Medieval abbey hotel near Carcassonne

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Type Castle Chateau Medieval
Features Cloisters Gardens Gazebo Gourmet Food Restaurant
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Sometimes the perfect venue comes along and it’s nothing like you could have ever imagined. This medieval abbey near Carcassonne is exactly this type of venue. Tucked away in one of France’s voted most beautiful villages, it’s a place of serenity, splendour and never-ending charm. Visit once and you shall return forever!


As for the facade and outdoor area of this medieval abbey near Carcassonne, the old chateau is covered in front by mint green vines with a hint of white and pink florals crawling along its bricked walls. At the back of the building is a rich garden of pure green bushes and mini trees surrounding a stone staircase that leads down to what seems to be a tall arc of thick bushes and trees.


One of our couples opted to hold their ceremony in one of the venue’s small areas outdoors where an arc of hanging greeneries is located. This arc served as their altar where they exchanged vows. Their guests, less than fifty, gathered around them, standing as they witnessed the short yet meaningful ceremony. This can be the scenario for your intimate French wedding, where only a few of your friends and family will be there.


Skirting the chateau are narrow open chambers where long tables can be placed for the reception. The old monks cloisters are at the heart of events in the abbey. Sheltered beneath stone columns and winding green ivy leaves, the cloisters create a magical and intimate setting for your wedding reception. The space can accommodate up to 70 seated guests, following with some night-time dancing in the next door monks' kitchen.


This surreal chateau is most suitable for microweddings, with small areas for a few tables and chairs and function rooms designed for the most intimate of occasions. The interiors of this medieval abbey near Carcassonne are characterized by shabby chic paint colors and historic wall decorations. When we say historic, we mean classy historic like old paintings and photographs showing the beauty of France and the lifestyle of its people. Every element here is elegant, from the antique pieces of furniture to the books displayed above decade-old cases that will capture your attention.

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Photos: Andrew D. Hamilton

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