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Small Weddings, Vow Renewals & Elopements in Thailand

Thailand has a habit of exceeding expectations.
Overflowing with biodiversity, the country ‘s unspoiled nature and year-round sunshine promise the best conditions for your Elopement in Thailand with a sense of tropical paradise.

Our customisable Elopement Packages for Thailand are perfect for any couple thinking about an Elopement, a Vow Renewal or a Small Wedding in Thailand.

Our Packages include

Optional Add-Ons

  • Ceremony Location & Set-up
    Choose from a pre-selected range of ceremony locations and let us set the mood with tasteful decoration and fresh flowers.

  • Bouquet & Boutonniere
    Bride’s bouquet and matching Groom’s boutonniere will be made bespoke according to your colour and floral preferences.

  • Hair & Makeup
    Get ready in the comfort of your Hotel room and let our talented Hair Stylists and Makeup Artists make you look and feel amazing.

  • Photographer
    The photographer will capture every moment of your special day, from preparations to the romantic post ceremony photoshoot.

  • Officiant / Celebrant
    Whether it’s a legally-binding ceremony or just a symbolic blessing, our Officiants will help you tie the knot!

  • Transportation
    Your driver will bring you comfortably to your ceremony location and be at your disposal during the photography session.

  • On-the-day Coordination
    Making sure all runs smoothly and giving you an extra peace of mind, our wedding coordinator will handle everything on the day.

  • Wedding Planning
    Relax and enjoy the process, knowing that every single detail is fully taken care of by our dedicated planning team.

  • Help with Legal Paperwork

  • Monk Blessing Ceremony

  • Live Music for the Ceremony

  • Witnesses

  • Videography

  • Extra Flowers

  • Hair and Makeup for guests

  • Wedding Cake

  • Flights

  • Accommodation

  • Tours / Activities

  • Dinner Reservation

  • Printed photo album

  • Fireshow

  • …or anything else your heart desires. Just ask us!

Can I change this package?

Absolutely! You can customise your package by choosing from our list of add-on services or bring your own ideas to the table. Just send us an enquiry or schedule a free consultation call to tell us about your preferences.

Personalised Wedding Planning

We call it a “package”, but this doesn’t mean we provide a “one size fits all” experience. Your dedicated wedding planner will be here for you from start to finish to answer any questions, provide personalised advise and resolve any issues!

Places to Elope in Thailand

In 2017 we spent some time in Koh Lanta and we simply fell in love with it! Koh Lanta is a group of several paradisiacal islands situated just off the coast of Krabi with an abundance of nature and stunning beaches! So we partnered up with select suppliers in Krabi and Koh Lanta to offer our Elopement Packages for Thailand in this beautiful place.

Wild Beach

Powdery sand beaches that curve gently into clear water with blue mountains on the horizon and the iconic long tail boats floating in the distance. In Thailand there is certainly no shortage of isolated wild beach locations to have your small wedding ceremony. Regardless if it is mile-long stretches of sand you have in mind or a more secluded little bay enclosed by tall limestone cliffs, in Thailand you are sure to find the perfect spot for your intimate Beach Wedding or Elopement.


A little further away from the beaches, you will find yourself in the more forested and mountainous part of the island. Spread troughout Koh Lanta are many genuinly impressive spots of jungle, often convenientely located only a few minutes ride away from the next village. The more adventurous bride and groom can speak their vows and take their wedding pictures embedded in the tropical enviroment of Thailand’s jungles with its colorful flora and exotic sounds all around.

Luxury Beach Villa

Luxury Villas or Beach Resorts accommodate you and your guests under the highest standard, surrounded by beautiful scenery. They offer you complete privacy for your ceremony while providing all the comfort you can imagine. Enjoy Thailand’s flavourful cuisine and let yourself be spoiled. Get married at the private beach or have a sunset wedding on the rooftop of your resort – it’s completely up to you!

Buddhist Temple

In Thai culture, a wedding is considered a social event rather than a religious one. While marriage is not necessarily a part of Buddhism, locals and foreigners often ask monks to perform a Wedding Blessing Ceremony for harmony, mutal respect and honesty in marriage. A buddhist blessing takes place in the morning. Afterwards you can speak your own vows with a more personal note at a location of your choice.

