Project Description

Muckross Abbey


Location: Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Sleeping capacity (max.): 0

Wedding capacity (max.): 30

Venue price: free 

Venue type: Historic Ruin, Abbey, Outdoor

Ceremony type: Symbolic

Features: Ancient Ruins, Cloisters

Nearest airport: Kerry Airport (22 km)

Our Reference: V00338

This old abbey ruin at the heart of the Killarney National Park has so much historical significance as a place of refuge for monks and the Observantine Franciscans during the 15th century. Despite being subjected to harsh treatments, the friars were still able to rescue their sanctuary, making the Muckross Abbey one of the well-preserved century-old ruins that it is today. The beauty of the place remains and it now serves as an elopement venue for couples who wish to get married in a historic monument in Ireland.

Many couples are discovering the beauty of this elopement venue that’s truly an excellent choice for a destination wedding because of the evergreen and mountainous landscape surrounding the place. This old Irish monastery at the heart of Killarney National Park is more than just a historic structure but a surreal spot in Ireland that will justify your choice to elope overseas.

The ruins of this religious site is a sight to behold. The old monastery’s aged walls and pillars remained intact throughout the centuries, evoking an authentic historic ambience. The active burial ground next to it is equally fascinating, with vibrant grasslands and majestic old trees all around. The whole place is a combination of aged stone structures and lush greeneries. Every corner of this historic ruin for elopements exudes a natural and ancient ambiance that will set a unique mood to your wedding photos.

The park of the old abbey measures over 25,000 acres with several breathtaking features like the Muckross House with its beautiful gardens, a waterfall, three lakes, mountains, the Ross Castle, and several acres of dense woodland which are home to a variety of wildlife.

The abbey is not accessible by car and requires a 7 - 10 minute walk from the nearest car park. To make the journey easier, we can offer you transportation to this historic ruin for elopements by the traditional Irish mode of transport — the jaunting car (horse and carriage).

Please note that as of January 2018, legally binding weddings are not allowed to be held at Muckross Abbey. You can opt for a symbolic ceremony at the abbey and sign your marriage documents at the hotel where you will be staying. Generally, this arrangement will still make your marriage legal and binding, provided it is allowed in your country.

After the ceremony, you and your spouse, along with your closest friends and family if you brought them for your elopement, can dine privately at the Aghadoe Heights Hotel restaurant in Killarney. After your ceremony in this historic ruin for elopements, enjoy the sumptuous regional cuisines prepared by the excellent chefs of this 5-star restaurant.

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