Wedding Packages for Germany

Wedding Packages for Germany

Personalised packages for intimate weddings in Germany, designed and executed by your dedicated German wedding planner.

Small Wedding Germany

For weddings in Germany with all your nearest and dearest! Celebrate your perfect destination wedding in a castle, a villa or one of the other beautiful wedding venues in Germany.

Elope in Germany

Focus on what’s really important on your wedding day and celebrate your intimate elopement in Germany with only the two of you or with the people that are closest to you.

Vow Renewal in Germany

Choose between the most beautiful ceremony locations for your vow renewal in Germany and celebrate your love once again. We’ll make sure that it’s absolutely stress-free!

Your Personal Wedding Planner

Providing local knowledge and experience

Our wedding packages for Germany are designed by a local wedding planner who takes care of every wedding personally. Starting from your initial enquiry and advising you on the best package and venue for you, to booking all vendors, up to making sure that your wedding day runs absolutely smoothly – your dedicated wedding planner will be your single point of contact.

Customize Your Wedding Package

Make your wedding truly yours

With our wedding packages, you’re not just buying a pre-made ‘box’ of services. Create your unique wedding in Germany by personalizing it and including only the things you actually want. Add, remove or substitute elements to your liking or simply tell us about your preferences via an enquiry or a no-strings-attached consultation call with our wedding planner in Germany.

Wedding packages for Germany with a bride's bouquet

Symbolic vs. Legal Ceremony

Symbolic, legally binding, religious… What’s the difference? For more detailed info about the different types of weddings in Germany, request our brochure. Whichever type of ceremony you choose, our wedding packages for Germany got you covered.

Legally binding

A legally binding ceremony is one that is registered in Germany, valid by German law and, in most cases, will equally be accepted as such in your home country.  A legally binding wedding ceremony in Germany requires a lot of time and bureaucratic effort and can only take place in specific certified locations.

Religious ceremony

A religious ceremony in Germany can be either Protestant or Catholic and usually takes place in a church. An English-speaking priest can be requested and some parts of the ceremony can often be personalized by the couple, for example saying your own vows. Religious weddings in Germany are not legally binding.

Symbolic ceremony

Couples can choose a symbolic ceremony in Germany when they prefer the ease of getting legally married in their home country and then simply have a meaningful blessing ceremony abroad. In a symbolic ceremony you actually also have full control over how your ceremony, your rituals and your vows look like.

Still Not Sure?

No worries, your wedding planner will be happy to explain all the differences and advise you on which type of ceremony is best for your wedding in Germany.

Package vs. Bespoke

Wedding Packages

Our wedding packages for Germany are designed to make planning your destination wedding a simple and hassle-free experience. You can add or remove services to your liking and create a personal and unique package for your wedding day. By working closely with wedding venues and experienced vendors across the country, we make sure that your destination wedding in Germany runs absolutely smooth!

Bespoke Weddings

A bespoke wedding in Germany is for couples who want a celebration 100% designed by them. The wedding planning process is longer and more intricate compared to the planning where a wedding package is involved. Bespoke weddings tend to be the best (if not the only) choice for a big celebration with a large number of guests and when the couple has a lot of patience (and a flexible budget!) to control the creative process.

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Learn More About Wedding Packages For Germany

After years of planning destination weddings in Europe, we have put all our experience into designing our wedding package in Germany to make your wedding a hassle-free experience for you. For more detailed info about our German wedding packages, request our brochure.

Wedding Venues in Germany

Finding the perfect location for your elopement, vow renewal or intimate wedding is at the core of our wedding packages for Germany.

From gorgeous mountain panoramas and rustic cottages to fairytale castles and luxury villas, Germany has it all! We have chosen a selection of jaw-dropping wedding venues that are best suitable for couples who want to marry in Germany with a small wedding party.

From the fairy-tale Bavaria towns, to the romantic region of Rhine, up to buzzing and famous cities such as Berlin or Munich – you will for sure find a location for your elopement / wedding in Germany which fits your style and budget.

To read more about the most perfect German wedding venues and ceremony locations, visit our website page for

Wedding Venues in Germany

Packages for intimate weddings in Germany

Why Germany

Germany has so much more to offer than its (amazing!) beer and Oktoberfest! The country in the heart of Europe is full of history in every direction. With gorgeous castles and breathtaking nature, there are countless places to celebrate your intimate wedding in Germany.

Meet Your German Destination Wedding Planner

Meet Elvira, your local wedding planner for Germany.

Having lived in Bavaria for almost all of her life, Elvira knows the most beautiful places for your wedding ceremony and has all the best tips for you on where to sleep, eat or go.

She loves history, being outdoors and is especially passionate about planning intimate elopements in natural settings.

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