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My husband and I recently used Peach Perfect for our wedding coordination in Switzerland! We wanted to have something in his home country and to bring my family and friends over from the US. Vanessza was a HUGE help for me as she was able to communicate with the vendors and help arrange the details with them. Because I don't speak German or Swiss German, it made the planning so much less stressful! She was always available for additional calls, emails, texts at any time and was very flexible in what was needed! She also kept all the details organized and made sure to confirm everything to make sure it was accurate. We had a beautiful day with our friends and family and were so grateful to have Vanessza's help and coordination on the day of the celebration as well! It allowed us both to relax more and enjoy our time.
— Greta & Mathias


One of the challenges that couples have to hurdle when planning a destination wedding in a foreign-speaking country like Switzerland is the language barrier.

Communication is key in wedding planning, especially when you’re having your big day miles away from home. Thanks to reliable destination wedding planners who speak the language, you have an advocate (and a literal translator) when sharing your vision to wedding suppliers down to the last detail. That’s one of the best things that made Greta and Mathias’ destination wedding in Switzerland come true.

Planning their destination wedding in Switzerland

Coming all the way from the US with all of their guests, it was not easy for the couple to plan for their big day. They knew no Swiss wedding vendors, wedding venue, nor any wedding planner to help them out. What they knew was that despite all the travel limitations and event restrictions, they would like to get married in an alpine setting with a mountain backdrop in Switzerland.

In their search for help, they found Peach Perfect Weddings and their Swiss-speaking planner, Vanessza, who assisted them all throughout the process. Greta and Mathias shared their preferences to Vanessza, from the event decor, hair and makeup, to the bouquet and boutonniere, and everything in between, who in turn shared this vision to every vendor involved.

The result is a dream wedding amidst the Alps that surpassed the couple’s expectations.

About the venue

Since Mathias is originally from Switzerland, this landlocked paradise was a top choice for their destination wedding in Europe. Add the fact that they love adventures, mountain scenes, and rustic venues, and you will not be surprised that they have chosen this nature resort for weddings in Switzerland.

This destination wedding is not your typical intimate celebration where only a handful of guests were in attendance. Greta and Mathias brought the dearest 58 people in the lives from the US all the way to Switzerland to share this once-in-a-lifetime travel-experience-slash-momentous-event in their lives.

It’s just perfect that they chose this 3-star hotel and nature resort in Bern where the ceremony grounds and outdoor reception areas are wide enough for up to a hundred guests, not to mention that surreal mountain backdrop!

The venue sits at the heart of nature among tall pine trees and in front of the mountains where you can hear the babbling mountain brook, and inhale the fresh mountain air. These fantastic surroundings served as home to the couple and over half of their guests, where they had top-notch mountain adventure experience, with the comfort of world-class hospitality.

The wedding ceremony

As for the ceremony, there was no better choice than an outdoor wedding with the mountain in the background and the sound of the spring water and birds singing. The couple said their I dos on a wooden platform with their guests seated in the grassy field in front of them. Wooden chairs and benches were arranged, but some of the guests couldn’t resist standing and taking photos of those surreal moments.

Right after the formalities, Greta and Mathias performed a Swiss wedding tradition that was just perfect to cap the day. They tooted a huge Swiss alp (alpine) horn to embody the culture of that locality.

It was the last month of summer when Greta and Mathias tied the knot, but the sun could not be found on that special day. Despite the seemingly gloomy atmosphere, with clouds hovering above, it was a spectacular sight with the alpine backdrop and no rain to threaten the outdoor affair. From the moment they stood on the ceremony grounds up to the first kiss and even the photoshoot that followed, the weather had been nothing but calm and cooperative.

The wedding photoshoot

Speaking of the photoshoot, it's a mortal sin not to go around the hotel grounds to seek the best photographic opportunities. Greta and Mathias, together with their photographer, scouted the venue, looking for amazing spots where the mountains are captured and the alpine pastures are best highlighted.

The result was breathtaking, with the couple captured in photos walking, running, or just appreciating the beauty of the place. After maximizing every nook and cranny of the nature resort, they went back to their wedding guests for an unforgettable wedding dinner inside the venue’s function room.

This was a perfect celebration for the adventurous couple, and they knew they wouldn’t have it any other way. Also considering a destination wedding in Switzerland? Tell us about your dream wedding and get in touch with us so we can help you!

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