary bouquet with wildflowers and herbs, not the typical rose- or peony-studded bridal bouquet. They also envisioned an accordion playing traditional Bavarian music in the background throughout the wedding. Their celebrant, Yvonne Beck, prepared two wedding traditions for their ceremony - beer blending and handfasting, which Janna and Luke loved. The couple was flexible about the time of the ceremony, knowing that the weather is unpredictable, and their outdoor wedding requires clear skies to push through.

About the wedding venue

Away from the buzzing capital of Bavaria, this unspoiled lake with turquoise waters and alpine forests is the kind of venue that perfectly fulfills Janna and Luke's dream nature wedding. This Bavarian lake is one of the top choices for Peach Perfect Weddings' couples who prefer the great outdoors for their wedding ceremony. We're not surprised that most of them choose to get married here because the lake is just scenic, situated directly at the foot of Germany's tallest mountain - the Zugspitze. From the lake and the forests to the majestic views of the Alps and its snow-capped peaks, this elopement spot screams nature and adventure. However, couples must be open for an outdoor experience because they must hike through the rocky trail to reach the most epic ceremony spot along the lake. Although it requires some hiking, the scenic spot is worth it because the lake and the Alps perfectly frame the couple and the rest of their wedding party here.

The romantic wedding day that was

Janna and Luke's day started by getting ready in a hotel near the lake. After the preparations, they rode a car to the hike's starting point. They met their wedding planner, Vanessza, upon embarking from the car, and together, they hiked through the alpine forests to the lakeside ceremony spot. Upon arriving at the location, their wedding celebrant, Yvonne, and the music duo who would play during the ceremony were already there, waiting for the couple's momentous exchange of vows. Janna held her uniquely beautiful bouquet with wildflowers and herbs throughout the ceremony, and it was the show's star. Its many vibrant colors stood out against the dramatic alpine backdrop of the lake. The music duo played traditional Bavarian music with their accordion and guitar, just like Janna and Luke had envisioned. The whole ceremony was just magical, with the couple spending genuine moments with each other without a single guest to think about. Yvonne prepared a wonderful ceremony for them with handfasting and beer-blending traditions incorporated into the affair. Janna and Luke listened to Yvonne's uniquely crafted message before the most emotional moment of the day - their exchange of vows. They smiled, laughed, and cried at the same time upon hearing each other's marriage vows.

The after-ceremony photoshoot

Aside from their heartfelt exchange of vows, the wedding photoshoot was the part of their big day that Janna and Luke looked forward to the most. They savored the beauty and majesty of the alpine lake by walking along its shores for their wedding photos. They also took the time to walk through the forest and sit by a rustic bench in the middle of the woodland while talking and laughing. You could see from their eyes that they waited a long time to enjoy the astounding nature scenes from here. Their wedding photos reveal the happiness on their faces after fulfilling their dream destination wedding in Germany. The Bavarian lake is the perfect spot for their adventure wedding, with alpine peaks and forests in full view.

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