Project Description

Villa Amagioia


Location: near Bologna, Emilia Romagna, Italy

Sleeping capacity (max.): 10

Wedding capacity (max.): 70

Venue price: Price on enquiry 

Venue type: Resort, Villa

Ceremony type: Symbolic

Features: Swimming Pool, Spa, Restaurant

Nearest airport: Borgo Panigale, Bologna (29 km)

Our Reference: V00230

This Palazzo has been standing proud since 1705. Choose this wedding villa to elope in Bologna if you want a location that boasts of a unique historic ambience combined with the luxuries of this modern era. It’s called the Heritage of Italian Lifestyle and rightfully so as it has witnessed the changes of this country’s culture and has made several renovations on its environment over the last three centuries.

This gorgeous villa, that can be hired exclusively if you want to get married in Italy, lends a sophisticated mansion and an intricately crafted landscape architecture to brides and grooms who will wisely pick this venue for their big day.

For guaranteed intimacy and elegance, you can choose between the private villa situated in the spacious five-hectare garden with all its luscious flowers and bushes, or the grand and wide infinity pool area for your wedding ceremony and reception. What we love about Palazzo di Varignana's pool is that it offers a fantastic view over Bologna. As for unfavourable weather conditions that may threaten your big day, this wedding villa to elope in Bologna has a covered venue.

If you ask about the overall feel of the whole estate, it has not lost its rich historical ambience that will make you feel like a royalty as you tread the bricked and cemented walkways of the two-hectare nature-packed landscape.

Even the pool is enclosed by rich green bushes and trees plus a healthy mix of unique, colorful, and fresh flowers. You and your guests will also enjoy the view of historic buildings and the stunning skyline of the Emilian hills if you choose this villa to elope in Bologna.

The suites inside Palazzo di Varignana are filled with gorgeous furniture and fixtures drenched in a mix of old Italian and modern designs. Inside each suite is a homey atmosphere that's truly relaxing. It’s also one of those wedding villas in Italy with interiors that evoke a genuine mediterranean ambience. The villa can accommodate up to 80 guests.

Truly a place of luxury from facade to interiors, it’s but right to complement the estate’s beauty with superb and delicious Italian and international cuisines, which they can serve for the reception. There is no reason not to choose this wedding villa to elope in Bologna if you want a private venue for your important celebration.

As for all the intricacies that will make your wedding most suitable to your taste, let Peach Perfect Weddings take care of these details. Our team specializes in helping couples plan their destination wedding in Italy and other locations in Europe.

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