Four amazing venues for a scenic elopement in Tuscany

Rustic vineyards and olive groves, gorgeous rolling hills, Renaissance-inspired buildings in the midst of rural landscapes, and authentic Italian wines are some of the things to love about Tuscany. There’s no specific word to describe the beauty of this Italian region, but one thing’s for sure. It has captured the hearts of over 50% of our couples who are planning to elope in Italy.

That doesn’t surprise us at all because Tuscany is known for its less crowded, stress-free, and laid back ambiance, far from the noisy and busy streets of Rome and Venice.

As European elopement planners who have seen various landscapes across all European countries, we must say that Tuscany has a charm of its own. The views, the ambiance, and the whole experience of traveling to this Italian region cannot be compared to any place in Europe!

That’s why today, we’re sharing with you some of our most recommended spots for a scenic intimate wedding in this Italian countryside! Prepare your hearts as we take you to the romantic places where you can get married in Tuscany.

Elope to this boutique vineyard hotel in Cortona

Our second recommended venue is a boutique Italian hotel that sits at the heart of Cortona. If you happen to be a history- and art-loving couple, it will be a dream come true to tie the knot in this boutique hotel because Cortona is known for its rich history and culture.

You can see carefully-preserved Renaissance hotels, villas, resorts, and residential homes in its towns and villages.

The venue also has a Michelin-starred restaurant that will give you a wonderful culinary experience. Their award-winning chefs serve the finest Tuscan dishes made from the best quality ingredients!

When you get married here, the views from the ceremony spot will be the Tuscan rolling hills, clusters of lavender flowers, tall cypress trees, and vibrant gardens!

Aside from the scenic views, the hotel itself is a sight to behold. It’s an awesome 16th-century villa made with thick medieval stone walls.

Did we mention that the owners of this venue are into wine-making? Don’t miss the chance to taste the best Italian wines ranging from Cabernet Sauvignon, Trebbiano, Sangiovese, and Merlot, crafted by the owners themselves!

If you’re getting married in this boutique hotel in Cortona, have as many glasses of wine as you can, because as they say in Italy, “Anni e bicchieri di vino non si contano mai!” Years and glasses of wine are never counted! :)

Deluxe country estate for elopements near Florence!

Okay, enough of Italian wine proverbs for now! Let’s focus on “luxury” this time as we talk about our third scenic Tuscan wedding venue. As elopement planners in Europe, we’ve talked to a lot of couples who want nothing but the best for their destination wedding.

They don’t care about the price. They just want to make this once-in-a-lifetime experience very, very special. “After all, we’re only getting married once,” they would say. For these kinds of couples, a huge luxury country estate near Florence can be the perfect fit!

The venue has its own chapel, a courtyard, an outdoor terrace, a restaurant, a lavish function room that’s ideal for a reception area, lush gardens, and its very own winery!

Whether you fancy an indoor or an outdoor elopement ceremony, you can have it here, and you’ll be surrounded by scenic Tuscan landscapes whatever your choice is. After being officially declared as husband-and-wife, have an unforgettable wedding dinner on the villa’s terrace overlooking the popular Italian cathedral, the Florence Duomo!

5-Star Villa to elope in the heart of Florence

There are so many things to love about this Tuscan villa at the heart of Florence. One of which is the fact that it’s tucked away in the midst of Florentine trees and vineyards, making it a wedding paradise for nature-loving couples. The venue is literally surrounded by green on all sides because of its ideal location on top of the Florentine hills.

While the outdoors are filled with never-ending greenery, the 16th-century building is elegantly white, clean, and minimalist, with carefully-preserved historic features.

In this scenic villa for elopements, you can recite your vows under an enchanting huge tree in the garden where a few guests can be seated to witness your intimate ceremony.

Just like the other venues for a scenic elopement in Tuscany, the villa also offers indoor and outdoor areas for the reception. Your options include the frescoed rooms of the villa’s restaurant and the terraces of the venue that lends a view to the spectacular panorama of the Arno Valley.

Stay here for a few days and savour the countryside views of Florence. If you do, you can feast on a sumptuous continental breakfast buffet every morning, served by the venue to all their guests!

Riverside 15th-century wedding hotel in Florence

For couples looking for some peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city center, this 15th-century riverside venue can be the best place for your destination wedding in Tuscany.

Although located just a few kilometers away from the political capital, the ancient hotel is separated from the noisy city by the serene River Arno. It provides an opportunity to sit back, relax, and enjoy the laid back ambiance of Tuscany while eating authentic Italian cuisines and local wines.

As for your elopement ceremony, choose between the two private gardens which are both amazing spots for an outdoor wedding. You can also recite your vows beside the pool overlooking the clusters of trees, vineyards, orchards, and olive groves around the hotel.

As you can see, your venue options for a scenic Tuscan wedding are all world-class. Whatever you choose, your decision to get married in Italy will be worth it!

In case you don’t find a perfect fit from the selection we wrote above, you can always check our full list of Italian wedding venues here.

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