Vibrant summer elopement on a lake in Styria


One word “Spectacular” We had the pleasure of working with Vanessza from Peach Perfect Weddings and I could not imagine working with anyone else. When we got engaged we had talked about getting a wedding planner to help with planning a wedding overseas. Planning it within your own country is hard enough as is. After talking to Vanessza once we knew she was who we needed. She is attentive, supportive, thoughtful, and everything in between. Any issues that came up she handled it with professionalism and pure class, and trust me when I say there were a ton of issues, from the venue being less than ideal to the photographer canceling three months out. My now husband and I were freaking out, stressed and frankly overwhelmed but not Vanessza. She knew we would figure it all out and she absolutely did. Because of her we were able to get married on one of the most beautiful lakes I have ever seen, had an amazing photographer, had transportation and all the bells and whistles we wanted to have. The day would not have been possible without her. So if you are getting married in Austria, or Germany, special request her, beg if need be she is 1000% worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you Vanessza for making our special day that much more special!!
— Colin & Tatum


When you have the highest mountain in Styria as the location for your wedding photoshoot, you’re guaranteed the most epic photos! That’s one of the great things about Tatum and Colin’s destination wedding in Austria - having a fun photoshoot on the mountaintops, but aside from that, there are tons of other factors that made this wedding day so epic. Read on as we take you to their wedding story - from planning to the exact day of the ceremony.

Planning their destination wedding in Austria

Tatum and Colin reached out to us a year before their wedding. From the very beginning, they wanted an outdoor ceremony in Austria with breathtaking alpine scenes in the background. As a professional photographer, Tatum is not new to events, but it’s always nerve-wracking and anxiety-inducing when it’s your own wedding that you’re planning, especially when it’s a destination wedding in a different continent!

That’s where Vanessza, our wedding planner in Austria, came in. Tatum and Colin did not have to fly to Europe personally at any time during wedding planning because Vannesza was their eyes and ears in Austria.

Making their dream wedding come true was not a walk in the park. Although the couple’s vision was clear right off the bat, they hit some bumps on the road. The photographer backed out barely three months before the wedding, and they faced some issues with the original venue as it did not meet some of their requirements.

These are examples of unexpected scenarios in wedding planning where you badly need a professional wedding planner to handle the inconveniences on your behalf while calming your chaotic nerves down.

Fortunately, Vanessza was able to book a great Salzburg-based Austrian photographer for them, and she found an ideal venue where Tatum and Colin had the most epic lakeside ceremony. Planning their wedding was not at all smooth and stress-free, but every bump in the road led to the best day of their lives in the most scenic place they have ever been to.

About the wedding venue

Breathtaking is an understatement for the alpine scenery in the hunting lodge where Tatum and Colin tied the knot.

It’s a popular recreation area in Ausseerland Salzkammergutes, located exactly along Lake Altaussee. The hunting lodge owes its popularity to the breathtaking alpine scene around it that radiates from spring to autumn.

Imagine witnessing the impressive Dachstein, Styria's highest mountain with an altitude of 2,700 meters, right in front of you with its stunning alpine backdrop and panoramic views. On the opposite side is Lake Altaussee, one of the most beautiful lakes in Salzkammergut that was chosen as a shooting location in the James Bond movie, Spectre.

To complete the unparalleled alpine scenery around the hunting lodge, there are impressive meadows along the lake that glitter during winter. Ceremonies here happen along the lake, an area that can accommodate up to 80 persons, but is most ideal for intimate weddings with a handful of guests.

Our couple and their small group of special guests enjoyed every minute of this vibrant summer elopement in Austria, thanks to the natural beauty of the lakeside lodge.

Pre-ceremony photoshoot atop the mountains and at the lake

Unlike most of our couples, Tatum and Colin had their photoshoot before the ceremony. They hiked the mountains for the first leg of their photoshoot. The resulting photos were just stunning, with the couple literally on the clouds! They held hands as they walked to appreciate the beautiful views right in front of them.

After conquering the mountains, Tatum and Colin had a romantic boat ride above Lake Altaussee where they witnessed the beauty of the crystal clear water, enchanting meadows, the mountains, and the alpine villages of Ausseerland Salzkammergutes. A perfect way to cap their wedding photoshoot.

The romantic wedding day that was

A ceremony for only 15 guests, Tatum and Colin’s wedding was one of a kind. Amid the stunning alpine landscape, they exchanged their vows on a fine afternoon with the clear lake waters in the background.

Their outdoor ceremony is one for the books with the lake and the mountain range competing in beauty. While the lake glistens in front of them, the Dachstein mountain range fascinates with its majestic form covered in fog and thick forests.

The intimate ceremony included the bride and groom’s select circle of friends and family. Even the officiant was one of their friends. When you have your dearest people on your wedding day, it surely is more fun and stress-free.

For Tatum and Colin, that means being completely themselves the whole time, without feeling any nervousness because they are surrounded by people who know them best. There was so much laughter in the air as they took photos with their guests before and after the ceremony, giggling, jumping, and kissing each other as they posed for photos.

Wedding photos

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