Shelby & Gaje

Project Description

Intimate vineyard elopement in Germany

Shelby & Gaje

My husband and I had a private ceremony at Maximin Grünhaus in Germany. And by private, I mean just the two of us, my best friend (who was the officiant) and one other friend (my best friend’s husband).

Elvira and I exchanged well over 100 emails this year. I had been having a lot of anxiety and stress over planning a wedding, entertaining guests, spending tons of our own money, and dealing with family drama. When I reached out to Peach Perfect Weddings, I was extremely apprehensive of having such a small ceremony. What would our families and friends think? Will I regret not having my loved ones there? Elvira eased my mind time and time again. She went above and beyond to create something even BETTER than what I thought my dream wedding was.

On the day of the ceremony, I felt absolutely no stress. None. The weather was beautiful, the venue was perfect, and all of the people Elvira recommended to document and help us with our day were extraordinary. They were so kind and just as excited for our wedding as we were.

If I could go back and choose Peach Perfect Weddings or a traditional wedding in the States, I’d choose Peach Perfect EVERY time.If you’re still on the fence about having a small ceremony in Europe, I promise you Peach Perfect Weddings can give you your fairytale!

Shelby & Gaje, From USA

The Story

I do not know much about their backstory, just that Shelby once wrote a book with 365 pages with each page stating what she loves about Gaje.

They had their ceremony at a little family-owned vineyard in Mertesdorf (close to Trier). This part of Germany is still not very known and is sort of a hidden gem, very tranquil and has lots of great vineyards.  The vineyard (Schloss Grünhaus) is quite old and has a small castle on its property. So there was the hills with the grapes on one side and the castle to the other side as the backdrop to their ceremony. They had only the two of their very closest friends as guests, one of whom also wrote and held the wedding ceremony. Shelby walked in to “La vie en rose” which is one of her favourite songs and they had an intimate ceremony outdoors with wine afterwards.

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