Wedding Packages for Italy

Wedding Packages for Italy

Personalised wedding packages for Italy, designed and executed by your local destination wedding planner.

Small Wedding in Italy

Designed for a small wedding with friends and family, often in venues for exclusive hire with on-site catering, accommodation and ceremony, for an intimate destination wedding in Italy.

Elopement in Italy

The most intimate celebration with just the two of you or only your closest friends and family members: we will help you get married in Italy so you’ll just focus on the magic of the moment.

Vow Renewal in Italy

Renew your wedding vows in Italy with just the two of you or a bunch of your favorite people. It’s so simple with our wedding packages for Italy and you’ll remember it for the rest of your life.

Your Personal Wedding Planner

Taking complete care of your special day

At the core of our wedding packages for Italy is the constant presence of a dedicated English-speaking local wedding planner, who takes care of every detail of your destination wedding in Italy, as a single point of contact – starting from your initial enquiry and designing your Italian wedding package, to booking all vendors and services, to personally coordinating your special day on-site!

Customize Your Wedding Package

It’s not just a package from the shelve

From the type of ceremony to the style of venue to celebrate your small intimate wedding, vow renewal or elopement in Italy, your wishes are the fundamental base from which we build your Italian wedding package. Add, remove or substitute services to your liking or simply tell us about your preferences by sending an enquiry or with a free consultation call with our local wedding planner in Italy.

Symbolic vs. Legal Ceremony

Symbolic, legally binding, civil, religious… What’s the difference, you may ask? Well, some of these are just different expressions for the same thing. Others are indeed very different types of wedding ceremonies, which every couple has to consider before they get married in Italy. Below is a short overview. For more detailed info about legal and symbolic weddings, request our brochure.

Legally binding

A legally binding ceremony is one that is valid before the law, in Italy and worldwide (if you follow the right steps!). In Italy both civil and catholic ceremonies are always legally binding and follow Italian marriage regulations, while other religious ceremonies (e.g. Protestant, Jewish, Hindu…) and symbolic ceremonies are non-legally binding.

Symbolic ceremony

A symbolic ceremony in Italy is preferred by couples that get legally married in their home country and then just want a meaningful blessing abroad. A symbolic ceremony is the only case where you get in contact with your celebrant before the wedding and write your own vows with his help. Its duration is more or less 30 minutes.

Civil ceremony

A civil ceremony in Italy is valid before the law worldwide and must be performed in a venue licensed by the town hall. It’s conducted in Italian by the mayor (don’t worry, we will provide you an English interpreter!) with two mandatory witnesses over 18. Legal paperwork must be issued. It usually lasts around 20 minutes.

Religious ceremony

A catholic ceremony performed in a church by a priest is legally binding in Italy and worldwide. At least one of the two fiancés has to be catholic and both religious and civil documents must be issued. An English-speaking priest can be requested and readings are most of the times at the couple’s choice. It usually lasts about 45 minutes.

Still Not Sure?

No worries, as part of our wedding packages for Italy, your dedicated Italian wedding planner will explain all of these and help you choose the right one for you.

Package vs. Bespoke

Wedding Packages

Wedding packages for Italy are intended to make couples’ lives easy when it comes to plan and organize their destination wedding in Italy. Thanks to being in contact with some of the best wedding venues and vendors in the country, we’re able to offer cost-effective and well thought out packages which include all the essentials for weddings in Italy. Plus, let’s not forget that they’re completely customizable by adding or removing services to your liking!

Bespoke Weddings

A bespoke wedding is for couples who want a celebration 100% designed by them. This means that the wedding planning process is usually longer and more intricate compared to the planning of a wedding where a package is involved. Bespoke weddings tend to be the best (if not the only) choice for a big celebration with a large number of guests and when the couple has a lot of patience (and a flexible budget!) to control the creative process from start to finish.

Learn More About Our Italian Wedding Packages

We designed our wedding packages for Italy based on years of experience in planning bespoke luxurious weddings: having built over time an extensive network of wedding venues and suppliers, we made sure to include only the best ones into our Italy wedding packages. For more detailed info about our wedding packages for Italy, request our brochure.

Wedding Venues in Italy

No worries about having to search for Italian wedding venues from the other side of the world! Finding the right venue is one of the focus elements in our wedding packages for Italy. We also already hand-picked the best small and intimate wedding venues in Italy to get you  started.

From the most famous Italian regions for weddings like Tuscany, the Amalfi Coast, South Tyrol or Lake Como, to the countries’ most historic and artsy cities like Venice, Florence, Rome, or Milan… We have selected villas, boutique hotels, historic buildings, beaches, vineyards and more for your destination wedding in Italy!

To learn more about the best Italian wedding venues and ceremony locations, have a look at our page for
Wedding Venues in Italy.

Why Italy

How can one not fall in love with Italy? From the culture of food and wine, to unique mountainous, hilly and coastal landscapes and the most important historical and artistic heritage in the world. To enjoy Italy the most, do it the Italian way: sit back, relax and just admire the beauty around you!

Meet Your Italian Destination Wedding Planner

Meet Eleonora, your local wedding planner for Italy.

Living up in the North of Italy but loving it all, she’s the one to contact for planning elopements, small weddings and vow renewals in the country of “la dolce vita”. Her passions are good food, fashion and travel… Can you get more Italian than that?

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