Breathtaking locations for a wedding in Italy

Italy is not just a place. It’s an experience. When asked about Italy, we’re almost certain that those who traveled to this country will recall not just the places that they visited but the unique feeling that those places gave them.

That’s why it’s no surprise that more and more couples who want to elope to Europe choose Italy as their elopement destination. If you're curious about what venues Italy offers to soon-to-wed couples, here’s a list of breathtaking locations for an Italian elopement that you can take a look at.

Lakeside wedding venues for dreamy elopements

Lake Como and Lake Garda are the most famous Italian lakes because of their sizes and tourism.

However, there are more than 1,500 other lakes in this romantic country that you can choose from for your destination elopement in Italy. Some of the less popular but beautiful ones are Lake Maggiore, Lake Iseo, Lake Orta, and Lake Lugano. Lake Maggiore is the second longest lake in Italy and is made beautiful by its lush gardens, islands, palaces, and small humble towns. Lake Iseo, on the other hand, is the fourth largest lake in Italy and is surrounded by fantastic views, quaint restaurants, and lovely little villages.

Elope to Tuscan country houses

Our brides and grooms who got married in the Tuscan countryside love everything about Tuscany. With its open fields, large vineyards, and rows of olive groves which can be seen from a Tuscan wedding venue, our couples just couldn’t resist an outdoor ceremony in this Italian countryside. Some of the best types of venues in Tuscany are country houses with medieval structures, views of farms and vineyards, and amazing Italian cuisine served by the locals.

Winery and vineyard elopements in the Italian countryside

Speaking of vineyards, there are elopement venues in the Italian countryside that not only offer stunning vineyard views but interesting wineries too. Some of the most unique venues of this kind are a thousand-year winery for unique elopements in Naples, a rustic luxury wedding venue in Umbria, and a boutique hotel & vineyard near Cortona. They offer the same astonishing views of the Italian countryside and a vibe that allows you to relax and enjoy your special day. All of these venues have outdoor terraces so that wedding ceremonies will have countryside views for a backdrop. Lastly, all of these elopement spots in Italy offer a day to explore the winery for their guests.

Say yes in seaside venues along Amalfi

We will do you no justice if we don’t include Amalfi elopement venues in the list of breathtaking locations to elope in Italy. Wedding spots on the Amalfi coast range from ancient villas surrounded by gardens, hotels with a spot along the beach for a seaside ceremony, and picturesque hotels with spas and restaurants.

Luxury beach resorts to get married in Sicily

Sicily is not as popular as Amalfi, Rome, Florence, or Venice. That makes this Mediterranean island even more desirable as a venue for destination elopements in Italy. Less popularity means less tourism and less competition with foreigners wanting to visit the place.

We believe that Sicily is worth considering for couples who want to get married in Italy because of the diversity of sights and sceneries in the island. There are ancient Roman ruins where you can have a symbolic ceremony, crystal clear Sicilian waters where you can find luxury beach resorts to tie the knot, and charming Italian villages overlooking turquoise waters and dramatic rocks.

Unique lodges on the Italian Alps

You may be surprised at this but you have to know that mountainous regions in Europe are not only found in Switzerland, Austria, or Germany. Italy has its share of Alpine scenery consisting of ice-capped mountains in winter and majestic mountain forests in summer. Of course, there are elopement venues in this side of Italy too, and they’re specially made for adventurous couples who love the wild outdoors. Check out of one of such venues here.

Final words

When eloping in Italy, we advise that you first get a vision of how you want the ceremony, dinner/reception, and honeymoon to be. Picture the type of setting that you prefer as you recite your vows, the venue for your dinner/reception, and the type of amenities and features that you’re looking for in a honeymoon venue. When you have a vision for these three aspects, it won’t be too hard to pick the perfect elopement venue for your destination wedding in Italy.

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