Project Description

Quintessentially English Small Intimate Wedding in London

Jo & Ariel

If you want to throw a good wedding, you hire a planner. If you want to throw a GREAT wedding, you hire Yana. I cannot begin to tell you how easy she made everything for us. She even considered details we hadn’t (table arrangements, seating, the send-off). Yana always worked with OUR interests in mind first and took our budget concerns into account. AND she even volunteered to do little things for us, like put together the welcome bags or pick up the favors we’d created. On the weekend of, each event flowed seamlessly into the next. We didn’t have to waste a single moment worrying about how the wedding and reception were going. I highly recommend.

Jo & Ariel, from Texas, USA

The Story

As a London-based destination wedding planning company, we don’t actually get many inbound requests for a destination wedding in London. But when we do, they are AMAZING! Consequently, this was absolutely the case with Jo & Ariel’s elegant, small intimate wedding at Two Temple Place in London – our 2016 wedding season grand finale.

Bit of a background story: living in Texas USA, Jo is a popular children’s book writer with Korean roots and her fiance Ariel is a martial arts fanatic with a Hispanic background. Nonetheless, they decide to go for an small intimate wedding in London. “Why?” I hear you ask. Because Jo is obsessed with all things English and needed an excuse to practice her British accent. Okay, that’s only partially true. Since both the bride and groom have family based all over the world and will have to travel, then they might as well have a destination wedding in London!

By the time Ariel contacted us, they had already found an ideal venue for their small intimate wedding – the architecturally stunning  Two Temple Place. In case you didn’t know, Two Temple Place is a popular filming location. It has featured in the hugely popular BBC series ‘Downton Abbey’ (as the setting of Lady Rose’s wedding ceremony) as well as the ‘Bridget Jones’ movies (as the setting of Mark’s workplace).

After seven months of intense planning, together with thirty of their closest friends and family, Jo & Ariel got married in London on Guy Fawkes night. Yes, the date was purposely chosen to add to the quality of ‘Britishness’ of their destination wedding in London! Jo wasn’t sure exactly how she wanted the small intimate wedding to look, but she knew she wanted a deep purple colour for their wedding theme. Inspired by the opulent setting and the winter season, we created a rich plum and silver wedding design that perfectly complements the already exquisite interiors of Two Temple Place.

We used pewter chivari chairs to pop out against the wooden panelling of the Great Hall whilst opting for a dark wood dinner chair for the reception to seamlessly blend with the colours of the Lower Gallery. Pops of dark purple colour were present in the elegant purple calla lilies (a nod to Jo’s favourite flower, the lily) and also in the beautifully wrapped gift boxes which contained the guest’s wedding favours (London-themed Christmas ornaments).

For us, the highlight of this small intimate wedding was meeting Maria Vidal, the 80’s one hit wonder for her single ‘Body Rock’! We also learned a fun new fact about Korean wedding traditions! In Korea, the wedding guests throw dates (symbolising girls) and chestnuts (symbolising boys) at the bride and depending on how many she manages to catch (with the groom’s help of course) that’s how many children they will have! Needless to say that was a lot of fun to watch.