Beach Bar

Another location to celebrate your Beach Wedding in Thailand is one of the relaxed Beach Bars dotted along the western coast of Koh Lanta Island. Hidden in between tall palm trees, the wooden houses with a shady terrace and a stunning seaside view make for great places to elope in Thailand. Speak your vows while the sun sets over the water, surrounded by all the food, music and the people you love most.

Our Packages are good for…


Eloping gives you the freedom to focus completely on each other and fully enjoy your wedding day. To elope to Thailand can mean to go for an Intimate Wedding for two or to invite some of your closest family and friends to join you. Our keep-it-simple Elopement-Packages are perfect for groups of up to ca. 20 people.

Small Wedding

A small wedding spares you the hassle (and expanse) of a “normal” wedding. Based on our packages for Elopements & Vow Renewals, this option is perfect for couples who still like to keep things simple, but want to share this moment with family and friends. Our Small Wedding Packages are designed for groups of ca. 20 to 60 people.

Vow Renewal

Regardless of if you have been married five or fifty years, renewing your vows is a meaningful way to celebrate your marriage. Because a Vow Renewal is not a legally binding ceremony, you don’t have to worry about legal requirements and are free in your choices for location, date and officiant for your Vow Renewal in Thailand.

How it works

  • 1. Send enquiry / schedule free consultation

    Fill out our enquiry form or schedule a free consultation call (or better do both!) to tell us about your wedding.

  • 2. Customise your package

    Replace, add or remove the services to your liking

  • 3. Book & reserve your date(s)

    We’ll send you a short agreement and tell how you can pay your first instalment to secure the availability of our team for your wedding.

  • 4. Tell us your preferences

    We’ll ask you about your preferences for things like flowers, music and other, depending on your package. No worries, you will learn about your options before you book with us.

  • 5. Changes are still possible

    Up to a certain point you will still be able to change your mind about some things and add more services if needed.

  • 6. Enjoy your special day!

    We double and triple-check everything before your big day to ensure everything runs smoothly. Our experienced wedding coordinator will be there on the day to resolve any issues that might arise.


Will you be there in-person on the day of our Elopement? 2017-11-17T06:45:08+00:00

Yes! An experienced team member will be there in-person from start to finish to make sure that everything runs smoothly. Your dedicated Wedding Planner will coordinate your Wedding Day and take care of any issues that might arise, so that you can completely relax and focus on the two of you.

Do we have a choice in what Flowers, Wedding Cake and Music we get? 2017-11-22T11:11:14+00:00

In Thailand your choices for flowers and cake might be limited or different from the ones you would get at home. Our usual flower set-up consists out of purple and white orchids, white and yellow chrisantemum or red roses. These flowers are resistant to the heat and will look good even after a few hours in the sun.
But if you wish a certain type of flowers for the decoration or your bouquet, we can arrange that too! Just tell us what you had in mind and we will talk about the available options.

Generally, the more “western” the cake, the more expansive it is. The easiest option would be to go for a simple Thai cake.
We do work with a bakery that can make more traditional Wedding Cakes and can fulfill your special request.

For music, we work directly with the Musician to establish your music preferences or choose form a list of songs recommended by us.


What is the best time of year to elope to Thailand in terms of weather? 2017-11-21T05:13:25+00:00

The best time to visit the south of Thailand in tems of weather is during the cool and (mostly) dry season between November and early April. During this time the temperatures are manageable and the rainfall is kept to a minimum.
During the rainy season form May to Octobre heavy rainfalls should be expected. And though the weather is less predictable, even during this time the rainfalls often last only a few hours in the afternoon or night.


What are the legal requirements for a wedding in Thailand? 2017-11-26T07:28:47+00:00

The legal requirements for a wedding registration in Thailand vary depending on your and your partner’s nationality. The steps to a legally binding marriage for foreigners might not be as straightforward as in other countries and require some preparation.

We will guide you through all the legal paperwork and organise everything from a certified translator for your documents to the actual appointment at the registrar’s office. You’ll know exactly what to do…and when!

Will our marriage in Thailand also be legal back home? 2017-11-26T07:30:24+00:00

Yes! Most countries (including the USA and UK) generally accept the validity of a marriage legalized in Thailand. Given that the marriage is executed properly (following all legal requirements) it will be viewed as valid in your home country and treated as if it had been conducted there.


How does the planning process look if we book our Elopement with you? 2017-11-20T06:06:23+00:00

Step 1: Choose your Ceremony Location and any desired Add-on services.

Step 2: Pick your date (ideally a few options) and schedule a quick consultation call with us to check the availability and to go over your enquiry.

