Tiny Weddings Fair: Making your elopement possible

If there’s a better way to get married and someone can point you to the right direction, wouldn’t you drop all your plans for the day and meet this person right away? That's what the Tiny Weddings Fair is for!

Truth is, with the wedding industry getting more and more extensive, a bride like you might feel exhausted and desperate to find a better, faster and easier way to plan your big day while making sure it will be as magical as you wish to be.

But the question is, how to begin?

Choosing your wedding vendors has never been this hard with the big and deep sea of options right in front of you. And sometimes, even with the picture of your perfect day in mind, it just doesn’t make sense with the number of people in your guest list.

You try hard to put the pieces together but they just wouldn’t fit and it feels like every adjustment takes you farther from your dream wedding.

That’s a scary thought, we know. And you’re probably in that deep, dark pit right now. But, we’re here to make it rather simple for you!

“Microweddings” might be the magic formula you’re looking for!

Here’s what we’ve found out as wedding planners for more than four years: the most beautiful weddings are not the biggest and most expensive ones!

Most of these couples dropped the common items we usually see in a traditional wedding checklist and blissfully booked a plane ticket to have a small wedding in Italy, France, and Ireland!

And guess what, all of them were so glad they did!

These couples we’re talking about are those who have discovered an emerging niche in the industry that made their destination wedding possible. It’s called elopements and small, intimate weddings.

If you’re a bride-to-be who’s been checking out inspirations online but you’re not getting any closer to your dream wedding, this might just be the right formula for you.

And the first order of the day would be – nothing else but your guest list!

The best small, intimate weddings and elopements we’ve seen are those with a guest list of just 5 to 50 people!

And the exciting part is that in this post, we’re sharing with you an upcoming event that may just take you closer to that kind of dream wedding.

The Tiny Weddings Fair

First off, Tiny Weddings is a blog that changed the landscape of wedding planning by introducing what we’ve been talking about earlier in this post – elopements and small, intimate weddings.

Behind this blog is Carly Straughan who has been blogging about elopements since her own elopement in 2015. As she was planning her own marriage three years ago, she felt the need to share her journey and every step of it to the whole world so brides from everywhere could see that there’s a better way to go about all these planning ordeal.

Fast forward to today, Carly jumped from wedding journalism into wedding planning and events management.

With an extensive experience of planning and executing weddings, fairs, and events for some of the UK’s most recognisable venues and attractions, she wants to widen her reach and help more brides-to-be from around the world by holding a fair!

We at Peach Perfect Weddings just got so lucky to be invited to this very helpful event called Tiny Weddings Fair which will be held at Wycombe Swan Theatre in High Wycombe, just one hour outside London (UK) on September 30, 2018. The fair focuses on none other than elopements and small, intimate weddings.

We were so excited to discover them as they’re the exact fit for us! We really wanted to attend this fair on September of this year but we are so overwhelmed with planning the weddings of all couples who booked us for this season, that we won’t be able to make it.

But we made a promise to ourselves that we’ll keep following them and make sure we can attend the next fair!

Here’s How You Can Join and Get Some Freebies!

As for you, Tiny Weddings Fair is something you shouldn’t dare miss if you’re really serious about finding a better alternative to a traditional wedding.

As you may assume, this event will allow you to have a more in-depth knowledge about this emerging wedding niche.

Not only will you be filled with information and inspirations from this Tiny Weddings Fair, but you will meet suppliers and elopement vendors from around the world up close! When we say up close, we mean face-to-face, that you’ll have the chance to ask them personally and even look at their portfolio!

Plus, you will hear talks straight from couples who have chosen a small ceremony.

It’s your chance to learn the best tips on where to get married, the legalities of weddings abroad, and how to get started when choosing a tiny wedding venue or location.

Know more about this event and secure your tickets here and learn about the freebies you’ll get if you’ll book this early. We highly suggest that you buy tickets in advance to be in front of the queue for the talks, and be entered into raffles for prizes.

So to answer your question of “Where to begin in this whole wedding planning ordeal?” We say, start by attending Tiny Weddings Fair on September 30, in High Wycombe! Take it from planners who have arranged around a hundred European elopements for adventurous couples like you!

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