Outdoor wedding in front of a glittering lake in Salzburg


Vanessza was fantastic! I really can’t say enough good things about Vanessza. She went above and beyond to not only help me plan the wedding, but also help with activities before and after the wedding. She was attentive and responsive. She was very supportive when I expressed concerns about cost, and always had many ideas to fix any issues that came up. She was incredibly flexible and professional, I would absolutely recommend working with Vanessza and Peach Perfect!
— Samantha & Zachary


A fairytale wedding in Austria where the couple and their nearest and dearest enjoyed the lavish interiors of a regal castle and the alpine views outside! Coming all the way from the US, the lakeside castle in Salzburg where they got married was a breath of fresh air for everyone in attendance.

The champagne reception and wedding dinner

One of the best highlights of this destination wedding is the champagne reception with a champagne tower, beautiful cupcakes, delicious aperitifs, and fun chit chats on the terrace. There was a mini-program and a photo shoot with the entourage. The guests enjoyed the food and the view the rest of the afternoon while Samantha and Zachary snuck out for a photo shoot. 
 Their photographer snapped some shots of them in front of the castle, near the banks of the lake, and at an open field with towering trees. Their guests took advantage of the scenery, and took photos as they savored this Austrian tour. 
 Finally, the hour of the wedding dinner came, and everyone gathered inside the castle's banquet hall with a completely fairytale vibe. It's filled with ancient paintings hanging on the wall, lavish chandeliers, large palatial windows, a huge fireplace, and an indoor balcony. Samantha and Zachary made sure the decor created a royal banquet ambiance, and they got what they wanted. 
 The couple and their guests enjoyed a sumptuous dinner, a party with disco lights, and DJ music all night. There was no hindrance to their unlimited party because they were staying in the castle that same night. 
 Samantha and Zachary's destination wedding in Austria was an unforgettable affair for them and their friends and family, who took the time to fly to Austria with the couple for their once-in-a-lifetime celebration.

The romantic wedding day that was

Friends and family surrounded Samantha and Zachary on their wedding day, from the preparations to the evening reception. It was very convenient for everyone to prepare early and party all night because they stayed at the hotel the night before the wedding and the day after. 
 In the morning, Samantha prepared with her girls inside the suite, where they had so much fun. When Samantha was all dressed up and ready for the ceremony, she had a first look, not with her groom, but with her dad, and it was such an emotional moment. 
 The ceremony started at 2 in the afternoon, with the guests seated at the terrace, enjoying the view of the lake, the alpine forest, and the mountains. The entourage walked down the aisle before the grand bridal entrance, and the scene was nothing short of a fairytale! A string quartet played in the background, and the castle facade was the ceremony backdrop opposite the lake. 
 Samantha finally appeared with her mom and dad, walking her down the aisle towards her groom. This wedding was extraordinary and intimate, with the couple's friend officiating the ceremony. The couple had an iconic kiss at the end of the aisle when Zachary dipped Samantha to their guests' surprise, and smooched her so romantically. It was like a scene from the movie!  
 The photo of their wedding kiss was perfect, with their guests surprised and entertained and the scenic view of the lake, the forest, and the mountains in the background. Talk about the elements of a perfect wedding photo!

About the wedding venue

This Salzburg wedding venue spells out Austria's best features - rich history, pristine nature, and elegant artistry. The castle is an 18th-century masterpiece with splendid baroque architecture and regal interiors. It comprises a historical library, ancient paintings, antique statues, period furniture, and lavishly painted ceilings. 
 The large windows let plenty of natural light in so everyone can appreciate the castle's beauty during the daytime. Outside, there's a formal garden with plants and pathways in perfect symmetry. Fronting the garden is a peaceful glittering lake surrounded by alpine trees, like a scene from a fairytale. 
 The castle's facade and natural surroundings create perfect scenery for couples who want a romantic fairytale wedding in Austria. Aside from lending its beauty as a wedding venue, the castle also offers accommodation for a complete royal experience that begins before and extends beyond your wedding date. 
 Imagine having brunch with your loved one at the castle garden after your wedding day and enjoying the beautiful mountain panorama and lake views. That's what this castle offers if you decide to stay a little longer.

Planning their destination wedding in Austria

With 40 guests attending their destination wedding in Austria, Samantha and Zachary's wedding was not the easiest to plan. We usually arrange weddings with fewer guests, and some couples are even eloping with just the two of them, that's why this wedding in Austria is extraordinary. 
 Despite the size of their wedding party, Samantha and Zachary made planning a stress-free process by communicating their requests and preferences clearly and promptly. As expected, many particulars were discussed, and every supplier's deliverables had to be intricately detailed.  
 Aside from the ceremony and reception, Vanessza, our wedding planner in Switzerland, also helped them plan activities before and after the actual wedding day. She booked rooms for the wedding party so they could stay in the castle before the wedding day and the day after, and she also arranged for a castle tour and some games for the couple and their guests. 
 There were some concerns and revisions in the process, but in the end, Samantha and Zachary got the wedding they dreamed of and more!

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