Couple walking towards a castle ruin in Ireland for their elopement

Why do couples choose Ireland for their destination wedding?

Have you seen the Cliffs of Moher? The Killarney National Park? The artsy Galway City that Ed Sheeran sings about in one of his songs? Or the iconic Castle Ward with its stunning gothic architecture?

As planners for destination elopements in Ireland, we can name a lot more reasons to convince you that Ireland is a perfect place for your destination wedding. We’ve personally visited and listed down some of the best wedding venues here and we can mention them to you one by one.

But instead of doing that, we’d rather share with you what couples who got married here have to say about choosing Ireland for their wedding in Europe. Read on and hear the top reasons why couples elope to Ireland.

Irish ancestral ties

Most US couples whom we helped with wedding planning shared with us that historical family connection is the biggest reason why they chose Ireland for their big day.

This is backed by the fact that 9.7% of Americans have full or partial ancestry from Ireland. That’s a total of about 32 million Americans having Irish parents, grandparents, or great grandparents. Some brides and grooms even tell us about their happy childhood memories in beautiful Irish towns. That’s why they wanted to go back to Ireland to marry the love of their life.

Landscapes and sceneries for a scenic elopement

Ireland is not called the Emerald Isle for nothing. It’s precisely the breathtaking nature spots of the country that fascinate most people. From its pristine Atlantic coast beaches, serene lakes and streams, natural parks, rare Irish species, green pastures, mountain ranges, and dramatic cliffs, Ireland is undoubtedly a nature-lovers' haven. They can have a ceremony right at these unique nature spots.

Historic and romantic castles for weddings

Brides who dream of having a fairytale wedding are attracted to Ireland because of several castles scattered across the region. About 40% of destination weddings that we planned here happened in these historic and romantic castles.

The huge number of brides choosing castle venues for their elopement in Ireland is more than enough proof that Irish castles are some of the best Irish wedding venues.

All operational castles in Ireland have been carefully preserved to keep their historic facade and ambiance whilst renovating the interiors to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests.

Some castles boast of gothic architecture, colorful gardens, lake views, mountain panorama, and classy interiors while some are offering a luxurious hotel experience for couples.

Marry in iconic church and castle ruins

Great news for history fanatics who want a unique ceremony for their big day. You can have a Celtic ceremony in an ancient ruin with all the history vibe that you're dreaming of.

Ireland is packed with ruins of castles and churches built hundreds of years back, and they are often located int he middle of vast Irish fields.

The structural remains continue to look iconic and breathtaking because the Irish government takes care of them as memories of Ireland’s rich history. Our wedding planner in Ireland can help you scout for the most iconic castle ruins, church ruins, and old monasteries for your elopement in Ireland.

Authentic holiday experience

Aside from the unique venues for weddings in Ireland, couples from around the world choose this country because of its relaxing ambiance and laid back culture. They can’t stop talking about the warm and friendly Irish people whom they have met, who go about their day so relaxed and stress-free, savoring the fresh Irish breeze and the beautiful sceneries around them.

Most couples choose Ireland because they know that life here is stress-free and simple, which is the exact opposite of any wedding day elsewhere. Here in Ireland, you can have a peaceful ceremony away from the noisy streets and big crowds.

Right after the ceremony, you can enjoy a relaxing honeymoon visiting peaceful Irish towns or simply staying in a country house or a hotel with breathtaking views.

Non-residents can legally marry here!

Last but not least, Ireland has a relatively less stricter requirements for legal weddings compared to other European countries.

For one, they allow non-residents and non-Irish nationals to legally get married in Ireland. Non-Irish couples only need to submit some documents and appear before the Registrar’s office days before the wedding as part of the requirement for a legally-binding wedding. For more info on how to legally marry in Ireland, check our blog detailing the . legal requirements for a wedding in Ireland

Stress-free wedding planning!

In our history of wedding planning, whether in the pre- or post-COVID world, Ireland has been a top choice for a wedding destination.

Couples get more convinced that Ireland is the perfect choice when they find out that we can plan everything for them from venue selection to vendor communication. The couple only needs to travel to Ireland a few days before their wedding, without worrying about the paperwork or requirements, except how to maximize their stay in this piece of heaven.

If you're planning to get married in Ireland and you want to know the first step, feel free to ]contact our wedding planner in Ireland](/contact).

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