Project Description

Wedding for Two at the Historic Muckross Abbey

Katie & Jeremy

The Story

It was autumn when Katie & Jeremy tied the knot in a historic abbey ruin right at the heart of the Killarney National Park. There was a genuine air of romance during this whole wedding for two in Ireland, the kind of genuineness that you can only get from a heartfelt elopement.

Just when you think a wedding without a guest can be a bit boring and lacking, Katie & Jeremy’s wedding for two in Ireland was just full of love and tears! The good kind of tears, of course. What made their elopement at the Muckross Abbey so touching was their exchange of vows! They both cried during the ceremony and you can just imagine how beautiful that moment was. Even without guests around, we could all say that what they had was a meaningful destination wedding in Ireland.

Katie & Jeremy really wanted an outdoor location that had some covered area in case of bad weather. While presented with different options, they chose Muckross Abbey as the location for their wedding for two in Ireland. This historic ruin that’s been here for centuries is covered in rich greeneries of huge, old trees and thick, vibrant grasses.

They booked for an accommodation in the Muckross Park Hotel where they got dressed for their destination wedding. From the hotel, Katie rode a traditional Irish jaunting car which is basically composed of a horse and carriage. More than the uniqueness that it offers, riding a jaunting car is also a practical choice for Katie since the abbey is not accessible by car and requires a seven to ten minute walk from the nearest car park.

When Katie reached the entrance to the venue, she walked along her unique aisle which was a long pathway that’s surrounded by historic stone structures and elements of nature. She wore a gorgeous lacy wedding dress while carrying her autumn-themed bouquet that’s accentuated by different shades of orange.

Katie & Jeremy had a legally-binding ceremony that was ministered by a humanist celebrant. Although the rain didn’t threaten to ruin their wedding for two in Ireland, it was a windy day so the ceremony took place in the cloisters that give some shelter from the elements.

Katie originally wore heels for their ceremony but changed into wellingtons for a photoshoot around the park. Knowing how scenic, historic, fresh, and perfect everything was in Muckross Abbey, the two maximized the uniqueness of this wedding venue. They walked tirelessly along the different spots in this historic ruin to have their wedding photos taken.