Project Description

Kinbane Castle

Northern Ireland

Location: Co. Antrim, Northern Ireland

Sleeping capacity (max.): 0

Wedding capacity (max.): 30

Venue price: Free 

Venue type: Historic Ruin, Castle, Outdoor, Waterside

Ceremony type: Legal, Symbolic

Features: Ocean View, Cliffs, Panoramic View

Nearest airport: Belfast International (45 km)

Our Reference: V00484

By merely looking at the photos and videos of this location, you’ll be convinced that this is a breathtaking, scenic, and extraordinary ceremony venue for two in Northern Ireland. The second of three stunning castle ruins on the North coast, Kinbane Castle is probably the country’s best kept secret. Perched on a rocky headland that extends into the Celtic Sea, it is a breathtaking and very private place for a wedding ceremony.

Kinbane Castle is a 16th century structure with a very rich historic background. Only four years after it was built in 1547, it was attacked by the English forces. The castle received its biggest blow in yet another siege by the same group four years later when it was destroyed by a cannon fire in 1555. Despite the attacks, the castle had been rebuilt and it stood above the extraordinary rock formation of white limestone on the North coast of Ireland even centuries after. Kinbane Castle remained complete and habitable until the 18th century when its structures started to crash into what it is now. Over 400 years after, the two-storey castle's ruins still stand proudly in front of the Irish sea, serving as a gorgeous ceremony venue for two in Northern Ireland.

If you’re a fan of historic monuments and scenic views of the sea, then this is one of the best destination wedding venues you can find. A declared State Care Historic Monument like this will put an end to your search for unique wedding venues abroad. This ceremony venue for two will satisfy your desire for breathtaking wedding photos and an amazing elopement experience out of the country. Imagine walking up to the highest peak of the North coast and having your photos taken above unbelievable cliffs around the Kinbane Castle. The Irish sea and the opposite end of the elevated coast will be your backdrop.

Kinbane Castle is a more secluded, more private and more easily accessible location to hold your ceremony than Dunluce Castle. Access to the Kinbane is via a short 150 meter walk, approximately five minutes, down a winding foot path from the nearest car park. After your elopement, savour Northern Ireland’s delicacies in any of Ballycastle’s restaurants. Getting married in this panoramic ceremony venue for two will give you the chance to begin your honeymoon right after the wedding.

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