Wedding Packages for Ireland

Wedding Packages for Ireland

Customized wedding packages for Ireland, arranged by our local destination wedding planner and tailored for your needs.

Small Wedding in Ireland

Designed for couples who dream of a small wedding in Ireland with an intimate guest list of up to 60 people, in exclusively-hired venues which can include accommodation, ceremony and reception areas, plus catering to complete your destination wedding.

Elopement in Ireland

Achieve utmost intimacy by having a private ceremony or a microwedding with a few of your closest friends and family members. Let us help you craft the perfect wedding package for your elopement in Ireland so all that you’ll be left to do is show up!

Vow Renewal in Ireland

Pick from one of the breathtaking wedding venues in Ireland where you can renew your vows, while making your couple travel goals come true at the same time! Our Irish wedding packages include a vow renewal option for adventurous couples like you!

Your Personal Wedding Planner

Taking complete care of your special day

Our Ireland wedding packages are intended to make marrying couples’ lives easy. Imagine having a knowledgeable local to help you when it comes to planning and organizing your destination wedding in Ireland. Planning your big day with us means having a dedicated wedding planner who will communicate with you from enquiry to the wedding day. She will also coordinate with wedding vendors on your behalf so you can fully focus on enjoying your wedding day!

Customize Your Wedding Package

It’s not just a package from the shelve

Your big day, your choice! Whether you’re having a small intimate wedding, elopement, or vow renewal in Ireland, you get to pick the venue, type of ceremony, and other aspects of your wedding. Don’t be constrained by the automatic inclusions in our Ireland wedding packages. You can pick, drop, and substitute services to fit your preferences. Get in touch with our local wedding planner in Ireland by sending an enquiry or scheduling a quick consultation call to go over all the necessary details.

Couple getting married with a wedding package for Ireland

Symbolic vs. Legal Ceremony

So what’s the difference between a symbolic, legally binding, religious, and civil wedding? That’s exactly what we’re going to answer for you here. We believe that every couple has individuality in terms of perspective about the ceremony. This uniqueness is best expressed in the type of ceremony you will choose. Get more details about our legal and symbolic wedding packages for Ireland, by requesting for our brochure.

Civil ceremony

This is a legally-binding type of ceremony where your marriage is registered in Ireland and which complies with the Irish laws. Civil weddings can only be held indoors at a licensed venue and performed by a Registrar on working days days, which are Monday – Friday.

Religious ceremony

Catholic weddings are the second most common legally-binding ceremonies in Ireland. Having a Catholic ceremony in Ireland requires following the rules of marriage outlined by the Church, which includes undergoing a pre-marital course. This type of ceremony can only take place in a consecrated church or chapel.

Humanist ceremony

These are non-religious and non-denominational weddings that have recently been recognized as legally-binding in Ireland. It’s a more relaxed and free-flowing ceremony that requires only two officiant elements and it can take place in any location (including outdoor) as long as it’s open to the public.

Spiritual ceremony

This is not too different from a Humanist ceremony as it’s also non-denominational and does not conform to mainstream religious beliefs. Spiritual ceremonies are performed by a member of the Spiritualist Union of Ireland. Being a more liberal ceremony, it can take place on any day of the week, either indoors or outside.

Still Not Sure?

It’s not that easy, we know. But not to worry, brides and grooms, because your dedicated wedding planner will explain all of the inclusions in our Irish wedding packages to help you make the right choice.

Package vs. Bespoke

Wedding Packages

We’re so excited to help couples plan and organize Irish destination weddings, that’s why we prepared even years ago! How? By cultivating healthy relationships with experienced wedding suppliers in the country! Our healthy relations with them allow us to provide you with reasonably-priced packages that are complete with all the essentials of a gorgeous wedding in Ireland. But don’t get us wrong. We will still let you customize the inclusions in these Irish wedding packages so you can tailor it perfectly to your dream wedding!

Bespoke Weddings

If you’re a couple who wants to have full control of the design of your celebration, a bespoke wedding might be the most suitable way for you to plan your wedding. This is your best option if you have a flexible budget and a larger guest list. It usually takes more time to plan a bespoke wedding compared to a package because of the nitty gritty details you have to deal with. But if you’re in for a creative and adventurous journey to craft your special day down to the last detail, a bespoke wedding is fitting for you.

Bride's bouquet included in our wedding packages for Ireland

Learn More About Our Irish Wedding Packages

With our years of experience in planning and arranging bespoke luxurious weddings, we’ve learned how to craft the most efficient and best value wedding packages for Ireland. Check out everything you need to know about our Ireland wedding packages, that are complete with all the elements of a magical celebration, by requesting our brochure.

Wedding Venues in Ireland

Drop all your research notes because you won’t need them to search for the best Ireland wedding venues! What we offer you are not rigid, hard and fast Irish wedding packages with zero or limited options. In fact, we’ll let you take advantage of our network of wedding venue suppliers so you’ll see all available wedding locations in Ireland!

From breathtaking cliff and mountain spots in Country Kerry, enchanting Ireland waters in Country Cork, huge castles and castle ruins near Dingle, as well as villas, all-inclusive private islands all over the country, you’ll have plenty of options for a unique destination wedding.

Our hand-picked locations are all perfect for small and intimate weddings in Ireland that we’ve personally visited and examined. You wouldn’t have travel here in Ireland before your wedding to search for the best place to get married. We’ve done that for you!

Know more about Irish wedding venues and ceremony spots, by checking out our page for

Wedding Venues in Ireland.

Packages for weddings in Ireland in historical church ruins

Why Ireland

It’s hard not to fall in love with Ireland. This country’s nature-filled, fresh, and vibrant landscape is a perfect setting for a unique destination wedding. Thanks to its mild climate, there’s rich vegetation in almost all parts of the country. Its rich history and culture as well as mountainous and historic regions are the most iconic backdrop for small, intimate weddings. This country is one of the best kept secrets that’s slowly being revealed and appreciated in the wedding industry.

Meet Your Irish Destination Wedding Planner

Meet Lisa, your local wedding planner for Ireland.

She’s your main contact person and the most helpful guide you can have in planning small weddings, elopements, and vow renewals in Ireland.

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