Step 3: Once we talked and you are happy to proceed, you can sign the booking agreement and pay the required deposit (min. €1,000 / $1300 /£900). This deposit goes towards securing all the wedding professionals for your date.

Step 4: If you are having a legal ceremony, make contact with the Registrar to begin the paperwork process. Don’t worry, we will tell you exactly who to contact!

Step 5: Now we put you directly in touch with your assigned Officiant or Celebrant to begin writing your bespoke ceremony outline.

Step 6: Follow our ‘Next Steps’ guideline (sent to you upon receipt of the deposit) to let us know your preference for Flowers, Bride’s Hairstyle, Wedding Cake, etc.

Step 7: Two weeks before the wedding date, we will double-check everything with our team and send you a detailed Timeline of the day, together with all the contacts.

Step 8: On the big day, just relax and enjoy your stress-free Elopement! In case you need us, we will be here to sort out any issues or help otherwise.

How do we choose the vendors booked within our Elopement Package? 2017-11-20T06:06:17+00:00

We’ve already chosen the best vendors for you! When booking your elopement with Peach Perfect Weddings, you are hiring a team of established wedding professionals working together to produce the perfect wedding experience for you. Over the years we hand-picked a group of reliable suppliers for each location and have been working with these suppliers for every elopement. By always working with the same team of people are have been able to negotiate the best rates for your clients as well as ensuring that each supplier is very familiar with the location, flow of the day and their role in producing the perfect wedding day for you.  So when you book an elopement with us we will assign specific vendors to your wedding based on your requirements and ceremony location.

What does the schedule of a typical elopement day look like? 2017-11-20T06:04:23+00:00

Here is an example of what a “typical” elopement day can look like. The exact timings will vary for your elopement depending on where and when you choose to have your ceremony, your special requests etc. Remember that no two weddings are the same – so the below timeline is just to give you an idea!

10:30 – Bride’s Hair & Makeup begins (usually in your hotel room)
11:30 – Flowers delivered to your Hotel
12:00 – Photographer arrives and begins with ‘getting ready’ shots
12:15 – Groom gets dressed
12:30 – Bride gets dressed
13:00 – “First Look” photos before the ceremony (if required)
13:15 – Bride & Groom depart for ceremony (Photographer follows)
13:30 – Celebrant and Musician arrive on location and set up
13:45 – Bride & Groom arrive at ceremony location
14:00 – Ceremony begins
14:20 – Ceremony ends, followed by romantic photoshoot in the surrounding area
16:00 – Photoshoot ends and Photographer leaves
16:30 – Bride & Groom return to accommodation to freshen up
18:00 – Wedding cake delivered to restaurant
18:30 – Bride & Groom enjoy romantic dinner in restaurant

What payment methods do you accept? 2017-11-20T06:05:45+00:00

We take payments in Euros, US Dollars or British Pounds. Payment can be sent by direct bank transfer (international wire transfer) or paid via Credit Card or PayPal. Payments made by Credit Card and PayPal subject to a 5% transaction fee.

How much deposit is required to book an Elopement with you? 2017-12-07T16:23:01+00:00

The deposit is calculated based on how far in advance you book with us and whether you opt for any Add-ons to the basic package. The minimum deposit is €1,000 or 25% of the total package, whichever is higher.  The closer you book to the wedding date, the higher your deposit will be. For example, if the lead-up time to your elopement is shorter than 6 months, we will require a 50% deposit at the time of booking. Whilst couples booking over 12 months in advance can secure their date with us with a 25% down payment.

Do you offer a payment plan for the Elopement Package? 2017-11-20T06:05:34+00:00

Yes! We take payment in 2, 3 or 4 equal instalments split into a deposit at time of booking, 2nd payment at 12 months before, 3rd payment at 6 months before and balance at 30 days before the wedding. The number of instalments applicable to you will depend on how far in advance you book your Elopement Package with us.

Can we customise the ceremony and write our own vows? 2017-11-20T06:04:28+00:00

Yes! In the case of all except Civil ceremonies performed by the Registrar and traditional Catholic ceremonies you can customise your ceremony wording. You can write and say your own vows in all types of ceremonies.

Do we need to submit any paperwork for a Symbolic wedding ceremony? 2017-11-20T06:04:33+00:00

No, when doing a Symbolic (i.e. non legally-binding ceremony) there are no legal requirements to follow!

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