Wedding at a medieval castle in Occitanie


AMAZING – could not have done this without Yana. She made our wedding completely stress free so we could just enjoy the day. Highly recommend her to anyone planning a wedding. We couldn’t have been happier with the perfect day it was!
— Katrina & Paris


Everything was just perfect for Katrina & Paris’ French chateau wedding. Both of them are Australian but they were living in London at the time of the wedding. Although getting married in France was actually not the original plan, love indeed moved in mysterious ways. In just TWO MONTHS, the couple and our team were able to pull off this intimate wedding that is gorgeous in every aspect.

About the venue

The setting for their marriage celebration was a stunning venue that Katrina had already booked before she even contacted us. It’s one of those wedding locations that couples getting married in France would immediately pick once they see it. Katrina booked the venue not for her wedding but for her 30th birthday party! But since Paris had proposed to her a couple months before, they decided to turn the birthday party into an small wedding in France for 30 of their closest friends and family.

This medieval chateau was her choice because she has been to the chateau as a child a few times and has very fond memories of it. Little did she know, she will soon be getting married in France at this exact venue. It’s easy to fall in love with this medieval abbey near Carcassonne. It’s facade is covered in soft green vines and pink florals crawling along its bricked walls. The estate is surrounded by elegant gardens, fresh mini trees, and thick bushes.

Wedding decor and couple's attire

They had an eco-friendly, natural, earthly theme of green and white. They had rustic decorations on the table and only the finest French delicacies served during the reception. Katrina looked gorgeous in her white cocktail dress by Jonathan Simkhai which is not your ordinary, traditional wedding dress! Paris, on the other hand, was dashing in a simple black suit and white shirt without a tie.

The romantic wedding day that was

Katrina and Paris opted to hold their ceremony in one of the venue’s small areas outdoors where an arc of hanging greeneries is located. The arc served as the couple’s altar where they exchanged vows before their best friend whom they requested to perform the ceremony. Their guests gathered around them, standing as they witnessed the short and meaningful ceremony.

This was a very beautiful wedding in every way. The weather was great. The guests who celebrated with them were beautiful and we mean that literally because Katrina is a model agent with very close friends from the industry.

They all enjoyed the celebration being the closest people to Katrina and Paris. What was supposed to be a birthday party for the bride turned out to be the most special occasion they’ve had to date. They did not regret getting married in France even if that meant changing their original plan.

Wedding photos

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